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The Republic of Lemon 1

The The Pheonix Empire of Vedan

What tech level is this place anyways? Whats the backstory?

The Dacician Protectorate of Seisan

Vedan wrote:What tech level is this place anyways? Whats the backstory?

The new RP's going to be dieselpunk, in the interwar period. As for the backstory, that's still a work in progress over on the Discord, but we're working on it at a steady pace.

The RP that's coming to an end, however, is FT:FTL. There's a lot of backstory for that one... Too much to really summarise, but the main jist is 'everything is on fire' with a hint of 'apocalypse'. You know, standard RP stuff.

The Kingdom of Wielbelkia

The current RP that ended/is ending is basically "IN THE GRIM DARKNESS OF THE NTH MILLENNIUM, THERE IS ONLY WAR" and the End Times.


Post self-deleted by Serdian Republic.

The Imperije of Vukmire

Serdian Republic wrote:No it ended when some nibba who disliked the setting in-universe snapped the infinity gauntlet and recreated the RP as he saw fit

Shut up, this is the 50th timr you've said that joke and it still isnt funny.

The Assemblages of Free Planets of Venurian Space

A Farewell to a Legacy Best Forgotten, and a Greeting to Times to Come

Following the resignation of President Rrayss, a new President, Duch Makkon, a Royalist party hardliner, has won the next election, on the promise of a decisive military solution to the Syndicate problem, massive cuts in regulations across all economic sectors, addressing the Voykhoy Ggalmso and other such 'militants', and curbing the power of the unions. However, the common voter feels short-done by this, especially with recent happenings in regards to the protests and brutal police repression over the last few months within the nation.

The people have, in fact, had enough. Just a few days after the election announcement, a large crowd gathered in front of the Senate building, armed with blugeons and knives and firearms. Within the hour, they had stormed the buliding, holding the Senators within at gunpoint, while a second group had set the Presidential Palace alight with a well-placed molotov, firefighters refusing to fight the flames.

The police, meanwhile, attempt to keep the order, their gloves quickly coming off as they resort to outright firing into the crowds in an attempt to disperse them. The crowds fire back, carrying the day, and the capital falls to protestors. The military is mobilised and deployed to take the planet back, but elements prove quite reluctant to do so, with numerous generals and admirals refusing to carry out their orders outright, retreating to the capital to take up ranks with the people against their corrupt government, fortifying the positions, and scrambling to give the partisans a crash course in basic military training.

For the second time within ten years, the Venurian nation erupts in civil war. But, the war would be short-lived, as more and more of the military refuses to fire on not only their fellow civilians, but also their fellow brothers in arms. Pockets of resistance exist amongst the more hardline troops, but for the most part, the battle is won within the day, and the new Assemblages of the Peoples of the Free Planets, a far more neutral name than the Venur-specific Venuria, is established in Lyrh, based on the Anzio-Shekettan model. News of the revolution spreads to the other worlds of the nation, to the cheers of those who had previously experienced such a brutal repression of their rights not long before.


The smoke settled, the many planets and peoples adjusting to the new order of things, yet ultimately satisfied with their increase in self-determination outside of some foreign, alien legislature. Some ex-military groups remain in rebellion, but for the most part, peace had returned to the people of the free planets. Looking back, it became obvious that the worst fears of the former regime had all come true, yet it was their own hubris that made it so. A self-fulfilling prophesy of their own downfall. But really, the seeds has been planeted far sooner, before even the Banzhut years. The seeds of the revolution had been planted since foundation, and by the queen herself, when she first established a state of pirates, of the weak, of the downtrodden, and of former revolutionaries.

In recognition of this, as well as her being an ally of the proles in years past, as well as her foreign beneficiaries that would otherwise intervene, the queen was merely stripped of any real power, yet kept as a figurehead; a regrettable reality of the Assemblages' now even more precarious political position. Her palace is seized, however, and converted into a history museum, and she is warned that neither she nor her family or descendents are ever to step foot within 'her' territories again.

Venuria's communist now.

