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List of Military, Paramilitary, Police, and Insurgent groups in Juansonia [WIP][Never will be complete, even when done]

Juansonia has multiple military groups, which will be listed and described below:

The Juansonian Armed Forces
The Juansonian Armed Forces exist to provide a Military to fulfill the needs of Juansonia and to assist other members of the San Augusto Defense Pact. Service in the Juansonian Armed Forces is an easy way for Juansonians to fulfill their national service requirement, and it provides an easy path for immigration and citizenship.

The Juansonian Army
The Juansonian Army is the primary land force of the Juansonian Armed Forces.

It is organised primarily into Brigade Combat Teams, which are grouped into divisions. Each Brigade Combat Team (with the exception of the 37th Bicycle Infantry Brigade) is either Motorised, Mechanised, or Armored. Motorised brigades rely primarily on trucks, armored road vehicles, and lighter support options. Mechanised brigades uses the Strkyer family of vehicles. Armored brigades rely on tanks and heavier IFVs for frontline vehicles.

The Juansonian Navy
The Juansonian navy is responsible for patrolling the sea, controlling the waters, securing beachheads, supplying friendly forces, and commanding strategic nuclear submarines. Juansonian ships often provide artillery and air support to Marines and nearby Soldiers.

Juansonian Marines are part of the Navy, and they conduct landing and boarding operations.

The Juansonian Coast Guard
As the Juansonian Navy's smaller brother, the Coast Guard focuses on coastal patrol and often acts as a police and civil rescue force. The Coast Guard retains its own marines, but to a much lesser extent than the Navy does.

The Juansonian Air Force
The Juansonian Air force uses aircraft for military purposes, such as securing air superiority and strategic bombings. Paratroopers serve as part of the Juansonian Army.

The Juansonian Strategic Forces
The Juansonian Strategic Forces maintains and controls assets of high strategic value to Juansonia. JSF is responsible for the Nuclear STRATegic COMmand, all domestic strategic missile silos, the Orbital Suborbital and Launch/Landing Asset Command, the Cyberwarfare Command, the Military Intelligence COMmand, the Diplomatic Security Corps, and the Juansonian Special Operations COMmand. In times of War, it also maintains the Unified Command of Internal Security, which organises and controls police organisations.

Other entities of the Juansonian Government
San Augusto Metropolitan Police Department
SAMPD is the main police agency in the San Augusto Metropolitan area, and its operation is quite comparable to its [another_country_demonym_adj] counterparts in operation. While the SAMPD is known for corruption and excessive force, they are also a well-funded department which can be relied on in emergencies.

Rumor has it that the SAMPD provides aid to human trafficking and organ sale operations in the area. As of current, there is no evidence of such.

Guardia Civil Prosperidad
GC Prosperidad is the main law enforcement organisation in the city of Prosperidad. It mostly operates through community integration and deescalation, but it maintains the ability to reliably and effectively handle emergency situations by force. The average GC Prosperidad officer is just as accurate as their firearm is, although they rarely ever use them outside of gun ranges.

The exception to this rule is Prosperidad SWAT, the specialist element of GC Prosperidad. Unlike their [another_country_demonym_adj] equivelants, Prosperidad SWAT only deploys in high-risk operations(cartel-busting, hostage situations, the like).

Diplomatic Security Corps
The Diplomatic Security Corps provides security for embassies, legations, and other Juansonian presences in consenting states. It technically is part of the JSF, but it often is left to operate as an independent sub-branch.

Ambassadors who are technically active duty military personnel serve as part of this service.

PMCs, PSCs, and PIs
Imagine a maid cafe, but replace "cafe" with "PMC organisation known to defeat conventional militaries". They currently have a contract as the transit police in the city of Prosperidad. Their ethical record is excellent, at least by PMC standards.
Fortuna uses a lot of equippment in common with the Juansonian Armed Forces, and a lot that happens to be NATO-STANAG compliant.
A private law enforcement and security company known to provide investigative services, personal and locational security, and crime-busting raids.
Most relevant to this section are their Assault and Counter-Assault tactical teams.

Insurgent groups
the LORD's Army
OOC Disclaimer:Not in any way related to IRL Uganda's LRA.

The LORD'S Army is a terrorist group seeking to establish Christian Law in Juansonia. They have received support from [placeholder nation] due to similar interests. As an insurgent force, they prioritise hit-and-run tactics and view most of their troops as expendable. However, some of their members are competent enough that they aren't seen as expendable.