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Statement on the Breach of Constitutional Order by the Cabinet

Statement from the Committee for State Security
On the Breach of Constitutional Order by the Cabinet

On 31 January 2016, the Cabinet of the South Pacific attempted to dissolve the Charter, Code of Laws and all legal institutions of the Coalition, in contravention of laws and precedents established throughout the past thirteen years. In addition, Delegate Hileville and Regional Officers SJS Republic and Imkitopia, banned and ejected Sandaoguo, Kringalia and Farengeto, three members of this Committee, without legal cause or due process.

This is a serious breach of constitutional order and tantamount to a coup d’état. We stand with the native population of the South Pacific in opposing these actions and vow to work tirelessly towards a restoration of the Coalition under legitimate and democratic leadership. Hileville was elected with a mandate to work towards a more pacific and unified regional community. His actions are proving highly destabilising and divisive, and show a lack of respect for the history and achievements of the region.

Today a majority of the Committee voted to declare a state of emergency, due to the rogue actions of the Cabinet. We will be contemplating further measures in addition to the state of emergency in the course of the follow days, many of which will be submitted to the Assembly for due approval. Business will continue as usual in our official forum, which is now located at Link

We thank those allies who had already expressed their support. They have our gratitude. We encourage all other like-minded regions to support our legitimate government, one that has endured the test of time for thirteen years, one that was created from consensus and cooperation, not through tyranny and division.

Such grievous violations of our democracy will not stand. The Coalition is alive. It is here to stay.

The Committee for State Security

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