The imperium of women

”Solidarity Forever comrades! Break the Chains!”
The History of the Combined Syndicates is one of turbulence and of a series of political repressions and mass murders, and in the end freedom for all. The Syndicate continued on for ages keeping to their values and trying to prove with their comrades that their ideas would work. They worked alongside their Venurian comrades and attempted to cultivate closer relationships while maintaining a staunch pacifistic diplomatic stance.
In Anzio a public referendum was held. (Arvug The east pacific islands) Due to the intervention by Serdia and the perceived repression by the foreign “guardians” the Anzio population voted vehemently in favour of rejoining the imperium. The event arose some rioting and bloodshed at the hands of liberal and right wing elements which were easily washed away. The years went on and anzio emerged forged in blood but free.
A month after the Anzio conference Chairmen Reed resigned. He spent Then last of his days with his wife and lived comfortably. In his last days he was asked if he could’ve changed one thing he said this:
“The world is beautifully terrible. Without the bad the good would be meaningless. I believe that everyday we commit small suicides under the systems, it is only by the joy of living can we ever be happy. Life hasn’t a goal or an aim, it isn’t important in any cosmic scale, it just is. Once we can all accept that we can be sure in ourselves. And to do so we must liberate ourselves from those small suicides, so it may not result in the fatal conclusion.”
No one knows what happened to the Dea, the Cellestia or the Primarcha. Some historians suggested that it may have been they fled to a mew world or galaxy, but no plans have ever been discovered. But some say that if you listen hard enough in the gutted empty halls of the imperial palace you can just barely hear the small faint giggling of the Dea.

The Khanate of Arvug


The Dacician Protectorate of Seisan

The New Triumverate

The Casanese Civil War has waged for many months now, with the lives of trillions hanging in the balance. Yet, from this fiery crucible, a new generation of military genius has emerged, with promising young commanders rising quickly to the limelight of the most deadly and destructive Casanese war of all time. This meteoric rise, coupled with the high mortality rates among more seasoned commanders as the warring sides struggle to adapt to this new age of warfare, has sent waves throughout the established command structures, as military leaderships figure out how best to utilise these new assets. However, they may yet have their own plans.

Stepping off the shuttle onto the unremarkable vessel, newly-annointed Admiral Sasu Hakko took note of the rather uninteresting hangar he found himself in. "I expected more from my host, to be honest", he started to think, but before he could finish, a door hissed open, a figure waving him to follow before turning and walking down a long passageway. He followed.

A few weeks ago, he had recieved a message from someone wishing to meet with him in regards to the war. Normally, such an obvious set-up would've been ignored, but in this instance, a few things caught his interest. First, there was the messenger, Lieutenant Weshou, his fellow survivor from the Maomai, who had slipped him a piece of paper - a low-tech method of communication useful primarily for clandestine communication - as he passed the admiral on the bridge. Second, and even more intriguingly, was the sender; none other than Ayoui Deuyu, head of the Deuyu dynasty, requesting a meeting with him in particular.

After a somewhat lengthy walk, he is led to a room at the end of the hallway, the door sliding open without a sound as he quickly stepped within, the door just as smoothly shutting behind him.


Admiral Jin Shi looked up as the door opened, and couldn't help but let out a short laugh. Putting her teacup down, she addressed the new arrival, "I'll be damned. Sasu Hakko, the hero of On'an! I'd imagined our first time meeting to be on the battlefield! Deuyu contacted you, too, huh?" She shakes her head, "Some gears are definitely in motion, for this meeting to be taking place."

"The feeling's mutual, Admiral Shi. I'd expected we'd be trying to kill each other, not sipping tea on a direlect." Sasu retorts, taking a seat at the waiting table and pouring himself a cup of said tea.


As the two settle in, the door opens again, Ayoui stepping through in a well-fitted uniform. She looks between her two guests, before nodding, "Alright! Everyone's here. Excellent, excellent. I'm glad you both showed up, we've matters to discuss."

"So, to begin, let's get the elephant in the room squared away; everyone in this room is an enemy to every other person in this room. I've no doubt you both despise everything I, or I suppose more generally my family, stand for. But, that's preciely why I turned to you. You are the best of the new generation. You both show great promise in commanding a fleet, and that is exactly what I needed. I have a bit of a proposition for you. An offer both of you are going to want to hear."

Jin pipes up, "So you called us here to do your dirty work, I take it. You lost much of your lands, you're desperate, you don't want to give the Khaos too much of a hold over you, and want some level of self-sufficiency. So you turned to the best Casan has to offer, as we are on paper your subjects. Am I right?"

Ayoui nods, "You aren't wrong, but we'll get to that. I am not denying the horrible things that have been done in the name of some monarch, and the pointless death brought by this war my family started. Your hatred is justified, but I ask you let my track record speak for itself. I've championed democracy throughout my reign, and while, sure, I've had my fair share of wars, I have nevertheless been largely uninvolved in the decision to undergo such. I don't intend to rule, only to reign."

