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The Golden Republic of The Greenlandic North

Saagar wrote:


The Ursian Empire, Uniopolis, Sakiria, and Bunzo bunny

The Federation of Joslisonoria

I have been wanting to get a bigger population, (big enough for a capital). IS there a way to get more population without waiting?

Post by Joslisonoria suppressed by Penguin Dictators.

The Federation of Joslisonoria

The city-17 resistance wrote:We're Approaching St Petersburg. The Battle is Gonna be hard as it's a Well Defended City. The population supports The Combines alot so we might see Citizens Helping the Combines.


The city-17 resistance

The Battle is Rough.We've lost 3000 Soldiers already, Without the help we'd estimate we'd have 13,000 Soldiers Lost.
Northern Petersburg has been Taken, We Have some Guns Stolen From the Combines. They clearly Updated from their recent technology.

60,000 Resistance Soldiers
80,000 Combines (Estimated)
3,000 Resistance Soldiers Lost
4,500 Combines Killed

The Archipelagic Kingdom of Sakiria

Constantina Palace
Date: October 10, 1855

"Elena, please get my morning chocolate." Louis orders his new maid. She sighs. The Qurai woman, the same woman who detested the king a few months earlier, begrudgingly complied. A few minutes later, she comes back with a cup of hot chocolate on a silver tray.

"Ahhh, what a nice smell." Louis smiles as he takes the cup off the tray, taking a small elegant sip off the refreshing drink. Elena pouted as she took a look at the king smelling his drink. "Excuse me, Your Majesty." Franz enters the door to Louis' extravagant office.

"What is it, Knight of Ouagu? I heard that's what the press has been calling you lately, considering your great help in the Qurai campaign." Louis stoically asked. "We found a flaw in the new machine gun design you commissioned. I'm thankful the 99th Dragoon squadron made their daring charge and rendered our machine guns not needed in the battle. I would like for you to see the flaw for yourself." Alpin replies. His ice blue eyes wandered towards Elena, who was dressed in a Gallian maid outfit.

"What a pretty woman you, I made a promise to His Majesty. I must restrain myself."

Franz quickly averted his eyes to the large painting of Henri VIII on the wall.

"I didn't know Henri the Great was that pretty...Agh, think about something else, Franz. You're a field marshal, the Knight of Ouagu, the Sakirian Meteor. A field marshal can't be like this!"

"Hey!" Louis snaps his fingers in front of the young marshal. "Yes, Your Majesty?" Franz instinctively salutes. "Remember what you said?" Louis says. "Y-yes, I'll do it." Franz hastily composes himself.

The two young men go down the winding staircases and pathways of the palace, before reaching a clear field in the Royal Gardens.

Louis could see James Alvery, the now famed officer of the 99th Dragoon Squadron, supervising two machine gun operators. "Why is a cavalry officer supervising machine gun crews?" Louis asks, noticing the blue sash and color of the operators contrasting with the red sash James wore. The sun illuminated Franz's blonde hair, making it glow like a star.

"Well, I would like to see your reaction to his brazenness." Franz replies. James seemed to be terrified of His Majesty. "Anyways, we will go on with the test. Soldiers, open fire!" Franz orders the machine gun operators.

The soldiers slam a cartridge of ammo into the wheeled heavy machine guns, before winding a crank attached to the weapons and releasing it. The machine guns blazed away, firing round after round until abruptly jamming and falling over. The two men struggle to lift up the machine guns, and attempt to rewind the gun. The cranks suddenly loosened their resistance and the machine guns went silent.

"It seems the spring for the crank of the machine guns cannot withstand much punishment before failing." Franz continues. Louis pauses for a moment. "How about we change the auto-loading mechanism entirely? I was thinking of a waterwheel-style loader." He thinks out loud.

"Pretty genius, and it wouldn't require a spring. But wouldn't that require more strength to turn the wheel? And the weight...we would need more people to haul such a machine around." Franz asks. "Good point. Why not remove the spring entirely and have the machine gun turn with the crank like a pair of gears?" Louis replies.

"Yo-your Majesty, yo-ou're not being sarca-castic, are you? The machine guns would have a vastly worse rate of fire." Franz nervously stutters. "I am being completely serious. Without the spring, we wouldn't need to use so much steel to make the machine guns and they wouldn't fail as often. And we can solve the rate of fire part with thorough discipline and training." Louis explains. Franz's eyes grow wide. "I'll be back in the palace, redesigning the machine gun. As for mister Alvery..." Louis turns his eyes towards Sgt. James.

