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The Republic of Quiwali

Gara Grandf wrote:I got kicked from the region of the person we are supposed to indorse

Me too

The Ominous moonlight of A Bloodred Moon

Quiwali wrote:Me too

See here:

A Bloodred Moon wrote:Yes, sorry. The operation has concluded, and the region was emptied to enable us to lock it away for good. Apologies if that led to confusion, it wasn't meant against you.

The orders are outdated, sorry. New orders are to move to Japan and endorse Myuri, as well as all Regional Officers. And yep, that's how it works!

The Armed Republic of Nidgeltop

Bruh I can't with my nation anymore

The Armed Republic of Nidgeltop

I don't know how to do anything, like i would do something to keep my economy up, but my civil rights would go down and im having trouble balancing them out

The Anti-Government Anarchy of United Anarchists of Earth
This site is really, really useful for looking at every stat each option of every issue will change. I use it all the time. If you decide to check it out, ctrl-f for the issue you're looking for, it really makes things easier.

The Armed Republic of Nidgeltop

Oh wow, thanks!

Quanlingling dingleballs

This is just what I was looking for a raider region

Quanlingling dingleballs

I have a request, les get to TSP and raid them. Just make sure the leader knows the name of the nation that killed his region. Nigerian Scammer Group

The Republic of Soviet comminust

Just bored...

The Republic of Soviet comminust

I'm going back to my old region.

The Empires of RomeTHEGREAT

Hello Iím back

The Armed Republic of Nidgeltop

I just got com banned on my Xbox

Quanlingling dingleballs

I feel like going raiding! Also Iím gonna hook up this account with wa tomorrow. Iím moving Nigerian Scammer Group here so yeah

The Republic of Nigerian Scammer Group

So here I am

The Wolfist Liberals of How Dare You Germany

Centaur Cannibals wrote:How do I get the link for Lone Wolves United?

I was its member even before you were just a new nation

The Armed Republic of Nidgeltop

so we raid by asking someone to join our region?

The Ominous moonlight of A Bloodred Moon

Nidgeltop wrote:so we raid by asking someone to join our region?

Well, no. We take over someone else's region.

The Armed Republic of Nidgeltop

Huh, alright

Post by Vacchiabovin suppressed by a moderator.

The Armed Republic of Nidgeltop

1-0? Thats not even that much

The Community of The Nation of Divas


The Dictatorship of M E M


The Armed Republic of Nidgeltop

how do I know how close I am from my Civil rights/Economy/Political freedom from rising?

The Sportsbook CEO of Davelands

Good Morning (well, for me at least)!

As an embassy region with you, I probably don't post here as much as I should.
I would like to invite all of you to take a look at The Sportsbook.
We are a very different region for NationStates in that our focus is on Sports and Sports Gambling.
In fact, we have a daily bet on our World Factbook Page. Today's bet is the first of 2 UEFA Nations League games. page=poll/p=187448
We also have a great Discord server where we run Fantasy games and season-long games. We even have a casino and D&D. Feel free to stop over there too. The link is on our WFE.

I would like to note that we have absolutely NO NATIVE REQUIREMENTS. We just want to let you know about a cool, slightly different place to spend some time at outside of your regular region.

Post self-deleted by Soviet comminust.

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