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Treaty of Flowers

On Friday 01 July 2022, President Dinc introduced a new treaty to the Parliament, Here is the treaty:
Treaty of Flowers
Section I: Definitions
For the purposes of this treaty, The following definitions will be used:
1. “Home Country” is defined as the signatories primary country, in which Legislation and National Law are applied.
2. “Non Allied Country” is defined as a nation which do not maintain diplomatic nor defence relations with an Home Country.
3. A “War-zone” is defined as a nation in which conflict is ongoing.
4. “Disputed Region” is defined as an area where the ownership of that area is disputed by the involved countries.
5. “Allied Country” is defined as an nation which has a defence agreement and diplomatic relations with an Home Country.
6. “Exempt Countries” are defined as Home Countries that have been exempted from provisions set forth by this treaty.
The list of Exempt Countries are as follows:

Section II: Mutual Recognition
1. The signatories will recognise the constitutional governments in power at the time of ratification of this treaty as the legitimate government of their respective country.
2. The signatories will maintain embassies or consulates with other Home Countries.

Section III: Mutual Defence
1. The signatories agree not to engage in hostile activities against another Home Country, nor should the signatories engage in battle with a protectorate established by National Law of another Home Country.
2. The signatories will not attempt to overthrow nor commit acts of espionage against another Home Country.
3. The signatories shall provide military assistance to another signatory in case of conflict in their Home Country, and at the request of the other signatory.

Section IV: Intelligence Sharing
1. The signatories shall provide intelligence to other signatories unless the Home Country’s government believes that sharing specific intel would contradict National Law or International Law.
2. The signatories will share intel with one another if the intel is targeted against a common enemy, with consent from the Home Country’s government.
3. The signatories will in no way, direct or indirect engage or initiate in subterfuge or other clandestine operations against one another’s Home Country.

Section V: Cultural Endeavours
1. The signatories shall endeavour to conduct communal cultural activities to benefit the citizens of Home Countries.
2. Citizens of an Home Country shall be permitted and encouraged to learn about other Home Countries if unless the government of that country does not permit such actions.

Section VI: General Provisions and Dissolution
1. This treaty will come into effect upon its ratification by the duly authorised individuals or legislative bodies of the involved signatories.
2. Upon ratification, this treaty will be the sole treaty between the involved signatories, superseding any prior documents written describing an relationship between the signatories.
3. Either signatory will endeavour to give a month’s notice in their respective embassies or consulates before withdrawing from this treaty.
4. The signatories will make all reasonable efforts to seek a diplomatic solution before withdrawing from this treaty.

Hikemet Dinc
President of the United States of Dictators

Filipo Farnenza
Prime Minister of Duago

David Huntingson
President of Herzoslovakia

The Speaker of the House and Leader of the Parliament, Alena Adalyn, accepted the President's request for the treaty to be moved to Formal Debate, in which all 600 Members of Parliament would debate the bill, Additionally all 600 MP's were notified of the treaty and the formal debate.

10:20 AM, 12 July 2022,
Parliament House

The Speaker stands on her podium and says, "Good Morning Members of Parliament, and Mr. President. Today we are here to discuss the treaty submitted by Mr. President titled the ''Treaty of Flowers'', additionally along with the discussion I will invite the President to issue an overview and an statement of support for this treaty. Formal Debate period will last until 2:30 PM today or less provided the President requests the treaty to be moved for a vote, It may also be extended to a maximum of 14 days at the request of the President. With that said, Mr. President, I invite you to speak."

The President stands up from his chair and says, "Thank you Honourable Speaker, This treaty seeks to establish diplomatic and defence relations with our allies in Herzoslovakia and Duago. Honourable Speaker and Members of Parliament, I believe that this treaty will establish the most comprehensive and robust relations we have with these two countries, I will in fact note that we have not had smooth relations with either countries in this treaty, However, I believe that we must leave that behind and focus on strengthening relationships with these two countries so that in the future we can no longer be enemies but rather allies that will protect each other when needed."

