YunimgradoFlanelistan19 Strikes19 RadiationThe unitonian union holder
YunimgradoFlanelistan1 Strike1 RadiationThe leveralians
Krips EldFlanelistan14 Strikes0 RadiationThe leveralians
YunimgradoFlanelistan15 Strikes15 RadiationThe leveralians
GunsdileFlanelistan27 Strikes4 RadiationThe leveralians
Lords eden glory of heavenBig Floppas Witnesses38 Strikes37 RadiationJaranioma
Lords eden glory of heavenBig Floppas Witnesses63 Strikes63 RadiationBarrelistan
RosenesseRosenesse16 Strikes14 RadiationJaranioma
RosenesseRosenesse34 Strikes34 RadiationBarrelistan
Glorious WakandaFlanelistan128 Strikes100 Radiation8th legion of the death guard
OfhirFlanelistan131 Strikes100 Radiation7th legion of the death guard
RosenesseRosenesse46 Strikes46 RadiationBarrelistan
East jamaicaUSSA38 Strikes22 RadiationBjmshaw tuf archives
East jamaicaUSSA13 Strikes0 RadiationBjmshaw tuf archives
East jamaicaUSSA33 Strikes33 RadiationBjmshaw tuf archives
East jamaicaUSSA14 Strikes14 RadiationBjmshaw tuf archives
BarbusiaUSSA9 Strikes7 RadiationCanncerville
BarbusiaUSSA10 Strikes10 RadiationCanncerville
BarbusiaUSSA30 Strikes30 RadiationCanncerville
BarbusiaUSSA53 Strikes53 RadiationCanncerville
Soarin UtopiaLets nuke9 Strikes6 RadiationHi humans
Soarin UtopiaLets nuke9 Strikes9 RadiationHi humans
Soarin UtopiaLets nuke58 Strikes58 RadiationHi humans
Soarin UtopiaLets nuke22 Strikes22 RadiationHi humans
RobinadistarLets nuke2 Strikes2 RadiationBjms
OppressthemvilleLets nuke3 Strikes3 RadiationBjms
OppressthemvilleLets nuke7 Strikes7 RadiationBjms
OppressthemvilleLets nuke60 Strikes60 RadiationBjms
OppressthemvilleLets nuke30 Strikes30 RadiationBjms
NucleariaLets nuke7 Strikes5 RadiationIwi au
RobinadistarLets nuke5 Strikes5 RadiationIwi au
RobinadistarLets nuke3 Strikes3 RadiationIwi au
RobinadistarLets nuke54 Strikes54 RadiationIwi au
RobinadistarLets nuke20 Strikes20 RadiationIwi au
RobinadistarLets nuke13 Strikes13 RadiationIwi au
OceanwaveLets nuke43 Strikes42 Radiation-Gulagsville-
OceanwaveLets nuke58 Strikes58 Radiation-Gulagsville-
NucleariaLets nuke41 Strikes41 RadiationRmb liker
NucleariaLets nuke54 Strikes54 RadiationRmb liker
The United Advanced States of DragonEnclave of Conservative Nations9 Strikes6 RadiationBJMShaw
The United Advanced States of DragonEnclave of Conservative Nations37 Strikes37 RadiationBJMShaw
EthapiaEnclave of Conservative Nations82 Strikes55 RadiationEcrel6
Southern cypressEnclave of Conservative Nations109 Strikes92 RadiationThe Flyin Research Centre
State of black bearUnited Conservatives60 Strikes44 RadiationThe Flyin8
LumaraniaUnited Conservatives42 Strikes25 RadiationThe Flyin5
State of WhitetailUnited Conservatives20 Strikes8 RadiationThe Flyin8
GermannyyyUnited Conservatives45 Strikes25 RadiationThe Flyin6
Kingdum of estlanThe Reckoning101 Strikes100 RadiationStarkiller base1
GorchDragonís Bless7 Strikes6 RadiationHi humans
GorchDragonís Bless38 Strikes38 RadiationHi humans


Each nuke that Strikes its target generates 1% Radiation, up to a maximum of 100%.

Strikes on a fully irradiated nation do not count toward the total.

Radiation slows the rate of new Production. A 100% irradiated nation cannot generate any Production.