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The white youth corps wrote:page=rmb/postid=39211220

Ironic considering you used to be a long time fascist LARPer.

Terra gloria sanctus

Vungar wrote:Ironic considering you used to be a long time fascist LARPer.

I wouldnt bother with a foolish infidel whos become corrupted as such anyway.

The Eternal Empire of Keldros

I have updated our immigration policy. As an addendum, if you attempt entry because you happen to remember the name of a former resident nation, I will ask for your first name to verify your identity.

Vungar and Deacarsia

The Estado Borenzofascista of Greater New Hispanyoan Empire

Everyone, i write to you all today about the birthday of the former Iron Confederacy, and how it should be remembered as: one of the greatest fascist Regions to ever live, along with the UFN and many others, those who resided here in TIC are ones of pure icon and significance, because we have gotten to be so damn famous, and so much of a damn threat to the WA Elite and their minions that they had to get rid of me(because i was founder and leader of the former region).

Today is the day we shall remember such a great region, with determination, focus, and sheer will to go forwards as well.

Altmoran archives and J o Jian Ambassador Echo

Axis powers 88

Thank you for establishing embassies!

What are you guys doing?

The Ꞃᵹꝺɑċꞇ of Deacarsia

Happy Halloween!

The Ꞃᵹꝺɑċꞇ of Deacarsia

Sean Connery just died!

The Ꞃᵹꝺɑċꞇ of Deacarsia

Stop The Steal

The Ꞃᵹꝺɑċꞇ of Deacarsia

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Ꞃᵹꝺɑċꞇ of Deacarsia

Merry Christmas!

The Ꞃᵹꝺɑċꞇ of Deacarsia


The Ꞃᵹꝺɑċꞇ of Deacarsia

Happy New Year!

The Ꞃᵹꝺɑċꞇ of Deacarsia


The Ꞃᵹꝺɑċꞇ of Deacarsia

Her name was Ashli McEntee.

The Feds killed her today.


Ig farben

The Orthodox Hindu Rajyam of Vaishalle

Keep You Rifle by Your Side is an excellent song

The Ꞃᵹꝺɑċꞇ of Deacarsia

Sadly, it seems that Great Altmora is dying.

The Eternal Empire of Keldros

Deacarsia wrote:Sadly, it seems that Great Altmora is dying.

Perhaps it is merely sleeping.

The Dominion of Ordersland

Warning to fellow like-minded regions.
This proposal is now on the talks, and there's a possibility its policies will be enacted.

Please let other people and regions know of this, and let us attempt to prepare and shield ourselves against it.

Post self-deleted by New Thornia.

The Dominion of Ordersland

New Thornia wrote:Leave it to leftist cucks to take the fun out of literally everything on the planet

So much for 'freedom of speech'. Anyway, a fellow player told me that this is only a declaration, which means it doesn't have immediate effect on the gameplay, but I'm sure antifa will use it later on to enact stricter policies against us. Still, we must be prepared.

Ig farben, Deacarsia, and New Thornia

The Greater Fenno Fascist Realm of Fascist North

The New Iron Order will be dissolved and integrated into the social community of the Fifth Empire

This integration, in order to ensure its smoothness and success and to make the transition easier and more manageable, will be executed in four different stages or phases; being finished by the 1st of September, 2021. The official schedule is attached;


>The Membership of TNIO is given an official announcement of the integration.

> Germanastan and Dratonis relocate to Fifth Empire

>> Germanastan and Dratonis are promoted to senior-level IGA leadership.


> Ketol Supremacy relocates to the Fifth Empire.

>>> Ketol Supremacy is promoted to the CENTCOM of Imperial Brigades.

> Fifth Empire [Imperial Brigades] assumes control and ownership of TNIO military assets and colonies.

> An Embassy with Imperial Brigades is established.

Phase III]

> Membership of TNIO is given the order to relocate to Fifth Empire.

> All remaining embassies (except the IB-embassy) are canceled.

Phase IV]

> Greater New Hispanyoan Empire relocates to the Fifth Empire

> Any natives remaining are ejected.

> An official "In Remembrance of The New Iron Order" statement co-written by leaders of TNIO and Fifth Empire is posted on the TNIO RMB.

