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(outdated) Roman Confederacy / Roman Alliance

Roman Confederacy backstory
The pact was first created between the three superpowers of the Mediterranean Sea and was first signed in the The Kingdom Era between Great Marsinia and Federation of the united republic thanks to their already strong relations and alliance.
It was unofficially dissolved when Marsinia's government was forced to abdicate due to a coup organized by his enemies and rivals.
When it was created, it was between Western Empire and Eastern Empire only and it did not had the name of the confederacy but of the Empire.

Roman Confederacy
In the Coalition Era, Marsinia, United Republic again formed a pact forming the confederacy, with this time, Albania (Nazi empire 2) invited to it.
It had become a success yet, and it is very recent, no counter-alliance has been formed and it's doing good.

Great Marsinia Federation of the united republic Nazi empire 2

Their navy is, the strongest one in the world, with Marsinia's Fleet already being the world's largest, URepublican Veterans and experience, along with Albania's great research program and production.
The army, is one of the greatest one in the world, with Marsinia's defense budget being the largest one, the URepublican Powerhouse and strong leadership, Albania's huge population and manpower.
The Airforce, is also large, but it has to be upgraded and more funded, the Marsinian one, is rather weak but naval fighters are becoming greaters and improvements are to come, it is expected to reach his counterparts United Republic in 10 years, speaking of which, is very powerful and large, along with Albanian Support with would make them invincible from the skies.