Election 2020: Kuriko 26.6%, Trans Anarcho-Communist Lesbian Catgirls 15.8%, McMasterdonia 9.2%, Valentine Z 8.8%, Caelapes 8.8%, Jocospor 8.3%, The Bigtopia 4.3%, Auralia 4.2%, Pencil Sharpeners 2 2.1%, Giovanniland 1.7%, Aminist Uganda 1.1%

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Cloud company of badassia

I voted against the cloning laws. Who cares if clones get rights? They are only made to serve the humans in any capacity commanded.



I agree with Badassia. If clones gets rights it could be really change the balance of power in democracies. The rich could make armies of clones to get extra votes.

Cloud company of badassia

German east congo

lol some demos use electoral college


Hello, wanted to join a monarchist group


Bartilia wrote:Hello, wanted to join a monarchist group

Welcome glad to have you. Join us on Discord.

Cloud company of badassia

Thy constantin

Hey there, you blessed members of this region!

I come from another region in hopes of your region merging with ours! Why yours? You all seem like friendly people, and seem to share the same interests as us.

We promise to give you Government positions, and strike a deal if you do agree!

I am a messenger in hopes of merging small regions into one huge region of all types of nations, and I’m hoping that you will join us in this quest!

As I’m moving from region to region to advertise, I will leave this region to advertise, but do contact me through telegram for inquiries or to tell me if you have reached a confirmation!

‘till time allows,
Thy constantin

The Fox Republic of Massimolandia

New revolution in Massimolandia.
The dictator Senőr Jackson Borot has been taken in prison and the president is the son of the old leader: Dear Massimo jr.
The new government restored the old flag and all the previous flag and the previous Cotocratic Reprivate form of government.
The old flag and all its projects have been burned by revolutionaries, the new flag have been rebuild based on memory.
All Massimolandian people is having party to celebrate the return of the Cotocracy and the freedom.
Everyone is happy.


*Planes and helicopters surround Cloud Kingdom , and begin to destroy the Buildings. People flee the Market area , the Plaza , and they go into their bunkers , and after the smoke is cleared , the Helicopters land and half of the soldiers begin playing Bagpipes , and the other half go into bunkers and shoot Innocents. They say something about a Fuhrer-Kaiser and kill many people. The survivors will never forget this day.*