Nations of BoomBloc

  1. The People's Republic of QuarrymenS
  2. The Soviet Socialist Republic of SolwaniaE
  3. The Irish Banter of The Emotionally Distressed PandaM
  4. The Holy Blue Magical Kingdom of Eternal PurgatoryS
  5. The Blu Holy Rpublic of Aziel RexS
  6. The Holy Blue Swedish Empire of IchuS
  7. The 🎶Goodest Boy🎶 of YodleE
  8. The Generous Trading Card Donor of Oh KyleS
  9. The Blue Holy Christmas Tree of EasingE
  10. The Coalition of The Independent States of Allied ForcesM
  11. The Rogue Nation of ChesidiaM
  12. The Democratic States of Yodle 2I
  13. The Liberationist Republic of Canyon PrimeM
  14. The Union of Soviet Socialists of The Latinamerican federationS
  15. The Federation of MardataniaS
  16. The Republic of -Greater Canada-M
  17. The Federation of GurgenM
  18. The Toxic air filled land of FNAFiaE
  19. The Kingdom of PhalieaE
  20. The Circus of the Dead of Sister LocationM
  21. The Athenean Dimokratia of Athena-HeliosI
  22. The Federation of Nova XanderE
  23. The United Kingdoms of Nova Brittania-ScandinaviaS
  24. The Proxy of Puppet01M
  25. The United Socialist Republics of LeouschburghS
  26. The Interspacial Commonwealth of VallaheimeM
  27. The Republic of Socialist FortalE
  28. The Proxy of Puppet02S
  29. The Proxy of Puppet03I
  30. The ɒ|uᴎɒqmɒƆ of CampanulaS
  31. The Puppet of Minireena01M
  32. The Emperor's Foundation of The ZTC Asmor Sector Imperial FederationE
  33. The Song of Darkside-S
  34. The Proxy of Minireena02E
  35. The Puppet of Minireena03M
  36. The Imperial Federation of The Saturnian SystemS
  37. The Federation of NorthestaM
  38. The Newly Formed Abyssal Society of IndoinastanE
  39. The Spooky Scary Skeletons of Socialistic BritainM
  40. The Imperial Provinces of LkandriaM
  41. The Free Land of PuppertonS
  42. The ✨️𝓨𝓪𝓼𝓼𝓲𝓯𝓲𝓮𝓭✨️ State of ArdeynS
  43. The Peoples Republic of New United Common-landsS
  44. The Spooky Commonwealths of The Washington FederationS
  45. The Protectorate of Anti Fairy Pact MasterS
  46. The Borderlands of TaraoE
  47. The People's Republic of DantoI
  48. The RIP Elizabeth II of KasaseM
  49. The Commonwealth of CaptariE
  50. The People's Republic of UpondaE