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December Featured Warden: Igualla

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News from TGW:
  • Takkaviita was promoted to Warden-Constable for their leadership in large operations and heavy updating presence

  • Warden-Commander Lucabaduka announced her retirement from military gameplay recently. We're sad to see her and go and wish her all the best! In light of the Chamberlain vacancy, Grea Kriopia will be taking on the mountain of TGW's paperwork.

Featured Warden: Igualla

This month's Featured Warden is Igualla who is one of the Orders' Senior Wardens. Ever since joining TGW in January, he's worked hard both at being a busy presence at update and improving the region's domestic affairs. Primarily, Igualla runs the WA Discussions that keep Wardens engaged with the WA. Since joining, he's fully become a part of the TGW atmosphere, and we're glad to interview him today.


General Information

Alias(es): Rookieblue

Joined NS: 2012

Joined TGW: January 2023

Senior Warden


Warden: January 26, 2023 - Present
Senior Warden: April 30th, 2023 - Present

Ostrovskiy: Hi, Igualla! Super happy to have you as our featured Warden this month, how are you?

Igualla: I'm doing well, thank you! How are you?

Ostrovskiy: I'm awesome, thanks! For a start, could you tell me about how you found/joined NS?

Igualla: I first found NS when I was back in high school a way long of a time ago! I played a bit here and there but never really found a good community to be a part of.

Ostrovskiy: And could you tell me what year that was?

Igualla: Oh lordy, probably back in 2012ish? I've been playing off and on for quite a bit. Now you're making me feel old 😅

Ostrovskiy: Oh no! Super sorry ^_^ Well, to make you (hopefully) feel younger, how did you end up joining TGW?

Igualla: When I decided to come back to NS I looked and some of the more populous regions and came across TGW. I'm a big Dragon Age/Mass Effect/Bioware fan, so it caught my eye right away!

Ostrovskiy: Most Order members know about Dragon Age, but what is Mass Effect and Bioware?

Igualla: Bioware is the company that made Dragon Age (and Mass Effect) and Mass Effect is another one of their series that is sci-fi based.

Ostrovskiy: Interesting, interesting. What is, in your opinion, the best part of TGW?

Igualla: My favorite part of TGW is how easy it was to start as a brand new person without any military experience and learn the ropes! A lot of the more senior Wardens and TGW leadership were very easy to talk to and ask the dumb questions that we all asked as new members. It made it a lot easier to start to get to know people and feel like I kind of knew what I was doing!

Ostrovskiy: If I may ask, is there any singular person you think helped you learn the ropes the most?

Igualla: That would definitely be West! Besides basically being at every single update already, West had constantly put up with me asking for rough update times so I can plan my drives home from work to help with Libs and asking the rookie questions. West definitely is one of the bigger reasons I like TGW so much!

Ostrovskiy: Westinor is Bestinor, that is incredibly true. Speaking of libs, what has your favorite one been since you joined the Order?

Igualla: My favorite liberation was the lib of England in March. That was my first major operation so it was a lot of fun making the first jump and being in that initial beach head.

Ostrovskiy: Did you get any fatigue through the week-long, every update siege?

Igualla: I had it easy for that one, since once I was in I didn't get banned at all, haha.

Ostrovskiy: Fair, fair. Are there any tips you'd like to give to the newer Wardens reading this interview?

Igualla: Don't be afraid to ask questions if you don't understand something, and don't get frustrated! I've asked all of the dumb questions there are and I'm still here and contributing to a free NS society! Also feel free to shoot me a DM if you have a question that you don't feel super confident about asking in public and I promise to help out as best I can! I enjoy helping our newest Wardens because I still keenly remember being new myself.

Ostrovskiy: I'm sure anyone with questions will be glad to ask you! Moving on, what are your goals in regards to TGW or NS in general in the future? Or are you content with your lot?

Igualla: I'd love to get more involve in TGW! I'm currently serving as an Emissary (diplomat) to our friends at the Holy Utopian Empire, but I hope to one day enter into leadership as well. Outside of TGW, I don't think I have any specific NS wide goals!

Ostrovskiy: And you'll make a great leader too! Have you ever considering getting involved with another part of the NS sphere, such as cards, roleplay, or WA authorship?

Igualla: I'd love to get involved in some roleplay, but my work schedule makes it a bit difficult. WA Authorship is another thing that I'd be interested in getting involved with, but it's hard to live up to West and Quebec's experience!

Ostrovskiy: I'm sure that with work, it would be possible to live up to them! Well, this about wraps up the interview. Igualla, is there anything else you'd like to say before we draw to a close?

Igualla: I've enjoyed my almost year in TGW so far and I look forward to continuing to stand against the darkspawn!

Ostrovskiy: We all hope to see you on the battlefield! Thanks for agreeing to take part in this interview, and this concludes this month's Featured Warden.

Igualla: Haha, thanks for the interview!