"The Speaker says, Thank you Mr. President for your statement, I would now like to invite Members of Parliament to ask question to the President regarding this treaty."

Senator Jeremy Smith (NFL-DB) stands up and says, "Mr. President, I would like to ask you how this treaty plans to improve cultural relations we have with these two countries? After some research I have found that around 72% of Dictatorisians have expressed a negative opinion of Herzoslovakians, Additionally, 53% of Dictatorisians have expressed a negative opinion of Duogians. Similarly, 56% of Herzoslovakians have expressed a negative opinion towards Dictatorisians and 47% of Duogians have expressed a negative opinion towards Dictatorisians. Mr. President, how do you plan to "improve cultural relations" with those countries with that kind of numbers?"

The President says "Thank you for your concern Mr. Senator, Like I said before, we have not had smooth relations with these countries, However, I believe through Section V of this treaty, we will have much more robust relations as citizens of Duago and Herzoslovakia will learn more about our culture and our citizens will learn more about them. Through this exchange of cultures our citizens will forge together closer and will pull that number down significantly."

Representative Mike Herzigog (HP-NCD) stands up and says "Mr. President, I share the same concerns as Senator Smith and would like to add more, As said by Senator Smith the citizens of those two countries do not have an positive opinion of us, What would stop them from let's say electing a leader that is very Anti-Dictatorisians and that would violate this treaty?"

The President says "Mr. Senator It's not that their negative opinion towards us is new, it goes back hundreds of years since our Independence from them in 1834. And they haven't elected a leader that would strain relations with us in the past, so I believe that the citizens won't elect a leader that is Anti-Dictatorisian in present time or in future time."

Senator Jonathan Adams (NFL-NT) stands up and says, Mr. President, for the sake of government transparency, and the Freedom of Information Act, I request you to give a detailed explanation about the motivations for this treaty, how it was planned, how and when it was written, and your conversations about this treaty with the involved countries leaders, that is unless that information is highly confidential."

The President says "Mr. Senator I'm afraid that I cannot share classified information regarding the latter, However, I will answer the rest. On 2 November 2021, After the meeting with the Xenian Union, I had a discussion with the leaders of Herzoslovakia and Duago about a new treaty between our three countries. They happily agreed and asked for the work on drafting the treaty, For the sake of Unbiasness, we three agreed that it would be best if the draft was created in collaboration with each countries respective foreign ministry or the equivalent. After about two months of drafting, the draft was finally ready for review, I will note that prior to the review, I had discussion with the leaders about how this treaty would work and how it would be structured. However, for the sake of confidentiality I will not reveal the exact wording of the discussions. After reviewing the draft, we made suggestions to add new sections and from there until the 30th of June, we had reviewed the treaty, After we all decided that it was good to go, I sent it to the Honourable Speaker to be moved into Formal Debate as per the law requires, and the involved leaders will proceed how they need to."

The speaker interrupts, "Mr. President, we have 10 minutes left for the formal debate, would you like to move this treaty for a vote or extend the formal debate period?" The President says "Honourable Speaker, I believe that this treaty is ready for vote by the Parliament, with that said, With confidence, I move this treaty for vote."

The Speaker responds "Thank you Mr. President, the move for a vote is recognised, Voting will start on 14 July 2022 at 10:00 AM for the House of Representatives, and at 11:00 AM for the Senate, a two thirds majority is required for the treaty to pass, With that said, I thank Mr. President and Members of Parliament for being with here today, With that said, I hereby end Formal Debate."

As formal debate came to an end in the United States of Dictators, on the evening of 12 July, at 5:00 PM Herzoslovakian time, as their Parliament was debating the treaty, Members of their Parliament were against this treaty and were angered by the President's decision to sign the treaty without consultation from the Parliament. The President, David Huntingson tried to deploy arguments on why this treaty would be an improvement in Herzoslovakia's foreign relations, However, MP's refused to believe that this treaty would do anything other than have the United States of Dictators take advantage of Herzoslovakia and eventually destroy it.

