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Rules of the Map and Claims

1. You are only allowed to first claim 5 Tiles in Europe and East Asia, 10 everywhere else, don't claim land if you plan to be inactive for the rest of your life
2. Expansions depends on your claim sent, you can't claim land the size of France in one day
3. Tiles size doesn't matter
4. You can't give up land to your enemies, it may cause corruption and unfair advantages towards other people, you can only lose land if you switch location, surrender, lose a war or threatened of war, if you do so, I would judge you and ban you from claiming lands on the map
5. We take count of historical resources, in the modern times, you can't boast 100 tank divisions with no oil resources, except if trade offers had been made
6. Population also matters, it isn't about your nation's population, but the RP/IRL one, a nation roughly the size of China can easily outnumber a nation like Korea, even if the later has an nation population of 12 Billion
7. Warmaps are needed to declare war, invade and participate in war, it also determines your nation's manpower and navy size, and soon in modern era, airforce. Please check Rdunian empire's dispatch to know how to make one or ask someone to do it