AldinaLIBSOC-DEFCON28 Strikes28 RadiationDonotcomehere
Nationalstaat DeutschlandFascist Solidarity Axis6 Strikes5 RadiationHijevworpirezer
Falas AviumLe Bünker7 Strikes7 RadiationGDNomaD 002
Falas AviumLe Bünker28 Strikes28 RadiationGDNomaD 001
Libertas et CibusLe Bünker44 Strikes44 RadiationGDNomaD
DeservingstanLIBSOC-DEFCON19 Strikes19 RadiationDonotcomehere
Social-National UkraineFascist Solidarity Axis30 Strikes30 RadiationHijevworpirezer
Gerowellia198fortnite32 Strikes32 RadiationI chose the first option
Falas AviumLe Bünker52 Strikes52 RadiationThe Strangers Club
Libertas et CibusLe Bünker26 Strikes26 RadiationVince4
Social-National UkraineFascist Solidarity Axis20 Strikes20 RadiationHijevworpirezer
The imperatum biological warfare commandConfederation of Corrupt Dictators4 Strikes4 RadiationDonotcomehere
Nationalstaat DeutschlandFascist Solidarity Axis3 Strikes3 RadiationHijevworpirezer
Nationalstaat DeutschlandFascist Solidarity Axis3 Strikes3 RadiationHijevworpirezer
ComstockiaWE ALL GON FU¢KIN’ DIE70 Strikes70 RadiationThe Great Iam
ThunderstormWE ALL GON FU¢KIN’ DIE82 Strikes82 RadiationWarrant Officer Schrodinger
Sussy MenWE ALL GON FU¢KIN’ DIE76 Strikes59 RadiationGDNomaD My Bones
HooplescWE ALL GON FU¢KIN’ DIE40 Strikes40 RadiationVindy Afton
Mexica ValleyInstitute of Kaboom23 Strikes0 RadiationGDNomaD My Bones
Mexica ValleyInstitute of Kaboom46 Strikes36 RadiationGDNomaD 001
Neo EnderionDe-Escalation Forces11 Strikes11 RadiationVince1
CytoneaDe-Escalation Forces29 Strikes29 RadiationGym Leader Allister
Neo EnderionDe-Escalation Forces49 Strikes49 RadiationMelanthas Fury
ShanlixDe-Escalation Forces75 Strikes75 RadiationGoth Pizza
The Northern Germanic StatesDe-Escalation Forces31 Strikes31 RadiationVince2
OF CourscantInstitute of Kaboom54 Strikes35 RadiationVindy Afton
OF CourscantInstitute of Kaboom65 Strikes65 RadiationGDNomaD 002
Prussian german empireEnclave of Conservative Nations64 Strikes64 RadiationKomahina
New RanoEnclave of Conservative Nations22 Strikes22 RadiationRoxie Island
Songhai MaliThe Entente75 Strikes75 RadiationMelanthas Fury
South Ajian CommonwealthThe Entente92 Strikes92 RadiationThe Great Iam
IstnauliaThe Entente76 Strikes76 RadiationVince2
CanmaraThe Entente67 Strikes67 RadiationVince4
MalulotaThe Entente72 Strikes72 RadiationWarrant Officer Schrodinger
Holy Barbarian EmpireThe Entente59 Strikes57 RadiationVince3
EthagonThe N Droppers 5 Strikes0 RadiationSalvadorada
NamracaThe Entente66 Strikes66 RadiationVindy Afton
AravamThe Entente56 Strikes56 RadiationBurntrap
Holy Barbarian EmpireThe Entente43 Strikes43 RadiationHaruhi Japan
CaruikaThe Entente35 Strikes34 RadiationWilliam Afton
BarabelThe Entente36 Strikes36 RadiationWilliam Afton
CaruikaThe Entente66 Strikes66 RadiationGDNomaD 002
VelkisaThe Entente66 Strikes66 RadiationGDNomaD 001
EthagonThe N Droppers 64 Strikes64 RadiationGDNomaD My Bones
CulofThe Entente58 Strikes58 RadiationGoth Pizza
ValgoriaThe Entente55 Strikes55 RadiationKomahina
VasnliaThe Entente54 Strikes54 RadiationGym Leader Allister
Solitude IslesThe Entente72 Strikes72 RadiationMelanthas Fury
EdliborThe Entente42 Strikes42 RadiationRoxie Island
TritraThe Entente70 Strikes70 RadiationVince4


Each nuke that Strikes its target generates 1% Radiation, up to a maximum of 100%.

Strikes on a fully irradiated nation do not count toward the total.

Radiation slows the rate of new Production. A 100% irradiated nation cannot generate any Production.