This time, it would be Sasu who interjects, "I see where this is going. This is about Saze, isn't it? We're here to help you eliminate your key rival, and keep you in this fight."

Once again, this warrants a nod from Ayoui, "You two're quick. Good. It'd seem you aren't one-hit wonders, then. Let's cut to the chase, then. My grand-aunt is being a bit of a pain. Something needs to be done about her. Something rather permanent. I feel you two are the best chance I've got to take her on. Shi, your mastery of strategy at Tedjiko was nothing short of inspirational. And Hakko, your grasp of tactics and control over the battlefield is extraordinary. With you two together, even Saze would be quaking in her boots."

"And you've got the intelligence-gathering capability, huh?"

"Yes. And, I have the fleets. I want to give the both of you command over my entire fleet for this purpose. This is a Casanese affair, and it should be handled by us Casanese. Saze is a threat to us all, if we let her be to build up strength. She must be eliminated, and unfortunately, she's rather assassin-proof."

Ayoui pauses for a moment, letting her words sink in, "I would, preferably, rather this was the first of a long and mutually beneficial partnership between us. After my aunt's been dealt with, there's a few other thorns in the side of the Casanese people that need dealing with. I'm not asking you turn traitor, I'd actually rather you didn't anytime soon. But, you serve a racist dictator and a foreign autocrat. They, and the foreign powers backing them, especially Xijiun, are the true enemies of the Casanese people, not each other. And, to prove I'm serious about this, I am prepared to offer you collateral, and I insist you accept it. Beneath both of your seats is a set of objects of great importance, I want you to take them with you as proof of my sincerity."

Reaching below her seat, Jin removes a box. Upon opening it, she finds within the intricately carved hilt of a fine yandao, along with the shattered fragments of a baodao.

Sasu, meanwhile, is met with an ornate, crystal-hewn crown, glistening in the overhead light, accompanied by a second, more intact, baodao.

"Hakko, that is the genuine imperial crown, and the blade of Empress Tatsuyu, the same blade the city of Tatsuyuki is named for. Shi, you have the genuine Deuyu family yandao. And the shattered blade is the fragments of her wife's weapon, the blade of Hizaya. You went to Hizayashi, named in her honour, so I'm sure I needn't explain the importance of these artifacts. These are the Casanese crown jewels, and I part with them only because I trust that I'll see them again. So, are you two in?"

The two admirals think this over for an extended period in silence, not the least due to the shock of having been handed such immensely important artifacts, before they both reply, "I'm in. Saze's been a pain in the rear for much too long."

"You've got yourself a fleet. The good admiral's more than earned herself a permanent forced retirement, and I can't pass on an opportunity to give her one."

"Excellent. Then you may leave back to make whatever preparations you need. We've got a rogue grand admiral to stop."

The three stand, and one by one, make their leave.

Informal alliance between Admiral Sasu Hakko, Admiral Jin Shi, and Ayoui to deal with Admiral Hamiko Saze.


(We starting this rp or not?)

The Khanate of Arvug

Terramuntanya wrote:(We starting this rp or not?)

(Still waiting tbh, although im very much eager to see its start)

Worklaw and Terramuntanya

New aaronia

*Presses X*

The Imperije of Vukmire

I am too busy to manage it. I would gladly pass the flame though to whoever is willing.

Worklaw and Terramuntanya

The Kingdom of Wielbelkia

The Matriarchy of Gypsy Lands

Merry Christmas from our region to yours!

**Sends a large tray of homemade Christmas cookies**

The Empire of RegiisCarmina

Die regional agencies

Everything is for sale! Guns! Clones! Cities! Ships! Our deals so incredible you won’t escape! Now come in, submit, buy, thank you.

Final Clearance EVERYTHING (you are allowed to know about) MUST GO!

Die regional agencies

The imperium of women wrote:(Mother’s Milk.)

The Khanate of Arvug

(Whomst wants to do a character based RP Set in our worlds Great War, set in a neutral nation that various other countries are trying to curry favour for or conduct espionage in? we'd haveto vote on the cause of the war and whose fighting on what side tho, although we could leave it semi-ambigious)

Khaos Invaders, Die regional agencies, Seisan, and Wielbelkia

The Dacician Protectorate of Seisan

There is Power in a Union
Bunze Slave Camp, planet Gaoran, Fukou system, Wan territory, West Casan
2204 hours, 28 May 4764 (0804 local time)

"Disperse immediately and return to work, slaves!" came the cries of the camp officer, the camp tower guards fixing rifles from their watchtowers at the gathering of malnourished elves in the camp, while riot armour-clad guards held position in front of the officer. However, the mass did not budge, the slaves glaring daggers at their captors and wielding pipes, picks, shovels, hammers, improvised incendiaries, and agricultural implements in their hands.