Over 20,000 people gathered at the President's House in Birmingham, calling for the withdrawal of Herzoslovakia from this treaty, the protesters shouted ''Death to Dictators" and burned flags of the United States of Dictators. And also burned posters of President Dinc and Vice President Darrell.

As all this was going at the President's House, in the Parliament, MP's were arguing with President Huntingson and some even tried to hurt him. After the President's Police determined that it was dangerous for the President to be present in Parliament, they escorted him to the President's car, outside the Parliament, there were about an estimate of 10,000-15,000 people, some of them even armed, waiting for the President's car to exit the gates of the Parliament, As the President's car exited, The National Police of Herzoslovakia (NPH) which is the military police of the Herzoslovakian Armed Forces, arrived in order to escort the car, as city police were overwhelmed. The NPH threatened to shoot anyone who stayed within 10ft of the President's car as it was exiting the Parliament gate. a person fired shots at an NPH vehicle, killing an NPH policeman, the NPH fired shots at people who were close to the President's car and NPH vehicles.

The NPH tried to blockade the streets of Birmingham in order to stop more protesters from getting to the President's House, As all this was going on, The Secretary of Foreign Relations who was with the President inside the car were asked to dunk their heads by the guards in order to avoid gunshots, The President heard gunshots being exchanged between the NPH and armed protesters, a protester managed to shoot the window of the President's car, but thankfully the President and the foreign secretary survived. After that the President's car decided to ram through the crowd because the car had been fired upon, it ran over protesters at full speed and managed to get out of the danger zone, it was then escorted by NPH vehicles to the President's House.

In the President's House, the protesters were quickly fired upon by the NPH with tear gases, smoke grenades and fired at with rubber bullets. Soon after, all the protesters left the President's House as they were being threatened to be fired upon with guns, The President entered the House without any problems.

The President was immediately taken to the medical room for an medical evaluation, after passing it, he told the Foreign Secretary to let the public know that the President is activating Section IX Clause 2 of the Constitution and signing this treaty to be legal.
Section IX Clause 2 of the Herzoslovakian Constitution:

If the parliament is unfit to full-fill its duties, The President will assume the power of the Parliament and sign in any pending bills or treaties remaining without a vote in the Parliament.

With the treaty now officially signed, President Huntingson went to his personal residence in order to rest. Meanwhile in the rest of Herzoslovakia anger was only rising, The Parliament declared the President's decision as ''Illegal" as the Parliament was fit to vote on bills and treaties, meanwhile citizens were also filled with anger on the President.

The news reached the United States of Dictators, whose government was shocked at the news, Senator Jimmy Arthur (HP-NCD) asked the Speaker to call an urgent Parliament meeting on 13 July, which the Speaker rejected as according to law, "If the proposer of a bill or treaty has already requested for formal debate to end, it can not enter formal debate nor discussions again".

1:00 PM, 14 July 2022,
Parliament House

The Speaker stands on her podium and says, " Members of Parliament, The vote on the ''Treaty of Flowers'' has ended, and has been counted, counting was conducted by me and my staff in the House of Representatives and the Senate Speaker and their respective staff in the Senate. I will now present you the results.

  • House of Representatives - 334 voted in favour, 166 voted against, no abstains were recorded.

  • Senate - 75 voted in favour, 25 voted against, no abstains were recorded.

Meaning that, by a difference of one vote, this treaty has officially passed through the Parliament. The President will shortly be informed of the passage of this treaty.

I thank all Members of Parliament for voting in this treaty, With that said, The Parliament is now dismissed."

In Duago, The law does not require the intervention of Parliament in treaties or agreements with other countries, so the President has passed the treaty.

