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Ministry Report #4

Ministry Report #4
Monthly accountability report by the Ministry of Regional Affairs


I am pleased to release the fourth issue of Ministry Report, the monthly newsletter from the Ministry of Regional Affairs. As Minister I feel it is important to keep the region informed of what our projects are and what opportunities you have to get involved.
Here you will find the Ministry’s objectives for this month. In the next issue, I will account for the progress made on those objectives and will also establish new goals for the next month. I hope this will allow you to hold the government accountable and make sure we deliver on our promises.
I also hope that you will find projects and activities that seem interesting and decide to join the Ministry. You may have valuable experience of just the eagerness of someone who wants to learn. Either way, I would be more than happy to welcome you and show you how to get involved. Your adventure is just one telegram away!

Kris Kringle
Minister of Regional Affairs

  • South Pacific Media returns on Monday
    South Pacific Media will resume its activities this Monday, starting with a new issue of the Treasure Island Report. It will be followed with regular publications from the Southern Journal, Real Time and TSP Weekly.

  • Government Approval Survey results to be published
    Results from the previous Government Approval Surveys will be published next week. In view of how tedious to complete they could be, the questions will be streamlined and reviewed for whenever a survey is sent next.

  • Regional Radio to begin trial runs by early September
    Work will begin next week on a Regional Radio with music selections, audio interviews and news reporting. Trial runs on will begin by early September, though the music selections might start on a regular basis later this month.

  • Regional Archives to begin publishing reports
    Reports on the findings of the Regional Archives (ex-Historical Project) will start being published within the next two weeks, starting with full lists of all Assembly votes and election results since the establishment of the Coalition.

  • ‘Today in History’ Awareness Project to begin on Monday
    Based on a suggestion from Punchwood, the Regional Archives will begin on Monday the ‘Today in History’ Awareness Project. It will regularly post on the RMB what happened that day in the region years ago.

  • Nation of the Week will encourage a closer regional community
    Each week the Ministry will select a nation, based on the creativity of their flags, dispatches or contributions to the region, and encourage congratulations on the RMB, to encourage the improvement of our regional community.

  • Recruitment for the Fellowship Programme set to increase
    There will be a sharp increase in recruitment of the Fellowship Programme, in particular for the Ministry of Regional Affairs. Recruitment will emphasise the benefits of getting involved and contributing to the region.

  • TriviaSP and Hangman will return this weekend
    TriviaSP will return this weekend, with questions being asked at times friendly to different time zones. Hangman will hopefully return with Feirmont according to his availability.

  • Lampshade Cabinet elections will start this weekend
    Elections for the Lampshade Cabinet will start this weekend. Campaigning will be held on the RMB and voting will happen through regional polls.

  • Ejection Contest will begin next weekend
    An Ejection Contest will begin next weekend, following a round of announcements on the RMB and through mass telegrams. Information on what the Contest is and how one can participate will be given this weekend.

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