From the crowd, a lone elf stepped forward, unarmed, and spoke up as the agreed-upon spokesperson for the slaves, "We - the Labour Committee of Bunze - are done taking your orders. We demand an increase in rations, fair working hours, and of course, our freedom. Comply, and we will return to work. Refuse, and we will exercise our rights as Casanese citizens to ensure our demands are met through whatever means necessary, and believe me, we'd all rather die fighting for freedom than live another moment as your slaves."

"Labour Committee? Citizens?" The camp officer couldn't help but stifle a laugh before drawing her sidearm, pointing it at the spokeswoman, and pulling the trigger. As the body of the elf dropped to the ground and the officer reholstered her weapon, she gave her reply, "Big words from a dead woman. Guards, disperse these terrorists."

Reciving their orders, the riot control outfit begins firing tear gas and stun pistols into the crowd, followed up with a charge, batons raised. However, they are soon met not with the panicked, disorganised mass they'd expected, but rather, a well-organised, well-drilled battle line formed by ex-soldiers and lifelong trainees, with shovels soon thrust into guts and picks and hammers falling on helmets, hoes and sickles slashing against plates, molotovs setting ablaze shields, pipes bashing into shins, and hands yanking weapons from hands. With a fury unmatched by the guards, the slaves held their ground, though weakened, and soon beat back the small handful of guards through overwhelming numbers, albeit not without casualties.

In response, the camp officer bites her lip before taking flight and reaching for her radio, "Towers, fire! Stop them!"

Not needing to hear it twice, the guards in the towers around the camp opened fire on the forced labourers, carving into their ranks with fury. It wasn't long, however, before molotovs began raining down on these towers, as well, setting the structures and their occupants ablaze. In other locations across the vast compound, the mass charging the towers proved too much to handle, as the guards were unable to shoot enough to prevent their swarming into the towers and up to the top, a melee breaking out that, through great sacrifice, resulted in the utter extermination of the guardswomen. The fighting lasted hours, but the sheer numbers among the slaves carried the day. Those guards that attempted to escape were captured and, as a punishment the elves thought only appropriate in retaliation to the soles of their feet having been flayed upon induction to the camp to prevent any attempts at escape, had their wings violently hacked off with sickles, only to then be violently beaten to death.

Their work done, the slaves stormed the food stockpiles, distributing what they had among the survivors. Around this same time, all the West Casanese flags were removed from their flagpoles and set ablaze. In their place, scraps of blood-soaked cloths were raised, and the communications equipment of the camp utilised to broadcast a message to other slave camps throughout Wan and inform them of what happened here, to spark further slave uprisings.

To the surprise of the Bunze camp, their message was not met with radio silence or threats, but rather responses from other slave camps throughout the region that had likewise capitalised on the weakening of security to fight the war in order to overthrow their own camp security, and together with them, the ex-slave camps subsequently declared the formation of the Wan United Front, declaring independence from the West Casanese National "People's Republic" and immediately setting about preparing defences for their inevitable counterattack. This new "state" boasted a complete lack of a central government, rather relying on local People's Assemblies to run their own affairs, the former slaves not willing to trust anyone with any more power than any other person again and instead relying on loose cooperation to protect each others' mutual interests against outside threats. Such a state, by its very nature, of course threatens the stability and very concept of its totalitarian, rigid caste-based former national government, and quickly draws Shashai's ire. But with the ongoing war with the East, the Wan Front is, for the moment, left to its own devices, albeit placed under quarantine.

Successful slave revolt in West Casan.

Khaos Invaders, Die regional agencies, and Arvug

The Khanate of Arvug

Arvug wrote:(Whomst wants to do a character based RP Set in our worlds Great War, set in a neutral nation that various other countries are trying to curry favour for or conduct espionage in? we'd haveto vote on the cause of the war and whose fighting on what side tho, although we could leave it semi-ambigious)

(in case it wasnt clear, i meant in the new setting we were supposed to be doing stuff in)

Khaos Invaders, Die regional agencies, Wielbelkia, and Serdian Republic

Die regional agencies

The future is here.

In the past.

The Kingdom of Wielbelkia

Samurai Jack

The Empire of RegiisCarmina


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