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The United Corlenian Cultures of Corlenia

"Huh... neat."
Hannah Garcia looked out the window of her apartment, taking in the splendor of the ship now over three-quarters of the way completed. It now was beginning to take on the shape it will have once it sets sail.
It stood out above all other ships in port. It's paint glimmered in the light, neon lights acting as outlines and markers. It had an inverted bow, and a heavily geometric, polygon-like superstructure. It had no visible smokestacks, a major variation from other warships.
It's guns, however, were a different story.
They were sharp, and triangular, with circular coils occasionally showing down its barrel. The main body was quadrilateral in design and slightly bent backward. There were four of them, all turned to port.
She didn't understand why her guns were pointed in a direction other than the standard neutral directions up the bow and stern, but ultimately it seemed pointless... until they began to move again.
"Motor testing? It seems they're further ahead in terms of construction than I thought." Hannah said to herself while watching the turrets turn forwards.
Hannah took a moment to look away from the splendor of this vessel, and took a small gaze upon the alarm.
Of course, it would be counterproductive to stay up for an extra hour just taking in yet another ship that'll more than likely just end up being replaced within the next year after some new idea is brought up by the Ministry of Defense, so Hannah took her time setting her head back down on her bed.
For the next few hours, at least until the alarm read 14:28, Hannah slept soundly... until she was abruptly awoken by the sound of a metal snap, followed by abrupt hammering, and a sudden electrical surge.
She bolted upright, and practically marched over to her window.
There was the vessel, there was the equipment, there was the confused, dazed population... but there were no lights on, somehow. The sky was clearly visible, a rare occurrence for a Corlenian city... but why? Why did every light in the city suddenly go out? Is it possible that it could be due to the ship? Perhaps a weapon system?
After a bit of afterthought, Hannah decided it didn't really matter, as all of the food in her fridge is about to expire unless she gets a few bags of ice and just stuffs them in the fridge.
Several hours later, two, to be specific, Hannah finally returned home after her long trek through downtown Port Novoda.
Something piqued her interest when she was out there. It's not as if she hadn't been outside at night, but generally, it was in a busy utopia, and the sky was barely even visible. Now, she could take in the collective splendor of the rest of the galaxy she once took for granted.
She looked up at the brightest star she could find, and paused for a moment, visualizing what it might look like if she were there. What if there was a planet much like Northern Utopia? What would life there look like? Would it be looking up at her as well?
These questions permeated her mind, until she simply forgot what she was doing, walked all the way back home, realized what she was out for, quickly ran down to the nearest convenience store, bought some ice, ran all the way back home, and finally FINALLY... placed the ice in the fridge and freezer, placed her hand over her eyes, stumbled over to the window...
and passed out from exhaustion.
It took six hours for her to wake up at noon, late for work.

The Exalted Empire of Feng Dynasty

North Electrica wrote:Male Delegate: "That is because whatever is down there, and what's in the ice. Their big, and some of them are alive." He shows some more information. "We've been recording information and scanning these forms, and they seem to be in some sort of, "Hibernation". And there is no reason to believe that the one underneath your nation is not Hibernating as well."

Woman Delegate: " And from recent information. They are slowly waking up from their slumber." She says, and the tone in her voice was dead serious. These, Behemoths, whatever they are, they where waking up. "And right now we are trying to hopefully begin to work with other nations to help with the study and containment of surviving Behemoths."

Male Delegate: "Just so you know, the base is just a front for the public. To be seen as a strengthen bond between our two nations, but really it will be the first of many potential bases across the planet," The woman laid out a map of the wold, and multiple locations where the future bases where going to be set up. "To protect the people from this underground threat."

Phoenixes chirped brightly, the peace of the air a vast contrast to the conversation's mood.
"The Feng Dynasty does understand, and the Dynasty shall do all we absolutely can in the quenching of this flame.

The United States of North Electrica

Feng Dynasty wrote:Phoenixes chirped brightly, the peace of the air a vast contrast to the conversation's mood.
"The Feng Dynasty does understand, and the Dynasty shall do all we absolutely can in the quenching of this flame.

The Delegates nod before the female delegate takes out a form and put it in the table, then slid it to the Empress.

Woman Delegate: "Sign this, and everything on the base will be honored. And also your government agrees not to speak a word about this to any other governments not part of our plan, at least until they are part of it. And also to withhold thus information from the civilian populace, we don't want to cause a mass panic."

The Exalted Empire of Feng Dynasty

North Electrica wrote:The Delegates nod before the female delegate takes out a form and put it in the table, then slid it to the Empress.

