Nations of Red Foxes

  1. The Socialist Monarchy of ZollariaM
  2. The Confederated Districts of TreirM
  3. The Stale Bread of Absolute TerrorS
  4. The Incorporated States of IngontM
  5. The Furry Land of FrenchFurS
  6. The Império of DrafonicoM
  7. The Polystate of VurunzilS
  8. The Corporation of EconomicopolisS
  9. The Royal Forests of FuriliscaS
  10. The Republic of Lyca TyrreaM
  11. The Republic of Lyca JoviaE
  12. The Republic of Komi PeopleS
  13. The Republic of Forest FinnsS
  14. The Republic of Finnish SwedesS
  15. The Commonwealth of Upper WorcestershireE
  16. The Disputed Territories of Kalmykia RepublicS
  17. The Empire of Angry CloudsE
  18. The Empire of The Dragons Republic of WeiosinuroaM
  19. The Sultanate of Chile PepperE
  20. The Dictatorship of Liquid GasS
  21. The Empire of Liquid SolidE
  22. The United Socialist States of The Russian QueenS
  23. The Empire of Egg Salad SandwichM
  24. The Commonwealth of Tuva RepublicS
  25. The Disputed Territories of Greater Alaskan RepublicI
  26. The Free Land of The Labradorian IslandsS
  27. The Republic of St Kittens and NevisM
  28. The Empire of The Bengal SultanateI
  29. The Community of Global SurveillanceS
  30. The Kingdom of GreesseE
  31. The Community of Metropolitan TorontoM
  32. The Republic of The PuppeteersM
  33. The Borderlands of Kraven the HunterS
  34. The Republic of SmaalandS
  35. The Federation of United BavariaM
  36. The Commonwealth of Polska RepublikaE
  37. The Community of Foxes-I
  38. The Republic of A chairS
  39. The Federation of WestCanadaM
  40. The Republic of GUS the frogE
  41. The United Socialist States of The West-S
  42. The Dictatorship of TheS0uthM
  43. The Federation of TheN0rthE
  44. The Free Land of Melville IslandS
  45. The Allied States of The British Atriarchan EmpireS
  46. The Federation of United Celtic RepublicsM
  47. The Community of Bashkortostan RepublicM
  48. The Community of Chechnya RepublicE
  49. The Community of Chuvashia RepublicS
  50. The Community of Kabardino-Balkaria RepublicM