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Parliament Reform & Political Uniqueness Act of 2016 (WIP)


Whereas the political presence in the region is small and rather disoriented, I present this bill to ensure that we have a strong political standing yet diversity in the homeland.

Article I: The Parliament

The Parliament is the legislature of the region. The Parliament was designed to have a strong yet flexible legislature, and an easier and quicker way to pass laws. The Parliament shall have 17 seats.

Title I: Functions of the Parliament

The Parliament shall have the authority as laid out in the current (as of the writing of this bill) Constitution.

-May make and pass Legislation
-May Declare War with the signature of the Founder
-May impeach any elected official only if they break the laws or have abused their power or if they are inactive for 15 days without informing the region they will be inactive.
-Controls and makes the governments budget for that session in Parliament.
-May override the President's Veto with 2/3 of the vote.

The main difference is the parliament laid out in this bill is elected. The current is not, nor does it function, as that is why this bill has been written.

Title II: Elections

Parliamentary elections shall be taken out in a first-past-the-post fashion, with all 17 seats elected on separate ballots. Elections shall be held on the forum, when they are held is at the discretion of designated officials. Here's an example of what the 'Voting Booth' forum board will look like.

Seat 1 Election
Seat 2 Election
Seat 3 Election

and so on...

You do not have to vote in all 17 races.

Title III: Sessions

The Fеdеration of Narvatus