"He will receive the St. Michael's Cross by tomorrow for his brave actions." He continues. "Isn't that the Hildn Cross?" Franz innocently asks. Louis suddenly glares at the marshal. "It was." He icily answers.

The king then nears James. "You're lucky that your disobedience has given you that spectacular medal, but be aware that it will not be like that always." He sternly warns the officer. "Ye-yes, Yo-Your Majesty!!" James plants his sabre into the ground and gets on one knee.

The Federation of Joslisonoria

The city-17 resistance wrote:The Battle is Rough.We've lost 3000 Soldiers already, Without the help we'd estimate we'd have 13,000 Soldiers Lost.
Northern Petersburg has been Taken, We Have some Guns Stolen From the Combines. They clearly Updated from their recent technology.

60,000 Resistance Soldiers
80,000 Combines (Estimated)
3,000 Resistance Soldiers Lost
4,500 Combines Killed

We shall send tanks for you. Missiles are on the side.

The Narex Council of The Ursian Empire

The Winter Sea, Sakiria-The Ursian Empire Exercise

Orca dived underneath the waves and back up again as salvo after salvo of the Sakirian Valkyr fired the exercise rounds at her, all nearly trying to hit her as the particle boom point defense and MEMB Vs desperately targeted the rounds guaranteed to hit her. Both Levi and her had to deal with more volume of fire than the Sakirians due to them being the only Valkyr Ursia could field. Orca went right back up as her thrusters expanded, the speed creating massive waves on the surface. She took up her glaive and deflected a shot coming at her, flinging at it back with shuriken like objects. It expanded, revealing into 4 Thunderhawk attack helicopters, their thrusters expanding and closing the gap as they fired barrages of MEMB Vs and their personal gravity assisted railguns on the bottom. A recent addition to the Orca-class's already formidable firepower. Prinz Friedrich an his Task Force were in a lot of trouble as the gunships powered by sheer speed, agility and its point defenses, proceeded to unleash its deadly munitions. The training rounds hit multiple crucial points onto Prinz Friedrich as the rest were getting harassed. Orca herself had to dodge all the fire as nearly many rounds scraped her armor. It was going to be a long exercise, and she hoped that she could win this battle of attrition.


Leviathan on the other hand was bored. His weaponry could deal good damage to the opposition as his rings deflected any and all damage, even from Regina Carolina's. The Phoenixes simply either got shot down or barely made another dent. All the others had done insignificant damage to his warping rings. He focused hard, firing all his batteries on Valkyr that got too close and knocked them out of the fight temporarily. By his calculations, this attritional fight was only going to deplete his first ring, his 2nd at 89% and his 3rd ring untouched. Right now he was just focused on how each one of the opposition was going to attempt to end it quick. Specifically Regina Carolina, who has been eyeing him like a hunter who's just found prey. As he turned his huge guns to the next Valkyr, Carolina charged.

"Is she insane?" Levi said to himself as he charged up his railguns and particle cannons. The training rounds went towards her as she deflected them with her crossbow. As he increased his volume of fire, Regina went up close and personal, pointing her crossbow just forward enough so the Phoenix could go through his rings. She fired as it hit his hull, fire went off as his thrusters reversed back from the damage. Regina sweated a little as Levi patted off the fire off of him. A bold move insane by most standards. But considering it was her, probably the norm. He estimated his damages. She did manage to penetrate through his shields and his hull, but the damage was mostly taken by the shields. Looking at the rest of the Task Force, he probably only needed to worry about Carolina. Whether to end it now however.....

He sighed as he expanded his rings all around him, making an arena around both him and Regina. The rest attempted to break in but failed as the 3 rings absorbed it. Levi, now without his rings, pulled out his gravity cannon. It changed its form into a longsword as he wielded it with two hands, capable of warping gravity for absolute destruction.

"I saw what you did with your group back there, such determination is admirable, but you can't just charge on everything on your own right?" he told her. As she loaded her crossbow, Levi noticed the still stern look in the eyes. A hundred years ago, it was the same stern look of UES Excalibur's. Ultimately, leadership went to UES Admiral Raktas, even with Excalibur being far more modern for time. Simply put, a leader to Levi was more than someone who gave orders, but an inspiration. Excalibur had only given orders, like Regina just minutes before the exercise. Hopefully, whether this duel ended in his defeat or hers, he'll convince her life is a lot more than just her given purpose.

The Radiant Rainbow Kingdom of Penguin Dictators

Hi there Joslisonoria!

