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(outdated)The French Army

LinkFrench Republic & Army National Anthem

"Justice, Unité, Patrie."

The French Armée de la Libération is a shorter term used for the French Armée Populaire de la Libération Nationale et Militaire Française.

It is estimated as much as 500.000 men are serving in the military.


Soldiers: The bread and butter of the French Army, well-equipped but may lack training, they're the one sent first into the battlefields.

Shock Troops: Better equipped and prepared than basic soldiers, they're the boys sent by the Military Staff is a situation becomes rough for the normal soldiers, recognizable thanks to their gasmask, they easily pierce fear into their enemies.

Officers: Easily distinguishable by their Red Kepis, they do what officers do best: fight and give hope to the soldiers until they die.

Ceremonial: Uniforms used for ceremonial purposes, such as the Military Parade in Paris held every year on the 20th of March.