by The Man With Red Right Hand of Notyoutopia. . 30 reads.

Question about the Origins of Notyoutopians

Of course,its obvious that the Notyoutopian people are NOT from Youtopia and also seems obvious NOT from Utopia."Seems obvious ?" someone will ask.Yes,as you can(or canNOT) see,there is a debate between our scientists about this.Almost the half of them believe that we are NOT from Utopia,while the rest believe that is NOT so clear.And this because of the NOT/Utopia paradox,which is:
"Utopia is an ideal society which NOT exist in reality".If this is the case,then the Utopia is NOT.Add to this that also the Notyoutopia is NOT and you have their theory that maybe the Notyoutopians origin is actually from Utopia.Or NOT,who knows?NOT me,NOT you,NOT them and of course NOT anyone else!
The others answer is:"Utopia is an ideal society which is NOT exist in reality yet!!!".If this is the case, it means that it will sometime in the future,Utopia will be for real,so we canNOT have origin from a future society,here in present days(and nights,and NOT knights,I would like to add but I will NOT).
So,believe it or NOT,we do NOT know NOT a thing about our origin till now!!!