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[N-DAY] Announcement of Impending Armageddon

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Announcement of Impending Armageddon
Ministry of Defense


Contact Information: Guess and Check (@DERP#9479)

(Liberty Square, September 19th, 2022)


The Ministry of Defense has received reports that the world shall be placed upon wide-spread nuclear threat on September 24th, 2022, a day commonly being referred to as N-Day. This represents a vastly dangerous time for us all. As such, the Union of Democratic States has opted to join The Potato Alliance to ensure the welfare and liberty of our residents and citizens.

During N-Day, all nations who join a faction shall obtain the ability to produce nukes and shields. Nukes shall be utilized to launch attacks on nations in other factions; shields destroy incoming nukes. All nukes and shields are produced using production points, which your nation will gain over time at a specific rate. However, if your nation is struck with a nuke, it will suffer from radiation and have its ability to gain production points reduced. At 100 radiation, a nation is destroyed and can no longer utilize production facilities. It is recommended to read NationStates' guide on N-Day for a better understanding of what approaches us, and The Potato Alliance's preparation guide (and other links in the guide's header) to ensure your nation is sufficiently prepared to defend itself.

(Note: This event's effects are temporary and only last for the duration of the event. If you do not wish to participate, do not join a faction - your nation cannot be attacked unless it is part of a faction.)

In order to maximize effectiveness, the Potato Alliance will be releasing orders that all member regions (including the Union) are to follow. To ensure you receive these commands, please join the Command Discord Linkhere. If you are already in the Discord from last year, simply state in the available channel that you wish to participate in N-Day and follow the orders to state your nation. If you do not have Discord yet wish to participate, it is recommended to create an account Linkfollowing these steps.

A brief summary of the resources presented in this announcement:

The next few days will prove to be trying times for us all, Unionists. But if we work together with our allies and friends, we shall prevail and enjoy the ride. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the individual listed above via telegrams or Discord.

Good luck.

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