Woman Delegate: "Sign this, and everything on the base will be honored. And also your government agrees not to speak a word about this to any other governments not part of our plan, at least until they are part of it. And also to withhold thus information from the civilian populace, we don't want to cause a mass panic."

The Empress took it with elegant hands and her eyes observed every word written upon the paper. She produced a seal of deep green jade and pressed down, thus signalling Imperial agreement.

The United States of North Electrica

Feng Dynasty wrote:The Empress took it with elegant hands and her eyes observed every word written upon the paper. She produced a seal of deep green jade and pressed down, thus signalling Imperial agreement.

With the seal, a plan has now gone into effect. Whatever is coming in the fallowing years, and whatever is below the surface of our world, we all must fear it. And we all must work together to prepare for it.

Woman Delegate: "Alright, it is done. Construction will begin in the fallowing weeks, and we will begin transferring information about these Behemoths to your government."

Male Delegate: "Before we adjourn this meeting, is there anything else you would like to discuss?"

The United States of North Electrica

The SM Arc

Deep in the Feng Dynasty Countryside

A young man watched an old couple eat dinner inside their home, he had a wide and sick smile on his face, his eyes seemingly covered by a shadow. But he changes his smile to a friendly smile and walked up to the home. He knocked on the door and the elderly man opened up, he was incredibly polite and they had a conversation, it would be awhile before he would enter the home his smile going back to his bone-chilling one from his little "Present" at the palace.

7 Hours Later

A teen Fengese girl walked up to home of the elderly couple, perhaps a friend or relatives? She noticed something was off, the door seemed to have been left opened. Fearing what could be inside she rushed in yelling their names, and found something that shook her to the core.

There was the couple, hanging there from what seemed to be straps on their feet, body, and hands, and they were in a twisted version of air ballet. The elderly man had an old sword through his chest, and the woman had her neck in a very sickening direction, both with smiles cut onto their faces.

All she could do was just collapse to the ground onto her knees and stare, they was spinning and doing the dance, as if someone had recently done this. That fear became reality as the Smiling Man came from behind her.

Smiling Man: "Welcome home, 'Little Phoenix'" He says the nickname only her grandparents gave her, she could only sit in complete shock and fear as the man kneeled down in front of her, moving her hair behind her ear, and putting her grandmothers hair pin, a small phoenix. He smiled even wider before he stood up and left the house, taking off his gloves and carrying them as he walked away from the scene.

The Smiling Man Has Claimed two more Victims

The Federation of Thodor

A many greetings to every nation in this region. Hello. This is a royal message from the international ambassador of Thodor.

We are a seaside country with a rich history of having both a monarchy and a democracy to rule the country.

This is the government structure and political situation in Thodor:

Thodor is a land ruled by a monarch who has a senate to advise him what to do. The monarch does have a lot of authority however tries to rule the country in a way that brings safety and peace to his people. The monarch, king Patrick VII the green, is a good ruler loved by the people. However many elections are held in the provinces that are corrupt and Thodor has a tension between the nation and different political factions. This has lead many to either advocate for the end to the monarchy, or an end to democracy. Thodor has been known for having both a democracy and a monarchy and therefore abolishing either is seen as as a rebellion against the state...that is unless the monarch gets rid of elections however king Patrick VII the green supports elections further angering both groups.

The religion of Thodor is Christianity. The people are very faithful and Christian faith is a very important part of the daily life of a citizen of Thodor.
When it comes to wars and conflicts the nation would rather a diplomatic way of solving issues however it is also very militaristic at times. It is willing to trade with nations but many citizens of Thodor are cautious around foreigners because not many ever come to Thodor because it has been isolated from other civilizations for thousands of years.

The citizens are usually very friendly towards each other and many are starting to get used to foreigners.

The capital of Thodor is called Fa city and is known for having the largest Cathedral in the country, for having a beautiful river flowing through the center, and for it's medieval walls which were usee to defend the capital back in it's history.

With this greeting and introduction of this nation, I wish good health for your nation and your leader!

The Commonwealth of Arwindom

Rossendam, 18th June 2020.

Greetings, Thodor. Welcome to Northern Utopia.

Our Ministry of Foreign Relations has examined your nation and although it was just recently founded it seems like it could soon become a valuable ally and trading partner.
With this, we kindly invite you to perhaps have our representatives meet either in Thodor or in Arwindom to discuss possibly exchanging ambassadors and perhaps signing one of these Pacts.

