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~A Teikei Affair~ Episode VI: Rešuešn Reacts

Report from Capitol Quarter

The Mayoral Chamber today passed a statement decrying
the recent announcement and disclosure of information
by Lord Archibald. The statement also called for an
investigation into how Archibald acquired the confidential
communications in the first place. Meanwhile, news from
the House of Lords has not so far discussed the issue. It
is also rumored that several ministers are preparing
statements, but none have so far been released.
The following is editorial from the Rešuešn Times.

By Chief Editors, Pierre Gauthier and Edmond Raoult.
We would say that this column is half apology and half explanation, but being as dedicated to the principle of transparency to our readers ar we are, and knowing ourselves as well as we do, we know better than to expect that we could manage to drag out any apology we might attempt beyond two sentences at most. Equally, we know that with our love of our own opinion, we cannot promise to keep our explanations, opinions, thoughts, beliefs, or recommendations constrained to half of this writing.

Firstly, the apology: yesterday's opinion piece, which we published on behalf of Lord Archibald, caused much more of an international stir than we anticipated, already involving three other countries, and shocked many readers. His actions were clearly irresponsible. We deeply apologize for publishing the article, and would like to add our condemnations of Archibald's actions to those passed this morning by the Mayoral Chamber. Lord Archibald's opinions are most certainly not our own (as you will soon find out), and we would like to tell those readers who have already contacted to tell us how offended they are, that we are very sorry.

Archibald's actions were not only dishonest, deceitful, and unjustifiable, but are based on some very wrong-headed opinions. In the first place, they are based about some serious assumptions about the beliefs of another culure. "I knew about their opinions," Archibald says. Did he really? It seems more likely that he simply overlaid their true opinions with his own assumptions. It also seems likely that Archibald is unaware that a large minority in this country are also opposed to the role of aristocrats, and specifically, hereditary positions, in government.

However, it is not his disagreement with the official government position of one of Rešuešn's most trusted allies which is the most disgusting, but the back-handed and most likely illegal way in which he intercepted supposedly confidential communications. Archibald should have known he would stir up an international fiasco. Either he has made a very foolish and near-sighted decision, or he has intentionally caused this tension, and in either case has shown great political ineptitude. He has put the entire nation in a precarious position.

What is our position? We believe that every nation, has the right to self-determination, and that Archibald's actions have infringed upon that of the Harikenes. Although we do believe that Rešuešn has achieved a good balance of power with the nobility, we have also seen in the past (and this example with Lord Archibald is a case in point) of how it can go terribly wrong, and completely understand why other nations would be opposed to a similar system, especially nations for whom such traditions are buried under layers of history. Hariko should not be pressued into any form of government by any outside force, and by publishing this letter, Lord Archibald has practically committed blackmail.

What is our response then? Firstly, Lord Archibald should apologize and resign. Although he may be minister of History and Culture, his job is not to impose Rešuecian culture on any other nation. If he refuses to step down, his regional legislature should consider impeachment. The House of Lords should also consider making an official apology on behalf of our government. Although Archibald did not speak in an official capacity, he is a member of both our nobility and legislature. Finally, and most importantly, in our opinion, the House of Lords should elect a Foreign Minister as soon as possible. If that position was filled, not only would Archibald be less likely to have had access to the information he released, but the minister could have released an official response within hours. Another key problem without a foreign minister is that we have no single, unified voice with which to speak to the world, and any fool, such as Archibald, who opens his mouth, might be seen to represent Rešuešn.

In conclusion, we would like to apologize again. But we would also like to demand, on behalf of the nation of Rešuešn, an apology and resignation from Lord Archibald, and action by the government to make sure that such a fiasco never happens again.

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