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The Dark War

1/12/2023, ~5:00 AM EST
It was a dark, stormy night in Waffland, at about 11:00 PM WT. The city of Waffleton was dormant, and the majority of Waffish people and military were asleep. Most active members in the military are looking at the stars or sleeping, and the night seemed peaceful. The crickets chirped, the snowflakes fell, and a small breeze swept over the lands of Waffland. However, despite the seemingly untroubled night, no one would expect what would happen next.



Quickly, after the terrorist attack, people all across Waffland quickly hid in the bunkers as the bombs rained over the city. Those in the army and airforce were ordered to defend from any seen existential threats, and the naval forces were ordered to protect from any amphibious attacks and were ordered to shoot at any military ships in the distance upon sight. This was the start of the ”Dark War.”

~7:00 AM EST
After a couple hours of impending doom, the government of Waffland quickly gained communication with the outside nations, and they realized they were not alone. The nations of X Country, Dakea, and The AbelLandia were also all attacked, and after a quick investigation, the rockets fired were all found to be from the nation of Slaviaontaria. This therefore triggered the treaties in alliances such as the EEA, EDA, and WAAN, which brought many, many nations into the conflict. However, despite several discussions, no evidence was to be found for the reason of the attacks. When asked, the government of Slaviaontaria gave no response, and when given warnings of a potential counter-attack, they refused to apologize. This led to the cancellation of trade and ties with Slaviaontaria by many nations, and so, the counter-attacks began.

The AbelLandia wrote:Me, All C.O.A.C. members and all W.A.A.N. members declare war on you!

The Slaviaontarian-European War (Later referred to as the Dark War)


The AbelLandia
X Country
The business land
Frankian Galian Islands
Abelland Empire
The sippleland



~8:00 AM EST
Once organized, the first counter-attacks began by X Country. Displeased by the attacks upon their fellow allies, the Xian military began shipping high-tech military vehicles on naval vessels, particularly battleships and aircraft carriers. Along with that, the government of Prusibourg was unhappy at the Slaviaontarian government for their attacks, and so, they joined the war on the defending side. Thus, Johans Loris, Minister of State Affairs of Prusibourg began to send aid to X City (The capital of X Country).

~10:00 AM EST
After a few hours, once the government of Keswick gained communication amongst their allies and found out about the attacks, they were furious-and so, they decided to send some “leftover” nukes to Slaviaontaria. This is the start of the all-out nuclear war.

~8:00 PM EST
Once the news of the war was almost completely known across all nations, many nations decidedly made the decision to join the war on the defending side, such as Beselius Rhomania and The offshore Aage Islands. Along with that, in the east, the military of Prusibourg made outstanding achievements, by wiping out much of the Slaviaontarian military alongside X Country. Thanks to the flat terrain, they continued to advance into Slaviaontarian territory, approaching their capital. Together, they made a small camp near it, with a total number 256,900 troops outside the walls of Slaviaontaria.

However, despite the advancements, the government of Waffland made the final decision not to intervene in the conflict. Although they were technically at “war,” the Waffish military found that the war could very easily be won, and decided not to join in on the fight. A decision was made to support those on the side of Waffland, but no direct military action would be taken, in order to lessen the chances of even more innocent Waffles losing their lives.

~11:00 PM EST
However, despite the attacks upon it, the strong determination of Slaviaontaria gave it the chance to attack and nuke Keswick and The AbelLandia, which they did.

Beselius Rhomania wrote:ooc:Bro really thinks he's Napoleon right now💀💀💀

2/12/2023, ~12:00 PM EST
Later, once the officers of the EEA found out about the attacks, all members were required to join on the defending side (Because of the Treaty of Losdonia). And so, led by the nation of Hunarskotlo, they began their attack upon Slaviaontaria.

