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Notyoutopia's Famous Proverbs

-If it's gonna rain,it's gonna rain.If will NOT,will NOT.
-Dress,undress,bethink,eat,drink,go to stool and sleep.
-The empty can sounds the louder noise.
-Better be rich and healthy rather than poor and sick.
-Everything in its time and the mackerel in August.
-Where you are now I was and where I am now you will be.
-I am going slow 'cause I'm in a hurry.
-Whoever is in a hurry,stubles.
-It's gonna rain or it's gonna snow or it's gonna be good weather.
-Can NOT lock in woman and wind.
-Or the seashore is awry or we sail wrong.
-The one is sopping,do NOT afraid of the rain.
-Anyone who's peeing in the sea,finds it in the salt.
-The day is looking at night's doings and laughing.
-From a thorn becomes a rose and from a rose becomes a thorn.
-Barking dog,NOT biting dog.
-I'm telling to my dog and the dog telling to its tail.
-Good life,bad old age.
-One wants the pie to be whole and the dog to be glut.
To be continue

The Man With Red Right Hand of Notyoutopia