Even if you decide that perhaps aligning with Arwindom is not in your best interests we wish the best of luck to your nation and your citizens and do sincerely hope you'll enjoy your stay in Northern Utopia.

Minister of Foreign Relations,

Andrew J. Beckford.

Barqarorsozii ilohi

The country of Barqa, a loosely unified collection of provinces drawn together after the dismantling of an empire at the end of the Great War, has a population of almost 60 million. Having been subjected historically to a great many movements of peoples, religious conflicts, ethnic migrations, refugee flows, and colonial powers, there exists a great amount of division within the country. Barqa has a disparate government, with weak central authority, other than it's ability to receive international recognition and thus authority. It can through force and other means secure a revenue, a revenue which often goes into the hands of politicians and their families and preferred clients. Much of this revenue is spent on arms, and various security forces.

Barqa is notable for it's great and extensive oil and petroleum deposits, as well as high-quality sand and stone, and an abundance of clay. Other resources include rich farmland in some parts of the country.

Black market and grey market activity is huge. Militias, self-defence groups, corrupt police forces, local councils, and autonomous areas exist in abundance. Yet many charities and other organisations work to relieve humanitarian issues. Some do not welcome these. And yet, with the chance to get a job, or merely blend in and be one of many in the sprawling towns filling the country, refugees will come here. The porous borders between provinces, and occaisonally different laws between them enable crime, smuggling, and traffiking, as well as the movement of people.

So this, then is Barqa, a country of extremes, of vulnerabilities, and cruelties, of charities, and of hard work; it is a country of many peoples, of many towns, of many interests. It possesses many resources, and great potential should a government or other group secure control. But for now, division is supreme.

It is in this nation that Barqarorsozii Ilohi, the Divine Movement for the Restoration of a Golden Era, has come to fruition. Described by some as terrorists or as criminals, or as a militia. It is not this. It is a movement guided by fervent and wise leaders, unifying good people together to be defended from corruption, and to secure power for the sake of justice, rather than exploitation. So Barqa is the country this is set in, and there will be worldbuilding of it, but this movement will likely be the primary thing roleplayed.

OOC: Hello NU. You are a roleplay region. It is modern, and mixed. I hope that we can enjoy things together.

The United Corlenian Cultures of Corlenia

St. Normia, Saturday, 12:38 AM

Walking the main street of St. Normia, Kaiser Omega looked upwards at his office. The top of the spire was an opportune vantage point to the rest of the city of which he ruled. His office was at the top of the highest tower in Corlenia, the helm. He and his allies in the ministry knew that place as home, but since Milo began becoming more... unlike himself, the Kaiser found himself uncomfortable in the security of its titanium and marble walls and mahogany furnishings. He found himself wandering the streets, waltzing in the streetlights, and generally taking in the sights and sounds of the people of St. Normia.
Now, pressing issues were being debated in the Helm, and he had no choice but to come. His office, the Ovatemn was located at the top of the spire. on the 130th story.

Constructed in 1977, the Helm was envisioned as the tallest building in Corlenia. It was funded out of the pocket of the central government, and in return, it would be used to house the members of the central government and the ministries themselves. The head designer, Oostren Vita, took inspiration from several other megatall skyscrapers and was designed to look "otherworldly". The outside is an incredibly slim tetrahedron, but it expands outwards like a cylinder at the bottom, and the bottom is spread out into a large circle, acting as a support. Because of this, the interior is designed to be cylindrical at the bottom, but triangular at the top. At the 130th story, a small cylinder is placed in the middle of a large spire, held up by coils. This is the seat of the Kaiser, the Ovatemn, or Circular Office. A hyperfast security elevator is required to reach this room, and the Ovatemn itself is heavily guarded by upwards of thirty Elite Guards at a time, armed with CR-180 assault rifles. It is a symbol of imperial might, and the influence they will always hold above all other branches of government, even if they don't want to admit it.

