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How to Show Your Awards

You have been handed an award for being an awesome participant to the WAAP, and now you don't know what to do with it. What you should do is create an awards dispatch for yourself where you can put all of the awards you gain! How do you do this?

Step One: Click the dispatch button!

This will take you to where you can create your awards dispatch.

Step Two: Click the button titled 'Write Dispatch'!

This will take you to where you can begin to insert items to your awards dispatch.

Step Three: Set your category to 'Factbook' and then 'Miscellaneous'!

This will ensure that this goes into your nation?s factbook under this category.

Step Four: Give that dispatch a title!

You don't have to name it exactly what I did in the image, but give it a title that helps you remember that this is where your awards are.

Step Five: Note the formatting tags

These will help you immensely in creating your awards dispatch, especially the ones for bolding

, italicising
, and images
. For the complete list of NSCodes and what they do, check out this dispatch.

Step Six: Start by giving it a heading!

It doesn't have to be that size, you can make it a size 200, or a size 250 if you feel like it. It doesn't even have to be bold. Let your imagination run rampant. However, if you want to use that exact code shown in the image, feel free to note the preview above it to see how it looks.

Step Seven: Add your first award

Do this by copying the image URL of your award, pasting it into your dispatch, and putting those helpful image tags around it. Then, feel free to write a short description of the award.

Step Eight: Add More Images

If you have more awards, feel free to keep repeating what you did above until all of your awards are in the dispatch.

Step Nine: Post the dispatch

And there you go, you have your own awards dispatch.

Wait, what if you have more awards that you want to add on later? The best thing about these dispatches are that you can always go back and edit them to add more information, in this case awards. So, at any time you can add more awards that you may receive.

Remember, you do not have to format your awards dispatch the way that is shown in the images above, let your imagination run wild!

For more information on creating your dispatch with appropriate codes, check this out.

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