Meanwhile in Herzoslovakia, the protest has escalated into a full on political crisis, The Parliament Speaker has introduced bills to impeach President Huntingson because he activated Section IX, Clause 2 of the Constitution illegally and that he broke his oath of office, specifically, "I will follow all laws of the Republic of Herzoslovakia during my tenure as President of Herzoslovakia, and will act according to them". The Parliament prepared an urgent two day meeting to discuss the impeachment bills proposed by the Speaker. The President refused to comment on the introduction of impeachment bill and said that he will act "in whichever direction the Parliament wants me". Additionally, along with breaking the law, The President has also been charged with Section 5.2, Clause 40 of the Legal Code of Herzoslovakia, which states that:

If a Member of Parliament, The President, Vice President or any other elected official breaks their oath or break the laws of Herzoslovakia with their power, they shall be removed from office and be stripped of Herzoslovakian citizenship.

The charge has been submitted to the Supreme Court of Herzoslovakia and the Justices will release a ruling in the next five days, In the public, citizens of Herzoslovakia have been fed up with their President, especially with this particular treaty, and has supported the Parliament's efforts to impeach him. Other people have also said that "He needs to be executed for breaking the supreme law of Herzoslovakia".

The Parliament voted on 17 July to remove President Huntingson from office, it achieved the needed 3/4th majority and the President was removed from office. The Vice President resigned from office, meaning the Speaker was now Acting President until an special election was declared.

President Huntingson accepted the decisions of Parliament and left the President's House on 6:00 PM on 17 July, He was escorted by the NPH to his personal residence in Birmingham, The Head of NPH asked the Acting President if Huntingson would receive any security until the situation had calmed down but the Acting President refused. Meaning that after the NPH would have escorted him to his residence, he would not be entitled to any further security.

Huntingson was advised to not leave the house or have any of his familiy members leave the house until the court published an order of his citizenship as many armed citizens were looking for them.

11:00 AM, July 19 2022,
Supreme Court of Herzoslovakia

Chief Justice Amanda Surney says "Former President David Huntingson, The court has determined that during your tenure as President from May 3, 2015 - July 17, 2022, you have broken a constitutional law and your oath of office. The constitutional law which you have broken is by activating Section IX, Clause 2 of the Constitution which states that:

If the parliament is unfit to full-fill its duties, The President will assume the power of the Parliament and sign in any pending bills or treaties remaining without a vote in the Parliament.

The reason why you broke this law is because of Clause 3 of the same section:
If the President decides to violate the above law, by activating the above law during a situation where the Parliament is clearly able to debate and vote on bills or treaties, it will count as violation of constitutional law and the President is subjected to impeachment for it.

Mr. Huntingson, you have also broken your oath of office due to the sentence:
"I will follow all laws of the Republic of Herzoslovakia during my tenure as President of Herzoslovakia, and will act according to them"

Due to the violation of the constitution, The Court hereby proceeds according to the Section 5.2, Clause 40 of the Legal Code which states that:
If a Member of Parliament, The President, Vice President or any other elected official breaks their oath or break the laws of Herzoslovakia with their power, they shall be removed from office and be stripped of Herzoslovakian citizenship.

Mr. Huntingson, with accordance to the Legal Code and Penal Code, I hereby charge you with breaking sworn oath and violating the constitution of Herzoslovakia during your tenure in office of the President of Herzoslovakia. And I hereby sentence you to revocation of Herzoslovakian citizenship. With accordance to the Penal Code, After the revocation of citizenship by the court, you have maximum of thirty-days to leave Herzoslovakia, or you will arrested and sentenced to life in prison", I hope you understand me Mr. Huntingson''.

Huntingson responds "I thank the court for their ruling, I understand the ruling the court has stated and will try to leave Herzoslovakia in the next 14 days, Thank you."

Chief Justice responds "Thank you Mr. Huntingson, I now dismiss the court."

With that said, The world looks forward to the Herzoslovakian election and the future of Herzoslovakia in this treaty.