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August 17
Geomania published a news article for the South Pacific Independent News (SPIN) reporting on the results of the August 2003 election. His article discussed the election for the different Cabinet positions, including Secretary of Justice, Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Secretary of Defence, Secretary of the Region and Vice President. It was second ever election under the Coalition, following the July election that was reportedly postponed due to the brief coup by The XYZ Affair and the hacking of The Fathoms Below.

Several candidates would go on to become well respected figures in South Pacifican politics. Geomania became a longtime expert in military affairs, and most recently served a term as Minister of the Army. THE MATT-DUCK served as the 8th Delegate of the South Pacific. Bistmath was a longtime Vice President and leader of the early South Pacific. Tsunamy, who was the Election Commissioner, served in various positions before serving two terms as the 27th Delegate of the South Pacific.

Here is the original news article:

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Decision: August. A special edition of SPIN. As you may know, the August SP elections have rolled into their third and final day. So far, we already have two winners. Desert Rose retained her position as the secretary of Justice, running unopposed. Dick van Dyke became the secretary of Intelligence after Imrie, his predecessor, decided not to run again. Iím happy to congratulate both of them. The first election on the ballot, which is for the position of secretary of Foreign Affairs, has me, Geomania, who was appointed to the position by Tsunamy, after he resigned, running against Greater Arkania, who is currently the South Pacificís Ambassador to the East Pacific. Greater Arkania, who at one point was only trailing Geomania by one vote, now trails by 9 votes (he currently has 7 votes, or 30% of the vote) while Geomania has 16 votes (70%.) Next up, we have the election for the secretary of Defense. The incumbent, THE MATT-DUCK, is challenged by Katie Miyake of Bejita-sei, who was also his opponent in the July elections for secretary of Defense. At this moment, THE MATT-DUCK holds a 4 vote lead with 14 votes (58% of the vote.) Close behind, with 10 votes (42%), Katie Miyake is holding steady, as was the case in the July elections. The election for secretary of the Region (State) is in a dead heat. This must be, by far, the most interesting race in the election. The incumbent, KISS FANS, has 10 votes (50% of the vote), while his opponent, political newcomer Coral Islands, also has 10 votes. Vice President Bistmath and Aurellis are in another political battle for the Vice presidential seat. Unfortunately for Aurellis, Bistmath is winning, with 15 votes (71% of the vote). Aurellis has 6 votes, or 29% of the vote. Well, thatís about it from the SPIN. Tsunamy will be here to announce the winners of the election later this evening.


September 03
A discussion was underway in the Assembly floor on the organisation of the first ever Great Council of the South Pacific. Usually a Great Council will be convened in times when reform of the government is needed, after a discussion among those active in regional politics. In this particular case, our first ever reform convention was called by Slackervania after four hours of negotiation with government dissenter Casalanario. She explained that the Great Council would take place on the NationStates Forum between September 20 and September 25 and involve discussion on the role of the government within the region.

Several of those active in the region met the announcement with certain disdain, not at the opportunity of regional debate, but rather at the fact that it was Casalanario the one advocating it, since he had a reputation for outright opposing the existence of offsite government and supporting a completely gameside administration. On this particular date, Tsunamy commented that Casalanario would not be satisfied with a new constitution that did not provide for a gameside government.

Here is the original announcement:

After 4 hours of negotiations with Casalanario, I'm pleased to announce the first ever Great Council of the South Pacific.

This event is a five day long scheduled debate to take place in the on-site NationStates forum starting on September 20th and ending September 25th. Among the topics to be discussed are the role the cabinet plays in the region, election processes, and possible amendments to the Charter.

All nations of the South Pacific are encouraged to participate. It's advised that nations wanting to participate in the debate read the South Pacific Charter at <a class='bbc_url' href=''></a> to get some background.

I'll be posting a a link to the specific stream in this thread on the day the debate starts.


September 08
Secretary of Defence THE MATT-DUCK published a poll on the regional forum consulting on the possibility of creation a "constitutional army" to rapidly respond to threats and assist allies. Previous to that the Secretary of Defence was tasked with establishing an intellence network, but there was no formally established regional military. Overwhlming support for the proposal led THE MATT-DUCK to post a thread one day later detailing duties and comment structure of the Defence Force South Pacific (DSP).

In following years the military grew and was renamed South Pacific Army. In the 2013 Great Council it was renamed New Southern Army. Currently it is called the South Pacific Special Forces and is led by Siberian Districts.

Here are the original poll results:

Yes i would support a rapid response army. - 16 votes
No i would not support it. - 2 votes
abstain. - 2 votes

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