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Vote Flomonga for Parliament!


I have been in this great Region since February. It hasn't taken me long to love this Region and from my experience with other accounts in other Regions, I can tell you this: There is not a single Region in this game that has what we have. A great Culture, Leadership, Certainly a sports program, and people who seem to support each other relentlessly. That is why I am running. To expand on what we are as a Region. My other account Grumble Landon served on Parliament last term.

I am asking you to consider voting Flomonga for Parliament. I have many great ideas but more importantly, I have had the privilege of hearing other ideas from both candidates and noncandidates and I look forward to working with the others who are elected as well as with our PM and cabinet.

I am running on the basis of rejuvenating Parliament from its inactivity and helping make it a huge impact in helping our Region. Working to pass and propose legislation at every opportunity to grow our great Region.

I believe I could help make an impact on Parliament but most importantly work with others and help with their ideas. I pride myself on listening to others and hearing where they come from. Electing me will promise this: Parliament will not be inactive and will get to work.

Please consider voting Flomonga for Parliament.

The United States of Flomonga