Kaiser Omega strode through the automatic doors at the front, a set of guards holding their rifles close, and standing to the side, saluting the figurehead with a raised fist. He greeted the two masked soldiers with a small, genuine smile. He held his head high as he made his way to his secure elevator, calling the car down.
Nearly thirty seconds later, the car arrived, slowing to a halt before the doors opened, and Omega walked through. He pressed the number 130 on the floor pad, and the doors closed.
One painful 45-second elevator ride later, the Kaiser arrived on the top floor, his floor. Stepping out of the elevator, he'd expect himself to feel more at home, but still, he couldn't understand why he just couldn't feel as if this haven, this escape from the brutal reality of the world, was too unappealing to him.
Walking to his desk, he took several glances at the city around him, full of lights and life. He looked out to the port, where hundreds of vessels make stops daily, for military, cultural, and economic purposes. He looked to his educational district, still under construction, but looking relatively better than when he first got to work on it after the attack.
Finally, he looked to the quarantine zone, where the rubble of several collapsed skyscrapers still stood.
The grim remembrance of the event shook him to his core. When he was forced into that tiny bunker, along with civilians, his civilians, he couldn't help but break into tears. He was at such a position of power, such a place of envy, but he was still a citizen of Corlenia, and his fellow citizens are his brothers and sisters.
He failed to protect his blood and bone. He failed to stop the missiles before, and now he couldn't yet again.
He felt unworthy as if his position was better suited to somebody else. As if he would be better off as a clueless civilian.
God knows it would be best if his loyal citizens were clueless themselves, that they weren't burdened by the stress of trying to hold an entire nation together.
The sound of the elevator doors opening shook him out of his thoughts.
"Sir." came a voice behind him.
The Kaiser turned around and was pleasantly surprised by the fact that his Minister of Defense, Jeffery Callihagn was standing before him. He held a small map in one hand, a glass screen in the other.
"What do you have news on?"
"I think I have a general idea of where our pirates have taken to hiding." He placed the screen on the Kaiser's desk, a satellite image lighting up the screen.
In the footage, they saw a ship, slowly melting in the middle of the ocean. All signs pointed to the vessel being the same one that attacked the city, It held three makeshift missile ramps on both the port and starboard side.
"Hmm, so they've been captured and their ship destroyed?"
"Well, almost, sir. They haven't necessarily been 'captured.'"
Jeffery pointed to a vessel moving away from the wreck, headed to the northeast.
"Yes sir."
With that, almost all semblances of glee melted from the Kaiser's face, and he stared right back at his adviser, his brow narrowing, and scowl forming on his face.
"I hope you understand why I am angry."
"Angry, sir-"
"YES. OKAY? Just... I need to know where they went, and most importantly, how we can get them here. I don't care how, and I don't care why, we must do EVERYTHING necessary to put these terrorists behind bars. It is our moral obligation, so we must succeed..."
He rose to meet his advisor, his face mere centimeters from his, and he said, with full seriousness:
"By any means necessary."
"...Any? Sir, I don't think you-"
"Do it. If not for this nation, do it for the thousands they took from us when they tried to take everything. Retrieve them, and if you fail, kill them. Only then will we be equal, and will I be at peace."
"Yes... sir." declared Jeffery, almost painfully.
"Please, I need you to leave before I break again... and, sorry for my rage."
After that, Jeffery bolted for the elevator and sent himself down.
After a quick few seconds, the enraged kaiser slammed his fist on the table, shouting in rage and pain as a vessel burst in his arm, staining the layers of thin, fleshlike metal above a dull purple, and as he imagined what he would do to them once they were within his, and the people's grasp, the volume of his rage increased until the glass around him began to vibrate.
With one final increase in rage, the windows of the Ovatemn cracked, and the Kaiser finally stopped and sat down.
There he remained, frozen in time, fearful of himself and the endless rage he felt within himself, bolstered by the strength of his resolve.

The Sultanate of Al Mased

The docks of Al Mased were bustling with intense business, as they do every day. The city-state had maintained its position in international trade for decades now, and their docks were the secret. The positioning of Al Mased made it sot hat every ship would be losing money not to stop there. They are a gate into the countries beyond them, and gate to the sea for those who were unlucky enough to not have access to the shallow waters around the prosperous city of Al Mased. Thus, the trade vessels came into the welcoming docks and unloaded their wares, paying the mighty fees for docking and bringing with them numerous taxed goods and people who would partake in the many shops and eateries in the city of Al Mased.

However, this morning was not like any other. Although it started out as many others, with the freighters pulling into the docks and the heavy cranes moving shipping containers too and fro, disaster soon struck. Explosions ripped throughout a freighter, sending shockwaves throughout the city. Glass shattered and men ran and ducked, debris flying every which way. Cars and trucks poured out of the dock gates and into the city, dozens of workers with them as they tried to avoid the destruction. Crates and shipping containers fell from the freighter in droves as the mighty ship began to turn over onto its port side. The explosion had ripped a hole in the bottom of the ship and had triggered a chain reaction of smaller explosions along the ship's interior. Smoke was pouring out the command deck and portholes along the side of the ship but was chased away by the orange and red hues of fire.

