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Ministry Report #5

Ministry Report #5
Monthly accountability report by the Ministry of Regional Affairs


I have had an incredibly amount of fun serving as your Minister of Regional Affairs for these past two months. I have been working on several projects primarily aimed at increasing gameside activity and engagement and I believe we have seen astounding success in that aspect.

I must admit I tried to delay the publication of this fifth issue of Ministry Report, because I wanted to be able to say that the Regional Radio had been a success. We already had a core team of participants and a rough script, but we still had to actually record our pilot episode. However, this week I came to realise that I was being unfair: Ministry Report is there to account for my performance, and to cover that would keep you to evaluating my job for how it truly is, not how I want it to look like.

Thus, here is a full account of what I have been doing with the objectives laid out in Issue IV and what I hope to do in the next month. There are several fantastic activities being planned, and I hope you will find all of them interesting and fun. Like always, please get in touch if you have any suggestions or criticisms, either by sending me a telegram or by using the Comments Box linked on the regional World Factbook Entry.

Have a great day!

Kris Kringle
Minister of Regional Affairs


  • South Pacific Media returns on Monday
    Regular publications of the Southern Journal, Treasure Island Report and TSP Weekly did return on a regular basis. Real Time is being phased out in favour of a different format.

  • Government Approval Survey results to be published
    I failed to publish the results in the week following Issue IV, so instead I have begun publishing the Survey in six parts, one per each new issue of the Southern Journal.

  • Regional Radio to begin trial runs by early September
    Regretfully I was too ambitious with this goal. I do expect to have a working playlist by the end of September and a pilot episode on roleplayed events by mid October.

  • Regional Archives to begin publishing reports
    I was too ambitious here as well, since the Historical staff needed some guidance on how to write the reports. It was worth it though, and I will have at least three reports by late October.

  • ‘Today in History’ Awareness Project to begin on Monday
    I had a strong beginning with this project, but have recently let it slip, due to the higher priority of other projects. I hope those recruited for the Historical Office will help me restart this.

  • Nation of the Week will encourage a closer regional community
    I have named three Nations of the Week so far, to great reception. Today I will name a fourth one, and I hope people will continue learning more about their fellow residents.

  • Recruitment for the Fellowship Programme set to increase
    There has been an effort to increase recruitment for Fellowship. I have contacted several people and are talking with them about the different projects and opportunities they have.

  • TriviaSP and Hangman will return this weekend
    Both briefly returned, but TriviaSP had the same problems as Today in History. I hope to solve it with help from the Historical staff. I also hope to keep poking Feirmont about Hangman.

  • Ejection Contest will begin next weekend
    We successfully held the Ejection Contest, with more than 20 nations participating. Currently there are two nations left competing for the first place.

  • Lampshade Cabinet elections will start this weekend
    We also held the elections for the Lampshade Cabinet, creating great interest and generating some important activity on the RMB. A great Cabinet was elected as a result.


  • Spirit of Adventure Festival with Albion
    Following several weeks of planning, I am happy to announce the Spirit of Adventure Festival, a joint event with Albion that will feature forum games, roleplays, a dispatch upvoting contest and another film festival.

  • South Pacific Regional Games to be held in October
    Planning is underway for another edition of the Regional Games. It will feature a mixture of classic and new games, to provide a familiar yet exciting experience for all participants. As before, other regions will also be invited.

  • Awards and Yearbook Ceremony will start on October 10
    A ceremony to award prominent South Pacificans will start on October 10. It will feature serious and fun awards, to be given based on public voting. Categories will include everything from the Assembly to RMB activity.

  • Talking Points will replace Real Time as a different news format
    Given the difficulty of organising regular Real Time panels, due to the different schedules of participants, it will be replaced by Talking Points, a 1-on-1 interview show with both regional and roleplay personalities.

  • Government Approval Survey results will be published
    I hope to publish the results of the latest Government Approval Survey as a standalone issue of the Southern Journal, as to avoid conflicting with the six-part survey results. They will be published in mid October.