Hunarskotlo wrote:During the Recent Events. Slaviaontaria Declared war on 4 nations, which resulted in a lot more nations Joining the Defending Side, But since he declared war on a Member of the EEA, all members are obliged to join the war on the Defending side, Which brings the total of the "Defendinh nations" to... 43 nations, I guess Slaviaontaria just wants to lose!?

The Rhine and Danube
Neurks Boodal
Greater Morvonia
Saint clisele
New guernsey
Ammar and Casentino
X Country
The AbelLandia
X Country
The business land
Frankian Galian Islands
Abelland Empire
The sippleland
Beselius Rhomania
The offshore Aage Islands


Once X Country found out about the nukes fired upon Keswick (And many other nations), the Xian military began and mass-produce nukes to be directed directly towards the nation of Slaviaontaria. The Authorities of X Country made a final demand to Slaviaontaria to surrender and be their puppet, which they deny…

Not long after, the Slaviaontarian military orders over 213 tanks to X Country, however, they are quickly outmatched by the over 10,000 tanks X Country strongly holds, at the Battle of X City. X Country, Hunarskotlo, and Beselius Rhomania all make a firm demand that Slaviaontaria surrenders, yet they still deny, by sending 9 nukes nukes to Hunarskotlo and building a “wall” to defend against X Country’s military. Thankfully, not long after, Xian missiles intercept a majority of the nukes headed towards Hunarskotlo’s capital, nearly saving it from complete doom. Knowing this, X Country makes the final decision to send 10 nukes to Slaviaontaria, beside many AA missiles. Continuing, many of the militaries of the defending nations work together to break through Slaviaontaria’s resistance, making their way towards the capital. However, still, no one would find out the reason for what happened next:

Rudnatia wrote:Rudnatia removes itself from The EEA, as we are now allies of Slaviaontaria, the military joins the fight, and gets ready for some inter-universal destruction. The F-89 Bombs have been deployed all over the European aggressors, and their major export cites in ruin. They declared war on slavs, which means war with France.

A flank from Rudnatian forces in the east jump the forces, killing a quarter of the men, due to conditions at the time, the winter cold freeze many to death, and many missiles deployed, many killed, only 3,000 casualties on Rudnatias end, while tens of thousands on the aggressors side fall to the fate.

Maddened by this, the militaries of Beselius Rhomania and X Country decided to send thousands of flamethrowers with their troops to Slaviaontaria’s capital, bringing their scorched-earth tactics with them. A portion of their troops were also sent to Rudnatia, in order to open another front against the attackers as well. Not long after, the nation of Orctavia also joins the fight alongside the defenders, by sending 100,00 troops to defend Beselius Rhomania.

~11:00 AM EST
Despite claiming to be taking no military action at the start, the government of Waffland was angry. They despised Slaviaontaria for starting the conflict, and Rudnatia even more for making it worse. And so, after some quick thinking, the government of Waffland made the final decision to join into the conflict, by sending naval vessels to the coasts of Slaviaontaria and Rudnatia to bombard the coasts. However, Rudnatia did not take this lightly, and made an attempt to decimate the Waffish navy near Rudnatia. Rudnatia also began the bombing of Waffland Colony and WL Mountain Colony, which escalated the conflict even further.

~1:00 PM EST
After a couple hours of fighting in the seas near Rudnatia, the nations of Keswick and X Country decided to get involved, by blowing up potentially dangerous Rudnatian naval ships that may have been heading towards Waffland and/or The AbelLandia. The two nations also began working on a secret project to develop a lethal weapon, with the potential to kill millions of civilians and soldiers of Slaviaontaria and Rudnatia. Waffland also began the shipping of poison and m*rder dr*g waffles to the Keswickian and Xian militaries, in order to illegally ship them to Rudnatia, in hopes of causing devastating outbreak within the nation…*Waffland begins to think: Was this really a good idea…?*

