Nations of The Dark Plague

  1. The Free Land of Literaly NothingS
  2. The Federative Republics of DoNotComeHereM
  3. The GOTH GIRLS OMG 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕 of Goth PizzaE
  4. The Anarcho Capitalizt Hellhole of The Strangers ClubS
  5. The Blue Spooky of GDNomaD TimoreS
  6. The Dominion of GDNomaD My BonesM
  7. The Dominion of GDNomaD My Bones 2018S
  8. The REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE of I chose the first optionS
  9. The I Think I Need Help of Haruhi JapanE
  10. The Protectorate of GDNomaD 001M
  11. The Protectorate of GDNomaD 002M
  12. The Protectorate of GDNomaD 003S
  13. The Empire of GDNomaDS
  14. The Protectorate of GDNomaD 004S
  15. The Shadow Incarnation of KomahinaM
  16. The Protectorate of GDNomaD 005S
  17. The Rockin' Paradise of Roxie IslandM
  18. The Imperial Canine Empire of The Canine RaceM
  19. The Frankenrecord of Melanthas FuryM
  20. The Holy Empire of The Great IamM
  21. The Theocracy of Cloudy Copter 2S
  22. The SHOWTIME of Funtime FoxyS
  23. The Dictatorship of William AftonE
  24. The Hot Hostess of Funtime ChicaS
  25. The Dictatorship of Ludwigan EmpireS
  26. The Royal Koopa Monarchy of The Ludwigan EmpireS
  27. The Cryptocracy of Vindy AftonM
  28. The NERV of Ethics Committee of the SCPFE
  29. The Vile Purple Code of Vince2M
  30. The Purple Fiend of Vince3M
  31. The Purple Plague of Vince4M
  32. The CRIMINAL of Vince5M
  33. The No Rest for the Wicked of Vince1S
  34. The Dance Behind the Slaughter of Vince6M
  35. The MURDER AND REGRET of Vince7M
  36. The Twisted One of Vince8M
  37. The Purple Crazy of Vince9S
  38. The Hope You Die In a Fire of Vince10S
  39. The Holy Anglo-Germanic Empire of Warrant Officer SchrodingerM
  40. The United Kingdom of Gym Leader AllisterE
  41. The Still Won't Die of BurntrapI
  42. The Protectorate of Jessie Team RocketS
  43. The Protectorate of James Team RocketS
  44. The Kingdom of SalvadoradaS
  45. The Queendom of Cluster PrimeS
  46. The Republic of Castilla FounderS
  47. The Queendom of Cluster AmbassadorS
  48. The Holy Empire of Upper CrimeaS
  49. The Free Land of New BahrainE
  50. The Borderlands of Right CrimeaS