Nations of Fascist Solidarity Axis

  1. The Prime Hegemony of Kelvaros PrimeS
  2. The Sovereignty of CartigaS
  3. The Holy Incandescent Solar Rule of P0RTVGALE
  4. The Fascist Legion of CrucilandI
  5. The Directorate of CanarsusS
  6. The Elder Empire of The Iron StarsM
  7. The Fascist Islands of TriskelionsS
  8. The Empire of Tia RegnessM
  9. The Holy Queendom of VolaterraeM
  10. The Federation of MarthuaniaS
  11. The Holy Realm of ThyrggaM
  12. The Seventh Reich of NordegardE
  13. The Kingdom of BalforthiaM
  14. The Sovereign Lands of Fascist Republic of IsraelM
  15. The Free Land of Anarchistic StupidityI
  16. The Community of Religious ScientistsS
  17. The People's Republic of Communist StupidityM
  18. The Dictatorship of Capitalist AutocracyS
  19. The Treepublic of Hyperecofriendly InhumanityE
  20. The Seventh State of MialofS
  21. The Rogue Nation of Dark Inner MindS
  22. The ☩THEO☩TECHNATIC☩IMPERIVM☩ of Temple StateE
  23. The Fassist Baasskap of Krich AerdS
  24. The Sovereign Lands of The Fascist Republic of IsraelS
  25. The Red Bolivarian States of West CalypsoM
  26. The Outer Rim Territories of TobosarskS
  27. The Republic of IskanistanI
  28. The National Syndicated Kingdom of ZordennoxS
  29. The Deutsches Kaiserreich of Preuszen TWOS
  30. The Second Diatarchic Empire of KraytviaS
  31. The Lawbringers of Necropolis 2S
  32. The Religious Republic of YoiayM
  33. The Glorious People's Republic of FondalmaM
  34. The Kingdom of BonbibonkersE
  35. The Rígdacht of DeacarsiaS
  36. The Fortress of RogaliaS
  37. The Commonwealth of AmerinosE
  38. The Republic of MalotihuacanE
  39. The Great Empire of North AzarathI
  40. The Empire of Falcon verdeM
  41. The Zombie Chaotic Regime of IndustrialvilleE
  42. The Hōka Empire of Great and Glorious JapanE
  43. The Rogue Nation of Greater ChadistanS
  44. The Principality of Redbonbi ParamilitaryI
  45. The Holy Empire of FerroviaireE
  46. The Federation of 12 United Districts of PanemM
  47. The Celestial Confederacy of AnmolaS
  48. The Protectorate of Tudor AzarathS
  49. The United States of The New Moral AmericaM
  50. The Cossack State of Prussian United Baltic DuchyS