Later, the nation of Leblancroux decided to finally get involved, after several requests from many nations. The researching on the “Special Weapon” is Keswick was later changed to Paris in Leblancroux, in order to secure safety with the project, in the case that an attacking nation were to directly invade Keswick

~2:00 PM EST
While the army of Rudnatia had made great progress, they decided to make a charge for X Country, however, this was a fatal mistake. During the attacks on the other nations, the Xian military made a a giant hole below the surface, and below it, stood there magma. As the Rudnatian army approached, their fate seemed to have been sealed as the lever was pulled, killing thousands, upon thousands of the Rudnatian soldiers. The OBE (Obsidian, Bedrock, Emerald) wall rises, trapping the remainder of the Rudnatian soldiers in Xian territory. However, X Country continues to struggle, and finalky, they self-destruct by blowing up their biggest bomb yet, destroying all of X Country. Thankfully, the majority of the Xian people managed to flee from the explosions, yet their lives are still at stake…

While this, the fleeing Rudnatian military was ordered to be sent to Hunarskotlo to attack their capital while they were busy. However, the capital of Hunarskotlo was much more heavily defended than what the Rudnatian military thought, and so, the Hunarskotians managed to win at the Battle of Dovahkron, which was a decisive victory. After this, the Rudnatian military was almost completely destroyed, and the Slaviaontarian army was almost completely out of the picture. And so, the queen of Rudnatia offered peace.

Rudnatia wrote:Peace it is, the letter is sent to -redacted- planet and shown to the queen.

"This letter. . . is oddly. . . inspiring. . ." she says as she is amazed at the qualitative of writing, she is open to peace, as she has no joy in slaughtering billions, so long as they agree to the terms, here they are presented,

The Treaty of the Black Sea

Nations of the Slavaontari-Rudan war, for far too long there has been a rift of military prowess, nations losing time and time agian to Rudan forces, caused many to suffer, and rudans too. As such, after a letter sent by Hunarskotlo, we feel inspired to make peace and repair allieship with the other nations, the terms presented are as follows;

1. The nations who participated will all agree that Rudnatia and Slaviaontaria won the war in their own respect, and the "good" side lost.

2. No harsh repercussions will be enacted, and the formation of The United European Nations against War may be formed, to prevent a gargantuan conflict such as this to happen again.

2a. This alliance will be much like that of the EEA, rather, it is a peacfual organization that dedicates itself to peace across Europe, and to prevent skirmishes.

2b. The offices will go as follows;

Rudnatia, Founder

Waffland, Coordinator

X Country, Officer

Hunarskotlo, Negotiator

Slaviaontaria, Minister of Alliance Defense

More will be handed in the future.

3. The countries mentioned will promise to help each other when faced with major conflicts that could scar the nations welfare and different nations alike, as such, no military conflict is recommended.

4. The international conversation and announcement center will be Byzantine, the capital of Rudnatia

This aims to bring together the nations of Europe, and prevent this from happening ever again.

Despite this, it would still take time to find a treaty that everyone would agree on. After intense discussions and negotiations, the final peace agreement was set as below. It was agreed that no one won the conflict, as no one could agree who did.

  1. No one won the conflict. It was merely a tie.

  2. You shall face consequences, as you declared war on us, by donating money to the millions of civilians you killed in the conflict. Nothing more, nothing less. However, we will promise to donate money to those who were killed in Rudnatia as well.

  3. Finally, you shall promise not to make another small conflict like this into a large, inhumane one. We promise to as well. If you feel that it is really necessary, give us the reason and we may support and/or assist you. We want to end the war.





-Who is this?

-Rizi. Who is this?

-Moreno. What is this for?

-What happened to Slaviaontaria?

-What do you mean? Weren’t they included in the treaty?

-No, it was only for Rudnatia and the defending nations…

-Wait…what? Then what happened to them?

-We’re still not sure, and we still aren’t sure what’s going on. They say they accept the treaty, yet they weren’t included…


-Oh, oh no-



*Call ends*