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The NOT so famous people of Notyoutopia history

-Princ Ipals:the man who established the ethical and morals principals of our nation.
-Mark Question:his foto should be next to word "curious",but in times he lived,fotography has NOT found yet.Finder of Colombo's Egg (in Sri Lanka's capital city street).Gave his name to ?(questionmark).
-Ad Van Cedsci Ence:one of the top philosophers and pioneers in science.Teller of one of the most famous philosophical riddles (about his friend Mark Question finding,Colombo's Egg):"did the chicken gave birth to egg or the egg gave birth to chicken?"
-O'thigh:great poet and singer in ancient times.Author of two epic odes,Ilithiada and Abysseia.Also big contributor in music as he was the first who sang those epic odes in rap(he used to call them RAP's-odes).
-Twobeard:Ancient philoshopher well known for his philosophical question "to live or NOT to live in a pythari(large ceramic jar)?",wandering around with a lamp in daytime claiming that he was trying to find a honest man.
-Excellentend:Very,very famous ancient philosopher,mechanician,physician,mathematician,zoologist,biologist,poet and above all "logic".Many modern researchers claim "He was the father of traditional Logic".

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