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[10 Downing Street] Opening Address + Cabinet Announcement

2nd December 2023

Good Morning,

Yesterday I was summoned to Buckingham Palace by His Majesty following the results of the General Election where I was invited to form a Government. An invitation I accepted with great pride.

As I said on election night, it is an honour to trusted by the people of our region once more as Prime Minister. The manner in which I was returned was especially humbling and I appreciate very much those who expressed their faith in me. It will now be my duty to ensure I do not let you down.

I am excited to get started on the term ahead. As well as putting together a cabinet, I spent yesterday communicating to the on-site nation, preparing my first cabinet meeting, and holding a discussion with the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Great Britain on areas we can cooperate on. I was also elected on a mandate of reform and ideas and I look forward to implementing those! But ideas are one thing, as I indicated during the campaign, they require engagement to be successful so I want to hear from you as much as possible!

As we enter the winter period, I want to capatlise on the increased activity potential we may have. This Government will have many initiatives to be working on but I want to encourage everyone to think about how we can change the region for the better. We have tremendous potential due to the people of this region. I really mean that, there's no stopping our momentum if we put our minds to it!

I am also pleased to announce the individuals who will serve in my Government. I am cautious this has taken an extra day than I would have liked but it has taken time to get the right people in the right places, and I'd rather do it right than quick. I bring together a Cabinet with a wide range of experiences, which I know will play a big part in helping move our region forward. With this cabinet, I have tried to ensure a balance between trusted expertise, as well as new and returning individuals to Government. I have also tried to limit those currently serving in Parliament over the term.

Cabinet of the United Kingdom:

Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
The Right Honourable, Owen Stewart , Viscount of Trent Bridge KCMG KBE MVO PC

Chancellor of the Exchequer
The Honourable, Samantha Cahill-Mountbatten

Secretary of State for the Home Department
The Honourable, Jacob H. Mikaelson MBE LLB

Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs
The Right Honourable, Elisha Menzies MBE

Secretary of State for Culture
The Honourable, Cody R. Cavendish-Beauclerk OBE

What I think distinguishes this cabinet above all is the unique potential in several areas. I can't ask for a better Deputy to give advice than Owen. I am excited to see Samantha's immediate return to Government knowing she'll get stuck in with fresh perspectives. Jacob has briefly served as Home Secretary before and deserves this full term, I know he'll take the department to a new level. Elisha is someone I haven't worked with before which is great because I know he has the experience and knowledge, so together I am confident we can take a fresh approach to FA. Last but not least is Cody who served as a Junior Minister last term, and I know is just raring to go with ideas and energy, and I am excited what he'll bring to the department.

Additional Ministers Appointed:

Minister for Culture
Mister David-O-Hull

Minister of State for Housing Reform
The Honourable Mark Hornsey

You'll also notice I have taken the step of appointing additional Ministers, both of whom are valuable assets to the Government. I really want to reshape the Minister role this term. It shouldn't just be a part time job that the public don't see. In that vein, I am pleased to appoint Mark to specifically to work in the Treasury and lead on the Housing Reform I outlined where I know he has an interest and capacity to help turn this into reality. Additionally David O-Hull is appointed as Minister of Culture where he will specifically deputise for the Secretary and will be working on individual projects as part of a wider roadmap for this term, which I am hopeful is first first step in a long career.

This Government, these people, I believe, demonstrate my commitment to developing the next generations of leaders but most importantly, reward people who are deserving of an opportunity.

As I move forward I am looking forward to working with all of you and leaders across the political spectrum. My door is open to every single one of you, if you have an idea, a criticism, a plan, or anything you want to speak to me about. I will be a Prime Minister for every single person of this region.

Thank you,
His Grace, Akillian Talleyrand, KG CH KBE MVO PC SRJ MP
Duke of Edinburgh & Rothesay, Earl of Lothian, Baron Carluke

Prime Minister of United Kingdom
UK Prime Minister/Akillian