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The Hellenic State of Neptunian Military Administration

Baby Shark really has 10 billion views on youtube… Rip our souls

Amestris and freedonia

Neptunian Military Administration wrote:Baby Shark really has 10 billion views on youtube… Rip our souls

baby shark turu lulu

The Hellenic State of Neptunian Military Administration

Amestris and freedonia wrote:baby shark turu lulu

Nooo I can’t take the torture anymore that’s literally the only thing that my son watches now it’s horrifying

The United Monarchist Federation of The Beneluxian Empire

Amestris and freedonia wrote:baby shark turu lulu

no. no baby shark.

Amestris and freedonia

Neptunian Military Administration wrote:Nooo I can’t take the torture anymore that’s literally the only thing that my son watches now it’s horrifying

I think they're making a TV show of it

The United Socialist States of The Power Gulids TPG Thanks Kishoshifste

The Democratic Monarchy of Vestra-Sverige

Post self-deleted by Deerfenland.


Kastonvia wrote:Hello TNPers!

Have you wondered what you can do for the region? The North Pacific is always looking for new people who are interested in executive staff. You do not need any previous experience or is there any obligation once you join.

There are currently six Ministries, of which five employ residents through the Executive Staff: Home Affairs, Foreign Affairs, WA Affairs, Media, Cards, and Culture.

Join the Executive Staff Today!

The North Pacific Handbook

TL;DR: Join the Executive Staff Linkhere and help run the region!

What is the Executive Staff?

The Executive Staff is basically what it sounds like: they are the people who help the ministers of various departments with their work. Depending on which ministry they work for, they do all kinds of work, such as being an ambassador, planning regional events, mentoring new members, writing articles for The Northern Lights, or offering voting recommendations on WA resolutions.

You are not required to be a citizen to be a member of the executive staff. It is open to all TNP nations, though we highly recommend you become a citizen. You can be a member of as many ministries as you like. Ministers need as much help as they can get. You can submit an application at any time, and more than likely you will be accepted and will begin working.

What Ministries are there and what do people do in them?

There are a total of five ministries you can join. They are Media, Home Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Culture, and World Assembly Affairs. You can see a full explanation of each one and the many jobs within each below:

Ministry of Home Affairs - Minister Kastonvia

The Ministry of Home Affairs is the ministry in charge of getting members involved in the forum, WA, Roleplay, the NPA, and Executive Staff. The main job of people in the ministry of Home Affairs is recruiting people so that they get involved in activities in TNP. Recruitment could be for Roleplay, NPA, or the forum. The MoHA also ensures that all members of the region have an enjoyable experience both on NationStates and on the forum. This ministry creates new ways for people to get involved in the forum and game and to help advertise the forum so that more people may join it. You will also need to make a considerable time commitment towards watching and participating in the game-side aspects of The North Pacific. Of course, this also means that you get to engage with the entire nation population of The North Pacific, which as you will discover is a very enjoyable experience.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Minister Hulldom

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) is responsible for international relations between TNP and the other regions of the world. The ministry conducts business off-site through the Foreign Affairs forum and subforums, as well as Embassy Row. With the advice of the Security Council, the MoFA develops the region?s foreign policy. In addition to accepting, securing, and managing embassies both in the forum and off site, MoFA appoints all ambassadors and diplomats to service those embassies and act on TNP?s behalf abroad. As an ambassador, you will be a diplomat representing The North Pacific abroad. You will be expected to deliver any materials provided to you by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Delegate, and keep an eye out for anything in your assigned region that may be of interest to The North Pacific. Of course, you will need to conduct yourself in a manner appropriate to a diplomat at all times. Being an Ambassador is a great way to get exposure to different regional cultures, meet new people, and make a name for yourself interregionally. As a result, the MoFA is always looking for volunteers to serve in the diplomatic corps.

