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New old new new york

I've read that, too, O ARB.

So tell us about the other two.

The Hopeful Laughter of The Voice of ARB

Nothin' to tell. They do work. About 2/3 of the time, they work right away.

There are 12 colo(u)rs in Easter Egg 215. 11 of those colo(u)rs work. I haven't yet found a phrasing of colo(u)r 12 that works. Either I'm not clever enough, or that choice just got left out. Or possibly both of course.

What would kant do

That would be a cheap trick - changing your nation name just to get an issue.


"Better than Hot Tub Time Machine?"

I'll put it this way: I loved them both. The scene where the black guy (can't remember his name) comes up from a table with his face covered in cocaine. The laugh that induced from me, was induced all the way through Hall Pass, as well.

Whut the hell

Haven't seen the movie yet. Sounds like it's destiny that I will.


Heads up though; not a movie to take the girlfriend or family to. Lol. Should go without saying, but you never know.


"BTW, I've recently read that naming a colour, and putting "Zombie" and "Holy" into your nation title make certain Easter Eggs more likely."
I can verify that putting the name of a color in your pre-title gives you an Easter Egg issue (it took about five days for me).
For the zombie-related Easter Egg, you have to let your nation get deleted due to inactivity and then revive it. You should get your nation back with the same population and get the Easter Egg within a few days (I got it accidentally, myself; life got in the way and I forgot about NS). As ARB said, having "zombie" in your pre-title has nothing to do with it(as far as I know).

Can't confirm or deny the "Holy" pretitle (haven't tried it), but I've heard it works, for whatever that's worth.


Repeal "Space Research Station Program"
A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.

For: 668. Against: 199.

Voting ends in 3 days, 21 hours.

Ragaskan: AGAINST.

Dr george

I can verify letting your nation CTE, then resurrection it works (kids, don't try this at home); I'll let you know when I get the others.


Trying out the "holy" pre-title, seeing where that gets me.

Dr george

Congratulations to The Profligate Son, Ninja Dog, Arcimboldo, Hoosier Daddies, Black Friday, and Ali Zeta for being in the world top 1000 Most Extreme.

Miniature demons

we has someone that
got the zombie easter egg
and they never ceased

they added something
to their water supply and
Bam! The walking Dead!



Hoosier daddies

Mini Demons sounds
like the movie The Return
of the Walking Dead

Dr george

I got rid of my crime rate only to have a tax rate again. :(

Dr george

Congratulations to NONNY for being in the world top 100 and Aki Zeta for being in the world top 1000 Most Beautiful Environments.

New old new new york

A hearty welcome back to The Community of Nailand III!

Dr george

Are you a Singularitarian?,8599,2048138-1,00.html

The Hopeful Laughter of The Voice of ARB

I think the Singularity is great fun to think about. And a bit depressing, since if immortality arrives in 2045, I won't be alive to see it. *pouts*

The Singularity is often called "the Rapture of the nerds", but I think it's beyond that now. I recently read a serious historical work called "Why the West Rules", and one of its conclusions is that the fate of the world is now a frantic race between Nightfall (the end of civilization) and the Singularity. If so, I know which of the two I'm rooting for.

To get some idea what the Singularity might be (given that by its nature, it's essentially beyond our understanding), read Charles Stross's Accelerando. It's not an easy read, but it is an astonishing one. You only think you've experienced sense of wonder...


I'm super excited about this idea, and I'm glad you've brought it up Doc, I'd love to fanboy over it a time when I'm less tired, for now though I'd encourage you all (if you've not already) to check out the webcomic "dresden codak" the "hob" story arc especially deals with posthumanism and the effects of the singularity on society. Happy hunting!

Hoosier daddies

OK, I got the color Easter Egg, so I chose pink in an effort to boost my Civil Rights. I'll let you know tomorrow if it did anything.

Dr george

Welcome back to ife, NRASS. Look out for the Zombie Easter Egg, if you haven't already had it.


Thanks and when it comes to zombies, I'm a firm believer in the double tap method!


Zombie Survival Guide, Max Brooks. Hilarious piece of...non-fiction. :D

New old new new york

RIP, Wally.

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