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The Colony of New Ryansville Plushie

Xeosia Later wrote:Just keeps orbitally bombarding the location.

1 sad plushie apears

The Rwekaza-Balaslandia and MCS of Rwekazaland

Kingdom Of Casetaria wrote:Nope

So as you

The New empire of Ancapstands

Song about the battle of iki, where the city was turned into a Stalingrad. Hellcat was held for 4 months at the city. Ancap forces almost won the battle but Victoria II wanted to pull back in fear of a encirclement.

“Fresh from ozis
Over mountains came to comrades aid
City in despair
Almost crushed by the black army

Oh, it's colder than Hell
Hellcat forces advancing
The sound of the mortars
The music of death
A grand symphony

See your friends fall hear them
Pray to the god your country denies
Every man dies alone and when your
Time comes you will know that it's time

Victoria‘s fortress on fire
Is this madness or Hell
The sound of the mortars
The music of death

We're playing the devil's symphony
Our violins are guns conducted from Hell
Oh iki
Are you playing?

Do you follow the conductors lead?
No one knows you
No one cares about a single violin
Play the score of the damned”
Know the devil within”

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