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SECTION I | Answer in your own words :

What does "OOC" and "IC" mean, what are the differences: OOC means out of character this refers to rmb message's that do not effect the current rp IC means in character which refers to message's that have a direct effect on the ongoing rp

How can a player such as yourself, prevent Meta-Gaming: by following the rules and coordinating with the other players

How can a player such as yourself, prevent Power-Gaming:by ensuring my role plays are realistic and within the bounds of reality

Name of your nation: Kingdom of Italy

Location of your nation on the map:Italy

Capital City:Rome

Demographics of your nation:84.4% Christianity
11.6% no religion
1.0% Islam
3.0% other
91.3% Italian
8.7% other

Population of your nation: 58,853,482

Economics: $2.186 trillion, $37,146

Leader of your nation: HRM Umberto III di Savoia Aosta
Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni

Government type of your nation:Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy

Brief history of your nation:1946 the people of Italy would vote on the future of the Savoyard Monarchy which had ruled the country since unification in 1861 in a shocking twist of fate the people of Italy would vote to retain the monarchy by 54.3% to 45.7% despite most accepting the legitimacy of the vote the communist party and more radical republicans would decry the outcome as rigged despite this the history of Italy during the cold war would be the same as irl. In 1971 the son of Umberto II Victor Emmanuelle would marry without permission of the head of the Royal house, Umberto II angered by this and the other escapades of his eldest son would disinherit his son and declare the Duke of Aosta his heir after this Victor Emmanuelle would go into self imposed exile in Switzerland.

Previous Roleplay Experience : [Please Designate the following - Novice, Intermediate, Experienced, Very Experienced]

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