Ministry of Media - Minister Guslantis

The Ministry of Media is responsible for publishing The Northern Light, the official newspaper of TNP, and the Northern Broadcasting Service, the official radio and YouTube channel of TNP. Its members keep the residents and citizens of TNP informed with the latest government and election news, as well as the key events going on in the other regions of the world. It also allows influential thinkers and gameplayers to share their wisdom with the region and the rest of the NS community by highlighting their advice in an easily digestible and public way through TNL. Your articles, news shows, feature series, podcasts, and other productions should be factual in nature, and include relevant and interesting analysis. You can expect that your productions will be edited by senior Editorial Staff. This is done because your productions will be representing the views of the Government of The North Pacific, and also as a learning experience for newer writers.

Ministry of Culture - Minister Guslantis

The Ministry of Culture is in charge of keeping members of The North Pacific in high spirits and making sure that they have things to do. The ministry works with RP mods to maintain TNP national role-play on the forum and organizes events for both in TNP and outside of TNP. These events keep members occupied and gives them something to look forward to doing. These events may involve other NationStates regions and working together with TNP to create an enjoyable event that many regions can enjoy.

Ministry of WA Affairs - Minister Deropia

The Ministry of World Assembly Affairs is responsible for engaging the region in WA matters through on-site communication as well as WA-related discussions. The ministry conducts business off-site through the WA affairs forum and its three subforums. The Ministry opens the voting threads for residents to cast their votes on WA proposals and also drafts Information for Voters (IFVs) telegrams that are distributed to the region. The ministry is also involved in the World Assembly Legislative League (WALL), an alliance of regions with which TNP is affiliated concerned with expanding the education of WA authors and voters and collaborative voting on key WA resolutions that involve a shared national interest. Furthermore The Ministry has a World Assembly 101 course available - covering both the General Assembly and the Security Council - to improve the knowledge base of residents within TNP. (Note: Ministry membership is not required to take the WA 101 coursework.) The ministry will aim to make the TNP forums a location where authors come to draft their resolutions, and in order to encourage such efforts, ministry members are encouraged to offer constructive criticism and other feedback on these drafts.

Ministry of Cards - Minister Card Kingdom

The Ministry of Cards is responsible for promoting trading cards within TNP, and helping traders in the region with their collections. Most of the ministry's activities take place through the Cards Guild, so please take a look there for additional information.

How do I join?

Glad to see that you decided to join! Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Meet the requirements. There are only two and very simple requirements. First, you need to have a nation in The North Pacific. Second, you need to have an account registered in this forum. And that's all.

Step 2: Make sure to read the second part of this post. There, you will find detailed descriptions of the various jobs available within each Ministry. By consulting those, you can decide which Ministry interests you the most.

Step 3: Fill out an application and post it in Linkthis thread.

How do I show off that I am in the Executive Staff?

Excellent question! All members of the Executive Staff get to display cool banners in their signatures, depending on which Ministry or Ministries they are a member of. If you are a member of multiple Ministries, you are strongly encouraged to use the small versions of the banners. These banners can be found Linkhere.

Are there other ways to get involved in the Government?

We strongly encourage you to apply for citizenship. This allows you to vote in elections and stand for office. It also allows you to legislate, by taking part in the Regional Assembly. In addition to legislating, this also allows you to vote in elections and stand for office. You can look Linkhere for more details.

If you are interested in learning about the exciting aspect of the game that is military gameplay, you can join the North Pacific Army. By becoming a member, you can help protect the region and our interests abroad. You can learn more about it Linkhere.

I still have questions!

If you would like more information, feel free to contact any of the ministers (links to forum accounts in parentheses):

Minister of Home Affairs: Kastonvia (forum: LinkSir Kasto).
Minister of Culture: Guslantis (forum: Linkbootsie).
Minister of Media: Guslantis (forum: Linkbootsie).
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Hulldom (forum: LinkHulldom).
Minister of WA Affairs: Deropia (forum: LinkDeropia).
Minister of Cards: Card Kingdom (forum: LinkRewan Demontay).
You can also contact Delegate Pallaith (forum: LinkPallaith).
If you are interested in joining the Ministry of Defense and being a soldier of the NPA, click here.

This dispatch is updated automatically on a daily basis. Please do not edit manually.

