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(outdated)Reunited Industralized States (RIS)

First log :
Great Marsinia has been under threat against the yet superior Unions Pact, the Royal Council asked the Parliament for a reform in the Roman Alliance, which would now become the Reunited Industrialized States, but for the reform to happen, the nation needs the Federation of the United Republic and Nazi Empire 2 to agree to the reforms.
The Alliance would be International, and would protect any nations from aggressors, an unique bank system between all nations and help weaker nations in term of industry.
It would also have the Reunited Army, Reunited Paramilitary, Reunited Navy and Reunited Air Force, which would all be stationated in each countries part of the Alliance.
It would also try to keep up against the Unions Pact and Kai to jing's intentions in Eastern Asia.
If the reforms are passed, Da Qing Guo, ALLMENITE EMPIRE, Rahnia Castleon and Zaoi Fu would immediatly receive an invitation.
Succesfully passed, the RIS has been created and new nations joined.
Great Marsinia Rahnia Federation of the united republic Nazi empire 2 Allmenite empire Allarabia Zaoi fu
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