Some days ago, you were linked to the RMB Etiquette portion of our Wintreath guide and asked not to double post. Here is that guide again as a refresher.

Hello, and let me be the first to welcome you to the Frosty lands of Wintreath! While you're here we hope that you enjoy yourself, but also keep in mind that our RMB has a few guidelines. Nothing too serious mind you, we just want to make sure that everyone here in the region has as equally a great time here as you, so there are some rules we have to throw out to ensure that we're keeping the peace and chill vibe of the region.

Please don't Double Post/Triple Post/Quadruple/etc post.

I know, there's always some more that we may want to say in a post that you didn't say the first time, and simply posting again is quick. However, it also adds unnecessary clog to the RMB, especially when it's one person posting 5 times with a single sentence or word.

If you have more that you wanted to add (or wanted to reply to someone), simply hover your mouse over their/your message (or tap it on mobile). On your message, you'll see something like this pop up:

Which will allow you to tweak what you want in your message, add anything else, and pop it back up. If you do this over another's message, you'll see the noted Quote button as well as the Like button. Simply hit Quote, and copy everything that appears in the text box below. Proceed to edit your message in the way mentioned above, press Enter to give yourself new space, paste the copied text, hit enter again, and type in your new message.

If you already double posted, please delete your second post. On the above screenshot, notice where at the end it says "DELETE." If you double posted, click that button on your second post. This goes for if you triple/quadruple posted as well...delete all but your first message.

Yes this is all extra effort when you can just post again, but double/triple/quadruple posts will be suppressed and members warned, no exceptions, even if you apologize for the second post.

Also keep in mind that using your puppet(s) to post right after your original post is still considered double posting.


Short and Sweet is the way to Be

Let's face it, sometimes we have a lot to say, or we want to RP something that is considerably long, or we really want to share something we wrote in our factbooks on the RMB.

And all of this is completely okay if done correctly.

Spoiler Tags are your friend
If you're posting something longer than 2 paragraphs of 5 sentences each, or 1 paragraph that hits over 7-8 sentences, there's a very handy feature known as Spoiler tags. They trim any post you make inside of the tags down to the size of a tiny box, which folks on the RMB will thank you for.

the command for spoilers is

[spoiler]Insert the text you want to say here[/spoiler]
Or if you want to let someone know what to expect, the beginning part can be
[spoiler= insert title here] insert conversation post here[/spoiler]
But remember to also keep that title short and sweet and to the point. As an example:

See Spot Run
Spot runs fast!
Spot sees a cat!
No Spot, no!
Spot ran away. :(

Factbook/Dispatches can/should be linked only
So you want to share this factbook/dispatch you made, great! But the problem is that these tend to be pretty lengthy unless they're something such as general announcements, so copying and pasting the entire thing is usually not recommended on the RMB. The last thing we want to see is an RMB full of random dispatch/factbook entries in their entirety that people copy and pasted. Instead, let people have the option whether or not they want to read it.

Which means, copy and paste the link to your dispatch/factbook rather than the entire post. You may be asking, "Where do I find the right link to post?" And that's a great question. Once you've originally posted your factbook/dispatch, you'll be redirected to the new area with it in which you'll see these links, depending on whether it's a factbook or dispatch post:

Each link will have a unique ID number at the end for each post. So just copy that entire link for the dispatch/factbook entry you want to share, and simply paste it in an RMB post. When you do that and post, it'll show up as a snippet in the RMB:

That way, it doesn't throw out a potentially exceptionally long post, and people who may not be interested in your personal nation workings aren't having to read through it if they don't want to.

But this also doesn't mean to start throwing out Factbook/Dispatch links willy nilly, because we also don't want an RMB clogged with preview links. Keep the nation news/info/tidbits to important things that people outside might want to know. If you're going to do a national newspaper, feel free to be like "A new edition of (insert news publication here) is out!" if it's a daily thing or even more often type of thing (though weekly/bi-weekly/monthly/bi-monthly/yearly) linking to national newspaper dispatches is totally fine).

Just do your part to keep the RMB clean, short, and sweet. The amount of space on the RMB is very limited, so we just want to ensure that everyone can be seen and heard rather than being overshadowed by unnecessarily long (and sometimes overall unnecessary) posts.


When Quoting someone, follow this thought process:

Does it contribute to the conversation? Is your reply to a quote something to bring more responses? Or is it simply quoting someone and saying "Lol" or "Okay" or something equally unneeded? If it falls into the latter, maybe re-think your quote.