Read dispatch

But what can this region do for me?

Zazumo wrote:Twerps bother me...

Self-deprecation isn't allowed here

Post self-deleted by Amestris and freedonia.

Amestris and freedonia

Deerfenland wrote:But what can this region do for me?
Self-deprecation isn't allowed here

we can make you a hero of the people a five-star general respected by the people of the North Pacific all you have to do is bow down to Big Brother


The Socialist Republic of Wrangleria

Anyone remember me?


Amestris and freedonia wrote:we can make you a hero of the people a five-star general respected by the people of the North Pacific all you have to do is bow down to Big Brother

Never! I bowed down and took orders from McMasterdonia and Zazumo for a full year... Never again...

Amestris and freedonia

Deerfenland wrote:Never! I bowed down and took orders from McMasterdonia and Zazumo for a full year... Never again...

just think about it you will no longer have to live in that horrible apartment you will not wake up to the smell of pollution in the morning you will not be worked to death in the factories many citizens in the North Pacific would kill for an opportunity like this

Zazumo and Deerfenland

The Hellenic State of Neptunian Military Administration

Amestris and freedonia wrote:I think they're making a TV show of it

They are sadly

Amestris and freedonia

Neptunian Military Administration wrote:They are sadly

well good luck hopefully it won't be too bad

The Imperial Realm of Gothgraff and Lilium

Gothgraff and Lilium wrote:SR RP

Knocks on the door of the Empress’s Personal Chamber echoed throughout the room. Sarah Hermangild, the bodyguard of the Empress got up from her recliner in the corner of the room and hurried to the door. She pulled the door a few inches open, eyeing the aid on the other side who held up a tan-colored piece of paper and pushed it through the crack in the door to Sarah. She snatched the paper out of his hand, gave a quick insincere smile, and closed the door behind her as she approached the Empress’s desk, tossing it on Anastasia’s Mahogany desk with a soft thump.

Anastasia grabbed her black letter opener from atop a stack of papers on her desk and cut the relay open, dropping the letter opener afterwards. She unfolded the message and stood up from her chair. Walking around the room as she read it, her eyes darting around line to line.

Sarah looked at her with an odd expression. A nervous Anastasia was a sight to behold. “What is it?” she asked.

Nothing. Anastasia blocked out her subordinate’s question and continued to read the dispatch. With every step her books thumped against the hard-wood floor of her office. She basically circled the room before arriving back at her desk and plopping herself into her chair. “A Relay.” she said coldly. She muttered, “It wasn’t supposed to happen like this.”

Sarah snatched the letter out of Anastasia’s hands and started to read it for herself.

“I kick out the Marshavans and accuse them of aiding Worker’s Leagues, Go on a Tirade against Socialism, the poison that it is, start to pave the road to war! To victory! And the next thing that gets reported is that the Rubculus’s to our west are preparing to build defensive lines.” Anastasia spoke, before leaning back on her chair. Sarah tossed the dispatch back down on Anastasia’s desk.

“I’ll have to speed up the process and cut the public relations sh*t. Surely they don’t need easing into the war. a surprise attack and subsequent war with the Socialist devils would launch them into a nationalist fervor.” Anastasia spoke to herself, “We cannot afford for the Rubculus’s to find their footing and prepare against us. That could be more than just a pain in our side.” The Empress once-more arose from her seat, walking over to one of the many ceiling-height windows that stretched throughout her office and gazed over the concrete jungle that was Braga.

The canal, and now this. Evermore increasingly did ‘Baratochi’ get in the way of the Imperial Realm’s dreams as a decider for East Osea. Anastasia pondered. On the horizon, an endless sea of gray and black, the chimneys and smoke-stacks of the capital spouting lifeless white and gray into the sky. “We need more time. We are not yet prepared for a war that could last years.” She said to herself. “Mobilization and production-wise anyways.”

