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Kallanistan People's Republic - All Endings

Canon Ending: Kallanistan People s Republic, after collapse of UKCR has become one of the most infulental in The Kodiak Republic

What Changed: Nothing Changed.

Good Ending: UKCR has been reunified under the banner of Kallanistan People s Republic

What Changed: Kallanistan People s Republic kinda became a superpower.

Bad Ending: Kallanistan People s Republic economy shatters after UKCR has collapse.

What Changed: Kallanistan People s Republic will still struggle to rise up the economy.

Imperial Ending: Кujśo empire manage to win the "First Sтт-Кujśо War" and win the "First Continental War" with a superpower military.

What Changed: Second Continental War will be easy win, and no Kallanistan People s Republic

Rump Ending: Kallanistan People s Republic and other KCRs decided to carry the legacy of UKCR as a rump state.

What Changed: Nothing but bigger Kallanistan.

Federal Ending: Кнпńуэjиv F.R established by Fřeкidaи was sucsessfull after problem and problem.

What Changed: Кнпńуэjиv F.R will allied himself with Fřeкidaи.

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