Fire Fighters ran to their stations, their trucks in their garages along the dock, just for disasters like this. However when they arrived at their rescue stations their horror deepened as they found their truck tires had been slashed and the garage door chains disconnected! Sabotage at the heart of the nation.

Deep in the city, the Sultan was interrupted during his morning coffee. It was going to be a long day in the city of Al Mased.

The United States of North Electrica

Magnolia Valley Arc

Magnolia Valley, Bloom Plan, Electran Air Group

It was in the middle of a night, a thunderstorm in full swing, cutting throw was a large great craft with 3 Sparrowhawk escorting it. Inside the craft was a small group of men and women, some wore clothes with body armor, there was a man in a suit, some of them where in full gear. These where the people in the Bloom Plan, which was to send a small team in the cover of darkness that would set up a Base of Operations then survey the situation in the Valley.

One in particular was a young woman in completely regular clothes, wearing a bullet proof and flak vest, underneath was a slightly oversized yellow shirt with long sleeves, khaki pants, and sneakers. She had a fairly light almond skin color, with hazel-gold eyes and dark brown hair, highlighted with yellow at the ends. Her name was Blaze Brown, on fo the three volunteers who joined the Bloom Plan, to assist the members in setting up the Base. She was slightly nervous, one of her first times flying and it didn't help that they was flying over unknown territory, there was a machine man in a suit, his human like body making him not so different from the other humans in the room a group of soldiers checking their weapons or equipment.

She would breath in and out to calm her nerves, thinking of her large family, chuckling at the thought about how her grandmother would be calling her a fool for doing this. But she had family here in the Valley, she couldn't pass up the opportunity to check on them. That's when a hand was on he shoulder, it was one of the other volunteers. He was older, probably in his mind 40's sporting a large and semi braided black colored beard, he was pale in complexion and his green eyes. He was wearing green, brown, and gold clothes fit for someone who climbed mountains and lived in a forest.

Man: "You okay there miss?" He asked.

Blaze: "O-oh yeah I'm good. Just never really been on a plane before."

Man: "Well don't worry! One of the many strong aircraft of the Electran Airforce, capable of traveling all the way to the Dynasty through any storm. At least that's what the engineers day!" Blaze was grateful for him trying to make her feel better. "Also where are my manners? My name is Bernie, Bernie Nord."

Blaze: "Blaze Brown" She says and the two shakes hands, the man nudges someone besides him and a younger woman leaned forward and greeted Blaze.

Woman: "Hello, I'm Astrid Nord. I'm his niece." She says and she and Blaze shakes hands as well. She seemed to be less pale than her uncle, having freckles under heir eyes and over her nose, having the same black hair but in a braided ponytail. Her eyes was different, one eye was green, while the other was more blue then green. She was wearing a black t-shirt and hoodie with blue jeans and black boots, at het side was music player.

Blaze: "Nice to meet you. How did yoy all end up here?"

Astrid: "Well it was my uncle who volunteered, I was sent by my parents and his other siblings to keep an eye on him. He has a habit of getting in trouble."

Bernie: "Oh Astrid, it's all in the name of adventure! So little things like that happens these days so why not take the opportunity!" He says giving a hearty laugh, some others look over at him, on of the soldiers toll their eyes and mutter something about "civilians".

The last of the volunteers was a young guy, his hair was green and was cut down into a low fuzz and black eyes. His clothing seemed to be of someone who didn't fallow the rules much, most interesting was the gold cross earring one ear. He was on his phone playing a video game, pretty much just ignoring everything and everyone.

Magnolia Valley, Surface

At first it was still, the forest was at peace and the animals shambled around. But then,there was the sound of machinery turning, the yelling of men and women as they where telling orders to others. And then the forest shook with force as multiple guns went off into the sky.

Magnolia Valley, EAG

Inside the craft, one if the soldiers stood up and put his hands on his hips.

Soldier: "Alright, I'm Lieutenant Kane, leader of this operation. Now I know not all of you is trained for what is currently going on, now what I want you all to do is get on tour parachutes, and I'll debrief you all."

Blaze: "Wha-what!? Why do we need the p-parachutes?!" She says nervously the others would be getting on their parachutes she would begin to nervously take off her belt, but that's when everything went to hell.