Is it to the point?: In other words, are you grabbing an entire quote and responding to all of it? Or are you responding to a specific area? If your answer falls into the latter, consider quoting but breaking it down into multiple quotes with just the line(s) that you want to respond to, rather than using the entire quote if it's a long one.

Do I need the whole quote? In other words, is it that aforementioned long quote? Do you really need to display the whole thing again, especially if the quote is directly above you? The answer to this is usually a hard no. If you want to respond to a post in its entirety, you can do what's suggested above, but also cut everything but the last line in that long quote, putting ... before the text (IE "...In other words, do it this way") so that we know you're responding to the person as a whole. This does not apply to if the quoted post is in Spoiler tags, as those will hide the entire post within a small box until clicked. If this is the case, you're more than welcome to quote without edit since length isn't an issue (since regardless of length, it's all hidden from view until clicked). But if you're responding to parts, you can still grab those specific parts to quote separately to.

Do I even need to quote at all? If you're simply wanting to get someone's attention to talk to them about something, use the Nation pinging tool (the black flag next to Underline) and avoid quoting. Don't do this to ping-spam continuously as nobody likes seeing a bunch of unnecessary notices either. Also, if someone is double posting, please don't quote their second post/third post just to tell them not to double post. A mod will get on it and warn them appropriately and/or suppress their post/ask them to delete it. If you're going to mini-mod against double posting (which we ask that you don't do), just use the [nation] [/nation] tags to ping them.

Is the post I'm quoting suppressed? If the answer is yes, don't quote it. Posts are suppressed for a reason for breaking one of our RMB rules (whether it be double post/spammy/inappropriate). If you quote a suppressed post, your post will also be suppressed and you will be warned not to do it again. If you quoted the person before their post was noticed and suppressed because you're telling them not to do something you know is about to face suppression, please delete your post and refer to the above box on "Do I even need to quote at all?" If you quoted the person before suppression otherwise, your post will be suppressed, but you won't be warned (unless it was a blatant rule break in terms of inappropriate content that you're quoting, in which case we will say something).


Please Keep the RMB Spam Free

This speaks for itself, but this isn't something we need to see clogging the RMB.

Spam includes, but is not limited to:
*Double/Triple/Quadruple+ posting as mentioned at the beginning

*Post counting, making animal sounds, and saying non-conversation drivers ("I like eggs!"), in an effort to "random" or "revive the dead chat." This includes back and forth spamming by more than one member in this regard.

*other spamming behavior not mentioned here such as a two-member-only continual back and forth in a quick amount of time (when TGs exist) that will be at the discretion of the Regional Moderators/Monarch.

Please keep the RMB lively by engaging conversations, not spam (the only exception to this being if it's a Welcome-Squad/Mod-Sanctioned RMB game happening).


Please keep it Friendly

This is a region of folks of different beliefs, orientations, and other various walks of life. Please be respectful of those differences, and be a friendly and positive force in the region. This means that if a member says something that you don't personally believe, don't chime in with why they're wrong or laugh at them for their beliefs, call them names (aka going into Flaming territory), or anything of that matter. Just literally don't say anything and move on to a different topic. An exception to this is a friendly debate which is allowed so long as it's kept civil (see "Keep politics civil, or keep it out.").

Just be a cool person. Be friendly. Be kind. Don't be a jerk.

Keep in mind that as stated in the politics section of this RMB Etiquette, Wintreath absolutely does not condone beliefs/views that are hateful or advocate violence towards an individual/groups. This does not mean to engage said person that has those bad beliefs, and in fact it is asked that you immediately disengage and let an RO know on here or Discord, or to submit a General Help Request (linked at the bottom) if it's serious enough to require NS mod intervention.


Please don't Mini-Mod.

In other words, moderating what folks do when you yourself are not a moderator. We've got our regional officers plus the delegate to watch over the RMB and make sure the rules are being enforced. As much as we appreciate folks stepping in, we ask that you please refrain from mini-modding and telling folks what to do.

If you see someone breaking a rule: Please refer them to this RMB guide, or ping one of the regional officers (assuming none are on at the moment) to let us know if it's something inappropriate that needs to be addressed. If it's serious enough, please refer to the final section on filling out a GHR so that NS mods can step in. If it's something like Double posting/spam, please don't ping the regional officers unless it's continuous (IE hitting past the quadruple posting levels)...otherwise we'll suppress/warn the moment one of us sees it.

