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The Community of The Scope


Disappointing. It is the thought of numerous workers and labourers in The Wires Empire. Wage inequality have been steadily rising in the Wires Empire as though the economy of the nation have been at its highest peak of growth in decades, the wealth that have been shared with those of lower station than businessmen have been minimal and caused major upstir in the lower ranks of society, more specifically, the minimum wage workers of the roaring Wirean industry.

It have been reported that major labour strikes and protests have been taking place in numerous Wirean worlds and cities as labourers have been increasingly on the wrong set of mood due to the government's neglect over the working populace, displayed in their seemingly ignorant nature towards the statistics of inequalities. However, the effect of wage inequalities does not stop with labour strikes and protests as the nation have experienced a recent rise in pirate activities. Wirean sources have reported the rise in the number of pirate activities in Wirean worlds, most are in an unspecified locations however is of highest possibility to take place in major Wirean industrial worlds, most notably factory worlds.

However, in spite of the major protests and rise in pirate activities in relation to the rise in wage inequality, the Wirean government have yet to give any statement regarding the recent events that have been taking place and Wirean officials have been responding to questions relating to these recent events with "no comment". This is unlike the typical respond that any political experts would have predicted with nations such as Wires, however, it is most likely that the government of the Wires Empire have been working on plans to respond to these recent events and have refused to inform the general public as to protect the secrecy of the measures until it is time to state it.


In recent turn of events, Harjanika have issued a new possible law in its legislature which aims to further regulate the aviation industry.

The preview of the proposed law suggested that the Harjanikan government seeks to convert the usage of raw Earth resources as energy source for modes of transportation such as aircrafts into a more sustainable and eco-friendly option such as electric, this has been a step into the right direction for Harjanika's vision of a completely environmentally friendly Harjanika after their previous similar regulations put into place, affecting modes of transportation such as automobiles and locomotives.

The general public of Harjanika have been thrilled in the unveiling of the new proposal and have been supporting the proposal to be put into effect in immediacy, however, the proposal is not without its critiques, especially among the elites of Harjanika, most notably wealthy businessman and large conglomerates of aircraft producers and airlines. They have been criticizing the proposal as it will put tremendous pressure into airlines which have not yet been able to convert into electric aircrafts either due to financial issues or unavailability of electric aircrafts on the aviation market.

However, the government have stated that if the law were to be passed, the government will assist airlines and other aviation related industries in adapting with possible subsidies and government issued electrically powered aircrafts of varying quality, enough for the businesses to adapt rapidly and to gather enough profit to purchase themselves their own privately purchased and acquired electric aircrafts.


The Kai Sai Corporation, a major conglomerate in the electronic manufacturing industry has been under pressure as the Chief Executive Panel of Hashari Darussalam have recently been informed by the House of Records that the quality standard of the Corporation have been lower than annual average due to an unknown cause which in respond have affected the quality of several of Kai Sai brands including their TF-109 Ship interface which has been the latest hype in Hashari Darussalam in especiality for the Capsuleers as the new interface module have offered significantly better informational reliability than previous models.

This have spiked outrage from major Capsuleer clubs and several key influential Capsuleers such as "Bloomboss" and "Gman's Pencil" stating that the Kai Sai Corporation have intentionally been reducing the quality of their goods as far back as two years ago which have spurred significant controversy in recent days, not only due to the corporation's status as the producer of the highest quality product in the Hasharian market, but also the fact that it is against the unspoken rule of the use of business to the betterment of the overall corporate society of Hashari Darussalam and not for the private corporation's own profit.

The Corporation's CEO, Ramadin En Kasari have stated, quote, “The Kai Sai Corporation and I personally apologizes for our misconduct in the Corporate market and will try our best to correct our mistake.” end quote.

However, in spite of major controversy, the Kai Sai Corporation's image is still relatively left unstained not only due to their remark on Hasharian and Akirisian patriotism, but also the fact that they have been in the working of a new military device for the Akirisian Grand Army of Hashari Darussalam, being celebrated on mass by Hasharian citizens as a sign of progress for the State's military, expanding over the military prowess of the State.


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