She turned towards Sarah, “Please, leave me be.” Sarah opened her mouth to say something in return, but the look of the Empress was enough to motion her out, regardless if she swore to be right next to Anastasia no matter what. She nodded, and exited the room, her voice muffled behind the doors as she spoke to Hans, the Guard posted outside the Empress’s Quarters, outside the door.

Anastasia returned to her desk and pulled out a sheet of paper, dipped her pen in ink, and began writing,

Imperial AF Order T1512 - Mara 18th, IY1409

Effectively immediately, a force of ninety thousand troops drawn from throughout the Militariet-Northwest are to be shipped towards the Western border and be placed around the cities of Vezelikum, Urselette, and other nearby villages and homesteads. Post-haste, the construction on quickly-erected military camps will begin to house and supply the influx of soldiers with an expectation of a total of half a million could very-well be cared for.

Increased support too-and-from the Logistic-based sub branch of the Imperial Gothilum Army is expected as their duties are kicked into overdrive. Other weapons like Artillery, and accompanying tanks and aircraft will be brought forth as well, them too needing to be adequately supplied.

Further reports will be sent to corresponding, responsible generals to coordinate the effort.

Saba blesses the Imperial Realm - Hail The Empress.

—-Days Later

Columns of Gravibus-Exaltans Haulver-V trucks rode down the bumpy gravel roads of southern Eutharia-Osiyc, the northwestern most province of the Gothilum Mainland. In the back of them, crowded as many soldiers as each could carry as they continuously drove northward from Gaut. In this column alone, five thousand soldiers traveled as the trucks shot northwest bumper-to-bumper, stretching a kilometer down the road in unison. Behind some trucks, towed anti-aircraft guns, anti-tank guns, and mobile artillery, all extradited towards the front as the black clouds of war gathered over Gothgraff and Lilium.

The soldiers would arrive at a makeshift camp, the “walls” being rows of barbed wire mounted on top of each other with large wooden poles on each corner. Hastily-set up tents splattered throughout the entire base with medical tents and other necessary facilities thrown throughout. It wasn’t much, but it was something. Until the resources to properly construct a base arrived as the logistical force couldn’t keep up with the influx of people, this would have to do.

Soldiers made themselves at home; as this would be their home for months to come.


The sleek, gray and black BNE Phantom-X came to a screeching halt, its tires skidding and rubbing as they ripped up the gravel road underneath it. It had been a very tame hour-long drive from the Provisional Capital of Vezilikum to the southernmost wall of the Imperial Realm’s fortified western wall. AF Order T1512 had marked the start of the buildup in Eutharia-Osyic; further details had been sent to the responsible leaders of the Army and other branches to plan for a war that seemed imminently approaching, one way or another. Now, Ira Idlebad, the Imperial Commander of the Gothilum Army set off to do some reconnaissance for himself, escaping the tedious stress of planning for war.

“Sir,” The tall and burly man’s closed first shot up to over his heart. His uniform was covered with an above-average array of decorated metals. The purple stripe down his arms, legs, and sides indicated his high ranking status.“Albert J. Thrassamund, Imperial Overseer of the Benëdixlov Wall. Sir.”

“At ease, Overseer.” Ira Idelbad said back as he climbed out of the luxury car before promptly shaking his hand, his normal emotionless expression staying unchanged. Ira motioned behind the Overseer. “Let us begin.”

“Of course sir.” Albert responded, a hint of nervousness fluttering through his voice. He pivoted and turned around, looking back to make sure that the Commander of the Army was following him. “May I ask sir, what has prompted you to come to the Benëdixlov?”

Ira let out a silent sigh, “You’re aware of Order T1512, correct?”

“Yes sir.”

“As Imperial Commander of the Army I am currently drowned in planning for a war that seems right around the corner. I wish to get a scope of the enemy landscape and what lies ahead.” said Ira.

“Of course sir.” The Overseer pushed in a set of medium-sized oak doors, both of them slowly opening in unison. “But there isn’t much to see beyond the reports and aerial photos.”

