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Vote AGAINST Whistleblowing Convention

Official Recommendation of the Ministry of WA Affairs

Vote AGAINST Whistleblowing Convention - Here

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Rationale & Analysis

Nam waking up after a busy weekend IRL: Oh, no, I forgot to get a rec going for Whistleblowing Convention. This is a problem. Okay, let's see.

The Whistleblowing Convention will require every part of every member state's government as well as all private corporations to establish an independent, oversight body. This is above and beyond any which already exist in a general sense within the member state or private corporation. Further, it is unclear if said new, independent agencies themselves count as entities which would require their own independent oversight body. And so on. And so on. Creating some sort of independent oversight body inception situation in each member state which is just untenable.

Additionally, while this is a convention on whistleblowers, the protections within the text apply only to sapient citizens who report violations to 'independent' arms of the entity in question, not if they blow the whistle to the public or through the press. That's an oversight.

As such, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs has directed Kethania to vote AGAINST Whistleblowing Convention, and urges the Bloc's World Assembly nations to do the same.

Analysis By: Namwenia and Second Sovereignty
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