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John Silly Has Died

Tragic News Has Reached Us

The glorious chairman John Silly has perished. For nearly 70 years he had been the Head Chairman of the Federal Government, and in that time he has overseen the expansion of Federated Silly, eradication of all thinking machines in Sillian borders, the rapid growth of the Sillian Economy, and the colonization and militarisation of space under the Sillian banner. The Federal Council will now meet for a month and decide on a new leader for the Federation.

The three primary candidates are:
John Silly III, pro-democratic grandson of John Silly
James Whiskers, the pro-war and autocratic most prominent general of the Military Council
Karl of Colonthree, a prominent capitalist who essentially bought his way into leadership of Congress. He seeks to establish a libertarian monarchy under his “royal” house