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NationStates 101 (according to Kringalia)

1. How do I make my economy better?

Just pick the most business-friendly options in your daily issues! Seriously, it's not rocket science. If you are looking for a detailed guide that says what are the effects of each issue, forget it, the whole point of NationStates is not knowing what the effect of each issue will be.

2. How do I declare war, invade other countries or trade with them?

You can't. NationStates is a political game, not a war or trade game. The point is to make your model nation, not to mess with others. If you are looking for a micromanagement or similar features, look for another game. Or roleplay them, if you really want to do war. But seriously, why do you even want to fight a war? Isn't there enough war already in the real world?

3. Wouldn't it be cool if admins added war and trade features?

No. NationStates is a political game. Get it? The guy who made this game made sure there were not war and trade features. It's on purpose. So no, most of us like it the way it is. You bet lots of people would quit if they had to worry about trade messing their states or getting invaded by someone.

4. How do I link images in dispatches?

You use the following code:

4. How do I...?

Let me stop you right there. Just search it. Either use the search function on the NS forum, or google it. It really isn't that difficult, and you'll save us all a lot of time.

6. I just found an old thread on the NationStates forum and want to share my opinion!

Yeah...don't. Gravedigging is against the rules. Have you considered that people stopped posting in that thread for a reason? Just leave it there, and instead post in threads that are still active.

7. Are you just ranting?

Yeah, pretty much. The answers to one, two and three are my own bluntly put opinions, though they have some truth in them. The image code works fine. Gravedigging really is against the rules. These are basically some questions I see people asking frequently, and my crazy self keeps thinking the answers are so obvious. So there you go: Kringle's guide to basic NS!

8. Do you always rant this much?

Not at all! I'm actually quite friendly and always happy to help new nations. I just felt like ranting a bit on this dispatch. So if you have a question, no matter how stupid it might sound, feel free to send me a telegram. I'll do my best to give you a good answer, and if I can't answer, I'll ask someone who can.

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