In short: Be a helper, not an enforcer since we already have enforcers in our Regional Officers. Be less "Don't double post/spam /Double posting/spamming isn't allowed." and be more "Hey just as a heads up, you might want to check out this guide (insert link to this RMB guide) since it shows you how to edit your posts so that you don't have to post again."


If you Roleplay, follow the rules of RP and keep it appropriate.

The following behaviors are frowned upon in roleplaying:

Godmodding: Taking control of another's character without the person's consent. In other words, not giving them a chance to decide how their characters respond to situations and instead enforcing it yourself.

Overpowering Characters: Conjuring force-fields to avoid any attack at any time, teleporting out of any incoming danger at the blink of any eye, sending hundreds to thousands of nukes at a player (despite not realistically having these) are forms of this. Nobody likes RPing with an OPer, so don't do it.

People in these two categories will be kindly asked to stop, and may face a ban from participating in RPs on the RMB for a set amount of time.

Inappropriate/Controversial RP characters/practices: Roleplaying as a controversial character in history such as Hitler, roleplaying about how you kill children and make them into "Children nuggets."(or kids/babies killing and being killed). Engaging in sexual areas despite us being a region of all ages. None of these are okay in the slightest, and those involved will be met with anything from a warning to a permanent ban from the region depending on the severity. Keep it appropriate and PG, please.


Keep politics civil, or keep it out.

While political discussions are allowed in the RMB, please keep it civil and impersonal. If you feel like you're getting upset or are about to get heated/impassioned, it's asked that you step back and take a breather to get yourself back to that calm before you re-engage...or drop it entirely. Debates should not turn into echo chambers of people ganging up on someone for their beliefs/opinions, nor should it turn into a grudge match of why you're right and why they're stupid for not having the same opinion as you. If you can't keep your cool, you may be warned and potentially banned from debating on the RMB for a set time, or potentially banjected from the region if it hits flaming territory depending on the severity.

Also, these are the views that we closely monitor and can be considered an absolutely no area that we'll ask you to stay away from depending on the severity of said viewpoint as well.

>Views that are blatantly anti-LGBTQ+, Racist, Xenophobic, Sexist, or other forms of discrimination or hatred towards a group of people (which includes religion as well as the infamous ACAB statement). You're allowed to have an opposing viewpoint on certain areas, but the minute you engage in hate speech/hateful views (IE: (insert target group) should go back where they came from!" and "(insert target group) should be lined up and shot!") You're threatening your continued time in the region.

>Views that speak of hate groups such as Nazism in a positive light or praise figures who have advocated such ideals such as believing certain groups/people are inferior/lesser and deserve to die/be subservient to them. This one is non-negotiable, and anyone expressing positivity towards groups such as this that advocate such ideals may be instantly banjected from the region.

>Behaviors that border into flaming such as calling someone a Liberal Snowflake/Republican Trash or calling someone a nazi/fascist/"Commie" just because you disagree with them. These hit our "no flaming" rule, and will be dealt with on that level.

>Other problematic/controversial views that have not been listed here but may be determined by the Monarch/Regional Moderators.


Abide by the rules of Nationstates, as well as common rules for the forums

Things that are absolutely not tolerated are:

*Flaming: Personally attacking a member with insults and name calling.

*Flame-baiting: Calling someone out and posting content purely with the intention of setting them off, such as overly sarcastic responses in a heated debate. Quite simply, it's as the name suggests: Baiting someone with your words to drive them to flame you.

*Trolling: Similar to flame baiting, posting contrary opinions/topics that will get a negative rise out of people for the "Lolz" occasionally also considered "Edge-posting," it's overall just not cool.

such behaviors may very quickly shorten your time here in Wintreath depending on the severity.


Please don't discuss Nationstates violations such as accusations of rule breaking on the RMB.

Think someone hacked your nation? Is a known Delete on Sight (DOS) player in our region? Is there a player breaking established Nationstates rules of etiquette?

DO report them to Nationstates moderators via A General Help Request in the off chance they didn't see the offense already (They're good at that).

DONT gossip about it in the RMB or take it upon yourself to investigate in any form.

If you're unsure of how to fill out the GHR, let a Regional Officer know so they can take care of it.
If anyone has questions about anything read here, they're encouraged to reach out to either the founder/reigning monarch or one of the current Regional Officers who are always more than happy to clarify.

Read dispatch

Please take the time to read it again. If you have more that you need to say after you posted and you're the last post, please follow the steps to edit your post and snag any quotes to add rather than double posting.

Any double posts as per the RMB Etiquette will be suppressed, along with folks being discouraged from quoting and replying to said post lest they endure the same suppression themselves.

