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The Republic of Lemon 1

The The Pheonix Empire of Vedan

What tech level is this place anyways? Whats the backstory?

The Dacician Protectorate of Seisan

Vedan wrote:What tech level is this place anyways? Whats the backstory?

The new RP's going to be dieselpunk, in the interwar period. As for the backstory, that's still a work in progress over on the Discord, but we're working on it at a steady pace.

The RP that's coming to an end, however, is FT:FTL. There's a lot of backstory for that one... Too much to really summarise, but the main jist is 'everything is on fire' with a hint of 'apocalypse'. You know, standard RP stuff.

The Kingdom of Wielbelkia

The current RP that ended/is ending is basically "IN THE GRIM DARKNESS OF THE NTH MILLENNIUM, THERE IS ONLY WAR" and the End Times.

Post self-deleted by Serdian Republic.

The Imperije of Vukmire

Serdian Republic wrote:No it ended when some nibba who disliked the setting in-universe snapped the infinity gauntlet and recreated the RP as he saw fit

Shut up, this is the 50th timr you've said that joke and it still isnt funny.

The Assemblages of Free Planets of Venurian Space

A Farewell to a Legacy Best Forgotten, and a Greeting to Times to Come

Following the resignation of President Rrayss, a new President, Duch Makkon, a Royalist party hardliner, has won the next election, on the promise of a decisive military solution to the Syndicate problem, massive cuts in regulations across all economic sectors, addressing the Voykhoy Ggalmso and other such 'militants', and curbing the power of the unions. However, the common voter feels short-done by this, especially with recent happenings in regards to the protests and brutal police repression over the last few months within the nation.

The people have, in fact, had enough. Just a few days after the election announcement, a large crowd gathered in front of the Senate building, armed with blugeons and knives and firearms. Within the hour, they had stormed the buliding, holding the Senators within at gunpoint, while a second group had set the Presidential Palace alight with a well-placed molotov, firefighters refusing to fight the flames.

The police, meanwhile, attempt to keep the order, their gloves quickly coming off as they resort to outright firing into the crowds in an attempt to disperse them. The crowds fire back, carrying the day, and the capital falls to protestors. The military is mobilised and deployed to take the planet back, but elements prove quite reluctant to do so, with numerous generals and admirals refusing to carry out their orders outright, retreating to the capital to take up ranks with the people against their corrupt government, fortifying the positions, and scrambling to give the partisans a crash course in basic military training.

For the second time within ten years, the Venurian nation erupts in civil war. But, the war would be short-lived, as more and more of the military refuses to fire on not only their fellow civilians, but also their fellow brothers in arms. Pockets of resistance exist amongst the more hardline troops, but for the most part, the battle is won within the day, and the new Assemblages of the Peoples of the Free Planets, a far more neutral name than the Venur-specific Venuria, is established in Lyrh, based on the Anzio-Shekettan model. News of the revolution spreads to the other worlds of the nation, to the cheers of those who had previously experienced such a brutal repression of their rights not long before.


The smoke settled, the many planets and peoples adjusting to the new order of things, yet ultimately satisfied with their increase in self-determination outside of some foreign, alien legislature. Some ex-military groups remain in rebellion, but for the most part, peace had returned to the people of the free planets. Looking back, it became obvious that the worst fears of the former regime had all come true, yet it was their own hubris that made it so. A self-fulfilling prophesy of their own downfall. But really, the seeds has been planeted far sooner, before even the Banzhut years. The seeds of the revolution had been planted since foundation, and by the queen herself, when she first established a state of pirates, of the weak, of the downtrodden, and of former revolutionaries.

In recognition of this, as well as her being an ally of the proles in years past, as well as her foreign beneficiaries that would otherwise intervene, the queen was merely stripped of any real power, yet kept as a figurehead; a regrettable reality of the Assemblages' now even more precarious political position. Her palace is seized, however, and converted into a history museum, and she is warned that neither she nor her family or descendents are ever to step foot within 'her' territories again.

Venuria's communist now.

The Combined Syndicate of The Imperium of Women

”Solidarity Forever comrades! Break the Chains!”
The History of the Combined Syndicates is one of turbulence and of a series of political repressions and mass murders, and in the end freedom for all. The Syndicate continued on for ages keeping to their values and trying to prove with their comrades that their ideas would work. They worked alongside their Venurian comrades and attempted to cultivate closer relationships while maintaining a staunch pacifistic diplomatic stance.
In Anzio a public referendum was held. (Arvug The East Pacific Islands) Due to the intervention by Serdia and the perceived repression by the foreign “guardians” the Anzio population voted vehemently in favour of rejoining the imperium. The event arose some rioting and bloodshed at the hands of liberal and right wing elements which were easily washed away. The years went on and anzio emerged forged in blood but free.
A month after the Anzio conference Chairmen Reed resigned. He spent Then last of his days with his wife and lived comfortably. In his last days he was asked if he could’ve changed one thing he said this:
“The world is beautifully terrible. Without the bad the good would be meaningless. I believe that everyday we commit small suicides under the systems, it is only by the joy of living can we ever be happy. Life hasn’t a goal or an aim, it isn’t important in any cosmic scale, it just is. Once we can all accept that we can be sure in ourselves. And to do so we must liberate ourselves from those small suicides, so it may not result in the fatal conclusion.”
No one knows what happened to the Dea, the Cellestia or the Primarcha. Some historians suggested that it may have been they fled to a mew world or galaxy, but no plans have ever been discovered. But some say that if you listen hard enough in the gutted empty halls of the imperial palace you can just barely hear the small faint giggling of the Dea.

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