“I disagree.” Ira said with a slight hop in his voice as they reached the stairs that made their way up the Benëdixlov Wall from the inside. “If anything I would say that the fruits of reports and photography are not comparable to seeing it with your own eyes. They’re useful for what lays beyond the horizon, sure, but nothing amounts to your own perception. The details that are left out are always the most important; most crucial.” They continued to ascend the interior stairs when Ira asked, “Do you have binoculars?”

“Aye sir.” Albert responded, grabbing the pair from his satchel and waving them in the air as he continued up step-by-step.

Once they reached the top of the stairway, Albert took a second to catch his breath while Ira looked down on the slightly-shorter many with a look of both annoyance and pity, gazing away as Albert readjusted himself and motioned towards the door that led outside. He pushed the small door open and walked out onto the top of the wall, Ira following after him.

Ira took a deep breath as he gazed out towards the horizon, there was something different about the air. It was more humid than at the foot of the wall. He looks to his left and stops. Grass. Endless grass. He turns around, gazing at the forests of Eutharia-Osiyc and then back westward. A single wall separated forest from plains. Dark Green and brown to a light yellowish green. He placed his hand on his hips and pondered. Pondered about logistics, warfare, resistance, and the war itself. Everything seemed so different on the other side of the wall.

On the horizon was an outline of gray, reaching up from the grass plains.

He motioned towards Albert for his binoes, being handed them a second later. He brought the binoculars up to his eyes. Zoomed in, the outlines of tall buildings were brought forth more clearly. “I assume that is the city that lays at the southern foot of their canal?” he said, not breaking his focus in the binoes.

“Yes sir.” Albert Responded.

Ida continued to look towards the city, just behind it, he could see a glimmer of tan: Desert. He brought the binoculars back down and handed them off to Albert. He stood and watched what lay beyond Gothgraff and Lilium. He clicked his tongue and stood. His mind raced with a thousand different thoughts about the war. “Remind me Overseer, how thick is the Benëdixlov Wall?”

“Just under two meters thick, sir.”

“Alright.” he said almost somberly. “That might have to change.” He turned towards Albert, “With no real infrastructure or exits out of the Imperial Realm we’re gonna have to mine at least 15+ holes in the Benëdixlov for a steady supply of troops, tanks, artillery, logistics and so-on to pour through.” he paused, “Be aware that this will start the instance I write the order, however the illusion of strength will be on your side as we’ll only breach 90% of the way through until the pivotal moment.” He handed the binoes back to Albert, “Overseer” He nodded and turned away, making his way back towards the door to descend the stairs and leave.

As quickly as he arrived, he left, The Imperial Overseer putting hand-over-heart and saluting him as he went.

The Federal Republic of Novo cruzeiro

Wrangleria wrote:Anyone remember me?

Brother, my nation has been here longer than you think and no one it reminds me

The Socialist Republic of Wrangleria

Novo cruzeiro wrote:Brother, my nation has been here longer than you think and no one it reminds me

Hmm. I participated in TNPV. That's about all I did though. I understand.


Amestris and freedonia wrote:just think about it you will no longer have to live in that horrible apartment you will not wake up to the smell of pollution in the morning you will not be worked to death in the factories many citizens in the North Pacific would kill for an opportunity like this

I wish you were wrong... Ugh. Fine

Amestris and freedonia

Deerfenland wrote:I wish you were wrong... Ugh. Fine

Welcome to the North Pacific Defense Force private glory to madjack

The Eternal Vice Delegate of Kastonvia

Deerfenland wrote:But what can this region do for me?
Self-deprecation isn't allowed here


The Federal Republic of Novo cruzeiro

Wrangleria wrote:Hmm. I participated in TNPV. That's about all I did though. I understand.

I am a nation in the world with 0.7 influence and yet nobody loves me, nobody remembers me I recommend something, recently my nation suffered a coup d'état this is not my flag, it is the flag of the new power, the fact is That coup d'état caused my nation to cease to exist for 15 days. I woke up in another very small region, and there nobody knew who I was and yet every day I received my greeting, the larger the region, the less important a grain of sand is



Amestris and freedonia

maybe I should make my capital more like Germania once I have a Empire

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