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(outdated)The French Navy

LinkThe French Navy Anthem

"Retour vers la liberté."

The French Navy is fairly small due to the nation's recent establishment.

The number of sailors is unknown.


--Destroyers: 20

FRS Matelot, FRS Retour, FRS Faucon, FRS Brigade, FRS Calais, FRS Picardie, FRS Lion, FRS Hugues Capet, FRS Couronne, FRS La Page, FRS Invincible, FRS Croyance, FRS Religion, FRS Caporal, FRS Crainte, FRS Extendre, FRS Règne, FRS Garde

--Light Cruisers: 4

FRS Lieutenant, FRS Sauvage, FRS Complexité, FRS Retour

--Heavy Cruisers: 4

FRS Métal, FRS Mercure, FRS Le Libre, FRS Patrimoine

--Battleships: 3

FRS Provence, FRS Justice, FRS Verité

--Carriers: 1

FRS Napoléon