The last thing she could remember was seeing the lieutenant being sucked out, along with the AI man, and a few others not strapped in. Bernie had grabbed Astrid and the Teen to prevent them from being sucked away, the plane continued to fall before crashing into the ground. She would continue to daze in and out of consciousness, seeing different scenes such as the others being forces to leave the plane by strange people, soldiers fighting against unknown forces, a medic was working on her as a woman yelled "where surrounded!", till finally, darkness.

Magnolia Valley, The Next Day

Blaze would begin to wake, slowly looked around with her eyes half closed at the destroyed structure around her. She would begin to cough as she unstrapped herself from her seat then fall to the ground, coughing before eventually vomiting. The latter being a combination of the crash, and the smell around her. She looked to see multiple dead soldiers around her, she would yell in freight backing away till she couldn't anymore, she turned to the hole in the roof leading into a forest of deciduous trees and forest animals. She continued to breath heavily before running to the nearest body and search for a radio.

Blaze: "Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!" She apologized to the dead soldier, before finding what she needed. Immediately she pressed the button and began to speak. "Hello! Anyone Listening! Please I need help! My plane crashed somewhere in the woods and some of the others died. Hello!?" She would wait for a reply but come up with nothing. She would continue to call out in the radio, hoping that someone would hear. But no one would answer.

The Magnolia Valley Arc, Has Begun

The Alpine Kingdom of The Soviet state of Svalbard

The Soviet state of Svalbard wrote:return of the ship, the less anticipated movie starting with return (the more anticipated one being the Return of Killer Bean).

As the light of the early morning pierced through the dark veil night had thrown over the sky, the dockyard of Poreliscav was brought into view for the hodge-bodge crew on board the SRN Failnaught. The night before, Darnia had talked to admiral Kinny Mcgalaway to let him know of their arrival before hand; although she had been skint on the other details around the ships retrieval, leaving him rather anxious about the actual state of the ship - particularly seeing as the rest of his calls had been left to voicemail.
On the deck of the ship, Reyna and Liaku were having a conversation in the Captain's quarters whilst Mikhail was gingerly examining the damage done to the ship. As he was doing so, Darnia was watching with mild interest as he descended further and further into distress. After he began to squat down in front of another hole in the deck with a hand on either side of his head, Darnia decided the time had come for an intervention therapy before Mikhail's head exploded from the stress; so she strode over to him and stuck a hand on his shoulder, causing him to spin his head around to face her. She looked at him with a small smirk, prompting him to tell her what was wrong (as if she didn't already know), to which in response he turned back towards the giant hole in front of them and shook his head in dismay

"Look, Mikhail, you don't need to worry about it: out job was to get the ship back, the navy's job will be to get it back into working condition"
"Hang on, you're telling me to not take any responsibility for my own actions?"
"Wh- no, that's not what I'm saying at all!"
"Well, sounds like it, look at all the damage here"
"Ah... I see"
"See what?"
"You're blaming yourself for all this, right?"
"Well I mean, yeah; it was our job to get the ship back as covertly and cleanly as possible, and look at how we did"
"Ok Mikhail, you're new to this job so I'm going to teach you a lesson you've got to learn sooner or later: we can't do everything perfectly - we have to do the best we can in the situation we're give, and the situation we were given ended up with us being attacked by some off-record eldritch being; so taking that into account, we did pretty well, all things considered"
"Yeah, we did pretty well.."
"Look, Mikhail, you did what you could and once again, considering the situation you handled yourself pretty well; so don't beat yourself up, alright? You can do that much for me surely?" Reinvigorated by Darnia's warm words, Mikhail stood up and faced his fellow agent, returning the smile from earlier and putting his own hand on her shoulder.
"Yeah, I can. And thanks for all this"
"It's not big thing; and I'd recommend you get ready, if Reyna's right we should be landing very soon"
"Oh I'm sure you'll be happy about that, being sea sick and all" That small quip caused Darnia to flinch in place and replace her warm and kind demeanour with a cold one
"Hey look I don't get sea sick, I just... don't like being at sea for long periods of time"
"Is that or is that not being sea sick?"
"Ugh... at least I got you back to your old self, whether that's a good thing for me or not".


