DescriptionNuclear doctrine:
Alnobian N-Day Doctrine

Official N-Day doctrine of Alnobia

ANDA N-Day Doctrine
Note: This guide is witten with the expecptation that you have read Testlandia’s N-Day Guide .

Important things
Here in the ANDA, we are definitely screwed. There is no question that we are going to be nuked into oblivion. However, due to the questionable nature of nuclear warfare in NationStates, you may note that as long as you have gotten more nuclear strikes on other nations than other nations have gotten strikes on you, you can get more score, and potentially “win” the multiverse wide nuclear exchange!

Our strategy revolves around that fundamental idea. It’s precarious though. If you’re unable to pull off over 100 strikes before you’re nuked into oblivion, we have a net loss of score. To help prevent all this, here are some very important things:

  • Read the freaking rules, and follow the freaking rules. Violation of the rules could lead to ejection from Alnobia.


  • Listen to what superiors have to say, and do what they say.

  • Don’t tell anyone outside of Alnobia important secrets.

  • Do not enter the ANDA faction unless you’re nuking someone

  • And one last time: Follow the rules.

To reiliterate, this doctrine is written with the assumption that you have read Testlandia’s N-Day Guide. If you haven’t, go do that right now. Also note that for some reason, this is written with me addressing you (as the leader of each of your nations) directly.

First, join a large secure faction. Why? Because you probably won’t be nuked, and so can safely build up production (production, nukes, and shields are not reset if you move between factions). I recommend the Augustine Alliance, though it may be a good idea to only have half of your puppets there, and scatter the other half through other large factions. Remember that there may be all-out highly destructive exchanges between large factions occasionally, so it is a very good idea to keep track of inter-faction relations, and if things look like they’re going to go south, move over to another one (And do so early; you can’t move if you’re being targeted).

You should then determine if you are an economic, strategic, or military specialist. This affects if you should be making shield, or nukes, which will later affect other things as well.
If you are an economic or military specialist, make nukes. If you are a strategic specialist, make shields.
Continue building up your stockpiles of shield and nukes. For optimality, you should check in every 1.5 hours or so or less, so you do not exceed the 50 production cap (However, you may check in on economic specialists every 3 hours or so, due to them having a higher production cap of 150)
Once you have 200 or so nukes built up (assuming you’re a mil or econ specialist; if you’re an strategic specialist, keep reading), you may prepare to move into the ANDA. However, before you do that, there are important thing to check:

  • Is the ANDA currently under bombardment with nuclear fury? If so, don’t move in, and help shield anyone in instead.

  • Can you constantly be online for the next 15-20 minutes while your nukes are targeted and launched? You need to be able to target your nuke, launch it, and move your nation out as soon as soon as you can do each of those.

  • Do you/your allies (read: puppets) have enough shield to shield you entirely and some? For each nation being moved into Alnobia, there should be at least 100 shield ready for use for defense of those nations, either in said nations, or their allies (puppets!)

If all of those are correct, then you may move in to Alnobia. It is recommended not to move more than 10 nations (you and your allies (PUPPETS!)) in at once. (so you the player can actually keep track of things) Also, please alert all members of the ANDA via the regional discord, by posting in the N-Day channel and pinging the role N-Day Participant.

The step after that is figuring out who to nuke. First, check the ANDA faction description. There will be a list of factions we have non-aggression pacts with. DO NOT NUKE THEM! (Current list: Augstine Alliance, RAILGUN, and Army of Freedom) There will also be a list of current strike targets. (which you may, and should, nuke) If any of those have not been 100% irradiated/have enough targeting and readies nukes to make them 100% irradiated, please alert all participating Alnobians about you nuking said faction, and then go ahead and nuke them. However, if you cannot find any factions to nuke in the ANDA’s description, you’re going to have to find some yourself. Go to the factions list, and find a faction with exactly 1 nation and 0 score or less. Now go add a link to said faction in the ANDA’s description, alert all participating Alnobians about the new target, and then you may proceed to nuke said target.

If you get targeted while in the process of turning other nations into a series of glowing craters (either as retaliation, or by an optimistic third party), your first thing to do is to freak out. However, please attempt to stop freaking out as soon as possible. Have your you and your allies (puppets. Why am even doing this) start making as many shields as possible, and shielding you (and themselves) from the nukes. You will have to then survive long enough so that: a) you are not targeting anyone, and there are no nukes outbound from you b) you are not being targeted, and there are no nukes inbound to you.

You may want to note that the important part is actually not survival though; it’s dealing more strikes to others than strikes are done to us. Which sounds bad for you. Which it is. But “for the common good” and such. If you’re not 100% sure that you’ll be able to survive an attack (ie attacker is not an 1 nation faction that you can easily glass), it is also a good idea to fire off all your remaining nukes (following standard procedure for nuking others) so that you can deal even more damage before you go down.

And that’s about it.

TL;DR: We’re screwed, but we’re going to try and get more strikes and radiation. Our goal is to minimize radiation, so DON’T MOVE INTO THE ANDA UNLESS YOU’RE 100% READY!

Anyways, have fun, and happy nuking! If you have any questions, bring them up in the Discord, or post on the RMB!

Read dispatch

We have non-aggression pacts with the Augustin Alliance, RAILGUN and Army of Freedom.

Duck in a bag, and herons overhead

Move nations out as soon as possible, and do not move more in unless you personally have enough shields (>200 per nation moved in). Most of us are eating dinner and/or doing other evening activities, and will not be active to help you

Founded by Alnobia.