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The Free Land of Egoia

Wielbelkia wrote:(Later)
"So suffice to say it wasn't very productive comrade. I believe Irithylle would be better long term allies in any potential revolution." Apfelbaum reported. The Congressman he was reporting to hummed to himself as he looked over the notes. "Unfortunate, I'll share this with the rest of the Central Committee in our next meeting. In the mean time, continue keeping an eye on things in the Foreign Ministry."

Arvug wrote:( 😜)

(Why are we still here? Just to suffer?)

The Free Land of Egoia

Egoia wrote:Staalgrad Outskirts, A workshop
The workshop would smell of oil, sweat, and coffee. A chalkboard covered in drawings and equations would be on a wall with a sleeping man with short hair and in a labcoat with glasses and a bottle of rum in hand.

A woman in a tank top with pink short hair would come in with a cup of coffee with a man in Military fatigues and kick the sleeping man in the shins. “wh- where? Oh.” He looks up, “Was up?”

The woman hands him a coffee, “Doctor Night, this is Sergei Staalinov, a member of the free militias, he wants to see how our research has come along.

He looks up at the man sipping his coffee and rubbing his eyes, “Oh so you’re the fellow I was told to expect... well follow me I guess...” he gets up and adjusts his glasses as he turns to the chalkboard, “In essence we’ve been working on a design on a plane that could be capable of international flight. The other nations use primarily blimps and airships for this task but we think that planes could be a much more effective method as they’re faster, more agile and are more cheaply made. This also would make international trade and diplomacy easier for agents. In essence the engines we have been using are incapable for such long flight. So what we’ve been working on is an engine capable of more lift that is more fuel effecient. So what we have is that the propellers will actively feed air into the engines, in doing so the engines will ignite fuel and provide a boost from the backside of it, there by allowing one to get up and go faster and allowing the plane to spend most of it’s time gliding. In essence it is a modification of Pradian Gas Turbine engines enabling more flight time and saving space and weight than we would if we used Radial engines.”

The military man nods, “I see, so how much time do you need to out together a prototype?”

The doctor thinks as he sips his coffee, making an annoying slurping sound, “About 3 weeks.”

The military man nods, “I’ll be back in three weeks then. Good Luck Doctor.”

Staalgrad Outskirts, 2 Weeks later
Dr. Night meticulously fiddles with an engine as he has a bottle of rum next to him. He grabs a notepad and a pencil and examines his notes and then jumps down from the engine, bottle and notepad In hand.
“Alright, test number 27, lets try this again. Gertrud, start the engine test!”

She nods from a panel on the other side of the room and she flips a switch as the engine begins to start and sputter, the propeller spins slowly at first and then goes off spinning as heat is ejected from the back, the room filled with a shriek as the engine increased going 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, and it stays for a total of 30 minutes, “Alright shut it off!” He waves to Gertrud and she shuts it off as it slowly begins to slow and the shrieking dies down.
Dr. Night smiles and laughs, “By Cernunnos it worked!” Gertrude points to the engine dripping from the side, “it works but uh we have a coolant leak. We might wanna run a few more tests before we y’know send this to the manufactory?”

He waves her off, “Yes yes, I’ll take care of that.” He hops onto the latter and climbs up taking a look at the engine, “O-oh...”

“What happened?”

He holds up an empty bottle, “I think it may be vodka.”

She shakes her head “Okay new rule, no flammable materials near the engine. That could’ve gone off an possibly burnt down the whole place!”

“Unlikely but fair enough” he shrugs and takes a sip from his rum bottle

The Kingdom of Wielbelkia

Zoetstraten Proving Grounds, North Schayne
Zoetstraten was a rather idyllic looking part of the countryside. Roughly 70 kilometres southeast of Lumen it used to be a rather sparsely populated area. Unfortunately for the locals, due to said sparse population and the varied landscape this area was selected for creating the largest exercise area for the military during the mid-point of the Great War. The farmers and villages in the selected area tried to lobby against the government but they were ignored and either paid off to relocate or simply forced out. Cottages gave way to barracks and farms to artillery firing ranges. A steel leg stomped on the ground as a prototype walker made it's way through a test track. MAL's "Type 1 Leichter Wandertraktor" (now designated by the military as the "Leichter Traktorläufer I") had been put through the paces since it was first passed to trials, the design having changed a fair amount since then. It was lower to the ground and the machine gunner now had a basic gunshield as protection. Still, the brass considered it too unprotected and a larger frame would be needed to make a frontline combat model but for it's role it sufficed. Leutnant Erich Ettlinger had been sent to oversee the shakedown test, with a MAL engineer with him as a representative.

"Impressive, no?" said engineer asked as they watched it climb over a steep obstacle.

Ettlinger made a noncommittal grunt. "I suppose, though it remains to be seen how well they'll do in the field. At the very least the higher ups are interested in a fully armed and armored version." The engineer was about to boast some more when they heard a thud and noticed the vehicle had accidentally tripped over.

"Not to mention the controls still need some work I see." Ettlinger said while the engineer sighed in resignation.

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