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Midterm Recap by Chipoli
27 November 2023

The North Pacific has recently passed the halfway point for this term! Let's take a look at what our region has been up to.

On the domestic front, The Ministry of Culture has organized many interregional events, such as the Spirit Halloween Festival with The Wellspring and Carcassonne, our two newest treaty partners, and the TWP & TNP Interregional Chess Arena. Additionally, we celebrated our 10th treaty anniversary with allies Europeia with a festival. On top of that, we also hosted the first Delegate’s Day tournament for several years, where Siwale was crowned King of The North!

Meanwhile, The Ministry of World Assembly Affairs has been able to consistently publish its IFVs on time and continues to make progress in the Heroes of Valhalla program. Our technological infrastructure has been successfully rebuilt, thanks to former minister Magecastle. The Ministry of Home Affairs continues to operate at great levels behind the scenes. The Gameside Advocates have been as active as we have ever seen, as shown by the high frequency of ads posted on the Regional Message Board.

Our Ministry of Communications has released two editions of The North Star (TNS) and has been improving on The Northern Notes, with three new segments released thus far. On the radio front, we have taken care of the editing backlog that we incurred from the previous term and we've released four new shows to go along with the four shows that were previously recorded. With a total of nine uploads made over the course of the past two months (including a reading of the Delegate's "To War" statement), these shows are all now available on both YouTube and Spotify.

Abroad, we successfully ratified The Rum and Eagles Solidarity Pact with the League & Concord, also what is known as a non-aggression pact, as part of an effort to develop closer ties between the two of us. Earlier this term, we additionally managed to ratify two new treaties, The Treaty of The Northern Wells, and The Aude Alliance with The Wellspring and Carcassonne respectively, as we continue to break new ground in the diplomatic landscape. We are currently engaged in an ongoing war against the Brotherhood of Malice (BoM) and The Communist Bloc (TCB).

So far, The North Pacific Army has successfully conquered Solidarity, a TCB recruitment hub, and liberated the regions of Magna Aurea and the Far East Oriental Federation from the control of our adversaries. Along with that, The TNP Militia has been established to increase its engagement with the gameside community. We continue to see an increase in the number of new enlistees joining our military and new soldiers rising through the ranks with each subsequent operation.

Overall, this has been a successful first half of the term for The North Pacific, and we look forward to seeing what we can accomplish in the second half.