A familiar alarm was going off inside a familiar room in the Poreliscav dockyard. Admiral Kinny Mcgallaway begrudgingly shook himself awake and out of bed; he had to, as apparently today was the day the SRN Failnaught would be returned to the dock, along with his admiral-in-training Reyna Fadovsky. Supposedly her and the three agents who had gone to return the ship to him. He slowly dragged himself downstairs, still having to rub the sleep out of his eyes as his walked down to the living room, however when he got there...
"Ahh!" the short figure of Reyna popped her head around the frame of the door Kinny had just walked through; giving the normally calm and collected admiral a scare he wasn't ready for at this time in the morning. As Mcgallaway lay on the floor in his dressing gown, rubbing his back to try and ease the pain from falling over, Fadovsky was just laughing hysterically at her superior's misfortune.
"My goodness me Kinny, you look like I just gave you a heart attack!"
"That's probably because you could of, Reyna"
"Awww, aren't you happy to have me back?"
"I would be happier about it if you didn't try to put me under Cardiac arrest at 4 in the morning. In any case, where are the others?"
"Right here" Was the response from a significantly deeper and less playful female voice from across the room. As it turned out, Darnia, Liaku, and Mikhail had been watching the whole affair from the couch at the other end of the room. Mikhail had a hand over his eyes and was sighing very loudly.
"My goodness me, you two look like a married couple" Mikhail's offhand comment proceeded to cause the admiral and his trainee to start flushing, so Liaku decided he needed to step in and defuse the situation.
"We managed to return your ship to you, with the help of your admiral-in-training, who handled herself very well in our operation, I think you'll be pleased to hear" Kinny then faced Reyna with an admiring look in his eyes
"Well then, we'll have to see what Slavin thinks about you now"
"You mean I could get-"
"Promoted, maybe, as I said, we'll have to see" Darnia then butted in to remind them of their other campions
"Oh and uh, we also received some... hired help from the Neyde Spears Kingdom" She then moved back, exposing the one window of the room and allowing Kinny to take his first look at the odd assortment of Spearsians out on the dock. He immediately noticed some peculiar things about them, particularly that one of them was holding a string with a presumably dead hamster on the end "Don't worry, we'll deal with them for you. You, on the other hand, should get a look at your ship"
"Right right, yes that's the important thing here, let me take a look" Thus, the two of them left to inspect the Failnaught, leaving the other three behind. Mikhail and Liaku watched them leave, then turned their gazes back to Reyna, who had gained a melancholic look on her face. Wondering why, the two covertly got closer before they could hear her muttering:
"He doesn't think I'm important..." and after hearing that, Mikhail and Liaku both looked at each other, silently agreeing that Mihail's previous comment seemed pretty spot on.


"I-I just, what?"
"It's damage, we got attacked when we were bringing it back"
"By what, and how?"
"That information, for intents and purposes, is off the books and I can't tell you anything about it"
"Of course it is..."
"You can fix it though right?"
"Well, yes, I'll just get some of the repair workers in Heino Kuhn's fleet to come here and fix it up, should take a few months at least, but..." Kinny then began to start stroking the beard that adorned his chin, deeply engrossed in his own thoughts. Darnia didn't seem to care how deep he was into this thinking session, however, and pressed him for answers.
"But what?"
"How am I supposed to explain... these" he pointed to the numerous large holes in the hull of the ship "to the press or the rest of the navy?"
"You know, training accident, the usual bullshit"
"No, you don't understand, that doesn't work here"
"Does it not?"
"Does it not?"


"An unfortunate training accident occurred outside the naval base in Poreliscav today, leading to the SRN Failnaught taking significant damage to it's hull and deck, however fortunately all crew members on board were safely evacuated, and the ship was rescued by being brought back into port by heroic admiral-in-training Reyna Fadovsky" This was the voice coming out of the TV in the living room of Darnia's house. She had allowed her two companions from the mission to stay over for a few days, and they were currently watching admiral Mcgallaway's announcement about the state of the SRN Failnaught - well, 'they' maybe was pushing it, as Liaku had fallen asleep on the chair oppsoite the couch Darnia and Mikhail were sitting on; the latter of whom seemed engrossed by Liaku's uncharacteristically snoreless sleep; or at least, he was until Darnia jabbed him in the ribs with her shoulder. "See look, I told you he'd use that excuse" A bodiless voice who was most likely the news reporter than proceeded to annouce something else.
"Furthermore, we have received news from Chief of Admiralty Gywndyr Slavin that a new Svalbardian super-heavy carrier will soon be finishing producing in the far northern naval base of Nwevo ōts Neuf; however details of the new vessel are scarce, and Slavin does not seem willing to tell us anymore than this"
The announcer then proceeded to drone on with a history lesson about Svalbard's use of super heavy carriers in the past with backing visuals, which Darnia proceeded to mute and talk about something much more interesting.
"Well, today went pretty good wouldn't you agree?"
"I suppose so... what did you end up doing with those Spearsians in any case?"
"Ah them, right: so I put them in the basement, gave them dinner, then haven't checked on them since. Going to assume they aren't going to cause any trouble"
"Knowing them, that might be a bad assumption. Also like..." Mikhail stuck a finger towards to knocked out man on the chair to the left of them. "You sure he's actually asleep? Because, like, I've never seen, or more actually heard him sleep without snoring" To which Darnia jokingly responded
"Yeah, you're right; my guess is either he's faking it, or he's dead"

