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Uepu citizens:
I am happy to announce the beginning of a new UEPU festive Lore-fest. This is a festive to celebrate our in game role play. On the 29-30 December starting 7 am uk time on the 29th lore fest officially begins. It ends at 7 pm the next day uk time. It comprises of five competitions:
1)Longest meaningful dispatch
2)best dispatch
3)most likely person to use ai to write dispatches
4)Most improved lore from last year (but not this year obviously as it is the first)
5)the most important competition- most attention to in-game lore and role play
These will be judged by a panel of:
The free Scandinavian republics
Landbang Rkipo Islands
The winner from last year ( there was no winner so for this year the The Great Risborough will be filling in )
A special guest
And a member of the UEPU public chose randomly with complete randomness on a random occasions randomly picked though randomness between now and the 29th December (I know so random!)
But this isnít everything!
In the chat discuss who has the best food, drinks and traditions as members of government to set up polls about it! You can go crazy spreading your culture around the region! It is a time for discussion and friendly competition to encourage more attention to in game lore! So prepare your dispatches and decide on your lore for LOREFEST

Extra info: the winner of most attention to in game lore wins a legendary trading card