Please be more careful in your posts going forward, and have a great day.

The Republic of Koranz

Joslisonoria wrote:I have been wanting to get a bigger population, (big enough for a capital). IS there a way to get more population without waiting?

Yeah me too, I'm sure the older nations have an idea. But tbh I'd assume you just choose answers to the issues that favour marriage and having children where possible.

The Golden Republic of The Greenlandic North

Koranz wrote:Yeah me too, I'm sure the older nations have an idea. But tbh I'd assume you just choose answers to the issues that favour marriage and having children where possible.

Nope. You just gotta wait lol (might be wrong actually, maybe Penguin Dictators knows)

The Ursian Empire, Uniopolis, and Bunzo bunny

The Radiant Rainbow Kingdom of Penguin Dictators

The Greenlandic North wrote:Nope. You just gotta wait lol (might be wrong actually, maybe Penguin Dictators knows)

You're correct. So long as you continue to log in and don't go inactive (or "Cease To Exist" aka CTE) for 28 days (60 for vacation mode), your population will naturally increase. There is no way to bump this up, but it will halt if your nation CTEs until you re-found it by logging in.

The Holy Empire of Saagar

The Greenlandic North wrote:What!

Going to the settings, I put the name of the city. It disappears after the page is refreshed (. But by population I can enter the name. Maybe there is a rule by name?

The Golden Republic of The Greenlandic North

Saagar wrote:Going to the settings, I put the name of the city. It disappears after the page is refreshed (. But by population I can enter the name. Maybe there is a rule by name?

Put in the name then scroll to the bottom then select “save changes”
Also please don’t quote someone and say nothing lol

The United States of Imperio tilandes

The city-17 resistance wrote:The Battle is Rough.We've lost 3000 Soldiers already, Without the help we'd estimate we'd have 13,000 Soldiers Lost.
Northern Petersburg has been Taken, We Have some Guns Stolen From the Combines. They clearly Updated from their recent technology.

60,000 Resistance Soldiers
80,000 Combines (Estimated)
3,000 Resistance Soldiers Lost
4,500 Combines Killed

I will send you soldiers, tanks, jeeps, missiles, planes and etc. you know everything that can help you and I will send you for free

The Radiant Rainbow Kingdom of Penguin Dictators

The Greenlandic North wrote: Also please don’t quote someone and say nothing lol

Nothing lol

The Golden Republic of The Greenlandic North

Penguin Dictators wrote:Nothing lol

Mhm, ok

Anyways I declare war on you

The Corporate City State of Dashiki City

The city-17 resistance wrote:Well I'm not the type of guy that writes like entire essays on A Single Situation But I'd like to ask
How do we Make Spoiler Cases?

you don't need a essay, just a paragraph and more details.

The city-17 resistance wrote:Well 10B Seems Like a Fair Deal.

I'll make a rp later

The Greenlandic North wrote:Mhm, ok

Anyways I declare war on you

because they send me a toilet I have antimatter tech, imagine what would happen if they sent you a missile

The Cranberrian State of LeafyCranberry

The Greenlandic North wrote:Put in the name then scroll to the bottom then select “save changes”
Also please don’t quote someone and say nothing lol

The Ursian Empire and Bunzo bunny

Bunzo bunny

LeafyCranberry wrote:

That’s rude

Nominicia jr

Nominicia jr

The city-17 resistance wrote:The Battle is Rough.We've lost 3000 Soldiers already, Without the help we'd estimate we'd have 13,000 Soldiers Lost.
Northern Petersburg has been Taken, We Have some Guns Stolen From the Combines. They clearly Updated from their recent technology.

60,000 Resistance Soldiers
80,000 Combines (Estimated)
3,000 Resistance Soldiers Lost
4,500 Combines Killed

I'm sending reinforcements right now Imperio tilandaes
10,000 Resistance Soldiers now

The Ursian Empire, Uniopolis, and Bunzo bunny

Bunzo bunny

Nominicia jr wrote:Hello

Hello, welcome to wintreath if you have any question feel free to ask anyone.

Nominicia jr

[Bunzo Bunny] can I be allies with you

Bunzo bunny

Nominicia jr wrote:[Bunzo Bunny][/Bunzo Bunny] can I be allies with you

Okay! We can be allies ^_^

Nominicia jr

Bunzo bunny wrote:Okay! We can be allies ^_^

Thanks so can I get your flag so we can have a alliance format

Uniopolis, The Greenlandic North, and Bunzo bunny

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