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Civil war:facts & questions

Ages ago,in the very ancient times of Notyoutopia prehistory,took place a horrible civil war!Archeologist found historical evidences of destroyed cities and hecatombes of our ancestors,sacrificed for the meanings of this war.But now,in modern times occures a tricky question,a rather rhetorical question about this war:"was really a civil war in prehistoric Notyoutopia?"
Lets see why.If a war must be called "civil",it has to be between 'civilians',civilized individuals of the same nation,right?But is there a civil war between NOT civilians,NOT civilized individuals,in a land where a civilization nation NOT exist yet?Because when this war happened,was NOT Notyoutopia as civilization nation yet,therefore NOT civilized people and of course NOT civilians.
Now our philosophers testing an all new term to describe that war which took place in ancient times at Notyoutopian lands:"NOTcivil war"
Any distibutions of others nations philosophers will be appreciated!