> RMB messages, WFE-entry, and documents/dispatches are archived for preservation and the archives are posted on the RMB.

> The New Iron Order becomes defunct.

One chapter closes for our people, and another one begins. Having felt this decision to be a good one for the future of the region, TNIO leadership (Fascist North, Greater New Hispanyoan Empire, Germanastan and Dratonis) in conjunction with the Emperor of Fifth Empire, P0RTVGAL and the Cancellarius Atsuria have agreed to combine their peoples, resources and assets as one total whole. The special and unique traits and characteristics of the New Iron Order will be firmly respected and preserved by assimilating them as components of the structure of the social community; Borenzoism, the official ideology of TNIO, will be given its very own (and brand new) Ministry of Truth department, dedicated solely to the education of Borenzoism, and led and chaired by the founder of the ideology Greater New Hispanyoan Empire under the oversight, coordination and guidance of Atsuria. Fifth Empire will teach Borenzoism, just like it has always taught the many other derivatives and aspects of the larger and wider fascist tradition, and not only [Classical] Fascism, which it was founded on; this nature of foundation will not be changed by the integration. The strong Catholic faith of the TNIO, which has been the second cornerstone of its identity aside from the new doctrine of Borenzoism, will be manifested as part of the Imperial Order; the official church and religion of the social community; synthesizing in holy union the faith of Fascism with the faith of Christianity, and led and formulated by the "Grand Mage of the Imperial Order". The Fifth Empire will also recognize the meritorious, loyal and dedicated service given by the esteemed custodians of the New Iron Order, and give them due weight and importance as part of the senior community leadership of the Fifth Empire. Greater New Hispanyoan Empire, Germanastan, Dratonis and Ketol Supremacy will be promoted as "Imperial Minister of AXIS and FSA", "Imperial Minister of Justice", "Director of IACS-STRATSEC", and "CENTCOM Commandant of the IB", respectively. Greater New Hispanyoan Empire will also be made a candidate for Manus Imperialis of the HIGHCOM; each of the aforementioned individuals will be playing key roles in the governance and control of the social community, influencing and affecting its future and daily life; bringing in the experience these past couple years have given to them in order to build a better future for Fascism on NS, through their own efforts and through the coordinated teamwork of the council; chaired by the Cancellarius, Atsuria. This does not significantly limit the options available for high-level contribution and responsibility for the native members, however, as the Cancellarius has created two new Ministerships to compensate for (the loss of) the two others that will be given to ex-members of TNIO ; these new Ministerships are "The Imperial Minister of Military Affairs", and "The Imperial Minister of Growth and Magnification"; details found in the Document of Public Knowledge, "Imperial Government; Imperial Ruling Council".

The Fifth Empire has always enjoyed a close, special and cordial relationship with TNIO and its predecessor TIC (The Iron Confederacy), the examples of which are too numerous to count, but no least represented in the immense effort the Fifth Empire took to defend the TIC when it fell under attack by the ANTIFA-coalition, holding against superior numbers for 3 consecutive days and gathering a very respectable ~40 endorsement support from all across sympathetic entities. I understand It may not be the easiest of decisions for TNIO to adopt a new identity, a new fidelity, a new loyalty, and a new family; and to let go of what they have become accustomed to, but I assure to all of them, from the bottom of my heart, that everything they have found in the TNIO and its predecessor, they will most certainly find in the Fifth Empire, and even more than that, as the community has matured through the trials and lessons of a decade, and grown around an extraordinary will and passion towards its own message. There is nothing but hope and promise in the new family that can be created by combining the essences of the New Iron Order and the Fifth Empire; for greater power, and greater glory.

Fascism prevails! QVIS CONTRA NOS?

The Holy Yuletide Queendom of Kordavail

Hello, friends. Thank you for establishing embassies with us! It's greatly appreciated.

Keldros, Deacarsia, and Sedaine

The Capitalist Dictatorship of E D F

Seeking role players that play regularly to join my repressive regime in Occupied Mars to help repress miners and get our money.

John m smith

Guten tag

The Nomadic Peoples of Yamnaya Urheimat


Deacarsia and John m smith

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