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Undivulged Principles - Today's Traveler

Today’s Traveler is a monthly magazine highlighting the various famous hot spots and ‘must sees’ off the beaten track in and around Eladen. This months feature article is on the myriad of beautiful landscapes with the Confederacy of Undivulged Principles and a couple of little known hideaways with a charm all their own.

First we’ll tour the wonderful array of forests and mountainous National Parks that helped place the Confederacy amongst the most beautiful environments within Eladen. The Mangroves hold the highest rank of pristine wilderness within the Confederacy and they are amongst the most spectacular forests within Eladen. Either skimming along the coast and nearby islands in a canoe to taking the more adventurous treks into the interior the wildlife and serenity of this ancient grove is a spiritual experience that everyone should partake at least once in their lives.

The rim islands dotting the coast are a real treat. They are called rim islands since the interior is a large saltwater lake that is really the sea cutting its way into the interior of the isle. Traveling into the lake is quite exciting as you need to take a canoe through a small cavern barely high enough to allow the canoe to pass (see below). Inside is a primeval garden with fish, birds and even monkeys. Unfortunately, it can be a bit touristy during peak season so is best to take it in during the off months, though you risk rain.

The lush deciduous forests of the interior are another high volume tourist destination but due to its vastness one can travel within it during peak season and see no one during their stay. It does help to choose the more inaccessible regions for that type of solitude but it is still fun with all the water sports available, such as white water rafting, along with hiking, and other outdoor activities, though hunting is extremely limited. Prices are a bit steep in the more frequented zones but not unbearable.

The mountains of the Confederacy offer a variety of challenges to climbers from novice to the most advanced. Only the highest peaks have any large amounts of snow but the stark lower peaks are full of hurdles for any veteran climber. There are ample opportunities for spelunkers as well, and the caves beneath Spire’s Reach, both natural and handmade are a premier destination for all explorers.

Spire’s Reach itself, along with its sister castle Kron Keep, are especially attractive tourist spots, for the curious and for the amateur historians. Dated to about 17,000 years prior to modern times these ancient fortifications are a wealth of knowledge for any archeologist interest in ancient Confederate Society. Spire’s Reach great tower is in excellent condition and still accessible to the public. From the apex one gets an astounding view of the surrounding countryside and a bird’s eye view of the ancient capital of Kalatanar, now in ruins.

The modern day coastal capital, Kalatyannar, is a bustling cosmopolitan metropolis of spiring high rises and sky scrapers, with sprawling suburbs surrounding it on three sides. Almost every race of Eladen inhabits Kalatyannar, the Confederacy being noted for its tolerance of all races and creeds. Due to its massive population and their love of fine living Kalatyannar is highly rated for its cuisine be it for the voracious Saurite or the discerning sophisticated Goblin. This is also reflected in the cultural events within the capital. With such a varied populace almost any type of entertainment can be seen, each with its own distinct cultural flavor to attract those wishing to get a feel of the people. I would suggest at least a week in the capital alone just to see a nice portion of the many sights that are here. Pollution within the entire Confederacy is rated amongst the lowest in Eladen, which is an added bonus with all there is to see.

One of the finest Nautical Museums can be found just east of the capital and fittingly close to the ruins of ancient Duron, the maritime city of Kalatanar. Here are the old galleys plied by the free citizens of Duron and some modern vessels on display including a Confederacy Iron Class Battleship and two submarines, all accessible to the public. The monorail system within Kalatyannar is highly rated though crime is problematic due to a non-existent police force and militarized society.

One of the best kept secrets within the traveling community has been the vineyards in the hilly region south of the ancient capital. The Confederacy is not known for its agricultural production but its one claim to fame are the exquisite wines grown in the area. They are perhaps the finest in all of Eladen, the local populace of mostly Elves claim it has to do with the maturity of the soil and the vines themselves combined with a bit of magic. Vineyards have been in the region since the dawn of time, if you can believe what the Elves of the region claim, and whether or not it is true, they can definitely claim a bit of the mystic element remains in the deep reds and sparkling whites that come out from their wineries.

All in all, the Confederacy offers a host of attractions to any would be traveler and should rate high on all serious tourists lists of Countries to Visit.