The Republic of Of Denmarkia


Law to protect transgender rights in and around workplaces to be set fourth onto LH ( Lower House )

Today, Lower House Member of Parliament, Olga Valtsgange (PV), whoís an activist for transgender rights, and is a lesbian, presented an always hotly debated, and important topic, that of transgender rights.

The current version of the law, which hasnít been altered or tinkered with, has many key points, which would try to lay a ground framework for the rights of transgender peoples.
The framework in the legislation would be a Ďístepping stone on the continuous fight for a tolerant society in our modern nation of Denmarkiaíí Valtsgange said in a statement to Denmarkian News.

A key point of the legislation is, of course, the rights of transgender peoples.

- discrimination against a person, or persons on the wrongful basis of gender, in or around workplaces, should be underseen by an independent body, which should look at reports of such discrimination individually and should be able to enforce the law by fines, taxes, etc.
The body is to be represented by transgender peoples, and the usual female and male gender, the gender(s) can be, for example,

pansexual, nonbinary, lesbian, bisexual, asexual, agender, polygender, neutrois, androgyne, novigender, etc.

Whilst the bill is expected to pass parliament, it is, with a flaming exist.

New pojap

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The Sultanate of Dreu

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The Eastern Imperium of United Kingdom of Miotia-Candor

New pojap wrote:I have just joined, and would like to request a spot on the map.

(is this how i do that?)

Dreu wrote:Hi! I am new! BTW, I am not a raider

Welcome to Northern Utopia, is it recommended for you to join our discord server. There you can talk to our members and learn about our complex world. Our laws can be viewed at the top of the page.
It is required for new nations to be in the region for a week or two to apply for a spot on the map. Map updates happen every two months. The upcoming update is next week.

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Lastly as a note: non-roleplay posts are required to have "OOC:" in front to prevent confusion.
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The Republic of StateofJehova

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The Republic of StateofJehova

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The Republic of StateofJehova

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The Republic of StateofJehova

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The Republic of StateofJehova

This land is cool I got my eye on a spot on the map if itís still there when my week-2weeks is up. Iím small so wonít take much room for me 😂 reading up on things a lot of information sheeesh.

The Principality of Minervaindexca

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Welcome to Northern Utopia, is it recommended for you to join our discord server. There you can talk to our members and learn about our complex world. Our laws can be viewed at the top of the page.
It is required for new nations to be in the region for a week or two to apply for a spot on the map. Map updates happen every two months. The upcoming update is next week.

Please fill this map application form after a week being in this region.

Lastly as a note: non-roleplay posts are required to have "OOC:" in front to prevent confusion.
I would advise you to start with writing factbooks and introducing your nations.

The Weird little lumps of Neyde Spears Kingdom

Dust had fallen over the entirety of the bedroom, blanketing as if it were a thin layer of snow. A mug of tea remained unfinished, a crossword incomplete, and in the centre of it all, Neyde slept in her bed. Her eyes closed tightly, a soft smile on her face.

In the depths of her slumber, Neyde picked up on somebody entering the room, gingerly creeping up to her bed.
"A-are you prince charming?" She softly whispered.
"No. Its Supernanny"
"Oh... gross." Neyde yawned, her eye's creaking open. She stared around her.
"How long have I been asleep for?"
"2 months."
"WHAT?" Neyde suddenly gasped, then flinching back from the pain of suddenly jumping up.
"Yes, you have been asleep for an extremely long time" Supernanny shook her head, "in this time the Skyfoogle got loose, Team Plug Socket nearly ruined our relationship with Svalbard, a Pigeon population learnt English, a lady turned 300, we discovered what a smartphone is, Britney Spears burnt down a whole village by accident, and there was a 10 way marriage."
"Aww that's sweet I'll send my blessings, but seriously all that?" The poor queen seemed in a sudden state of shock.
"No need to worry!" Supernanny smiled "Now you're back, we can catch you up on all the legal business, and we can go on like nothing happened."
"That seems to be what this country is best at" Neyde mused.

Supernanny laughed "Indeed! Now let's get things going again..."

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