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Zumandian-Malawian War

after a protest by the Zumandian people, the government finally declared war on Malawi after massive trade sanctions. The Zumandian army started the war by surprise at dawn and has already started bombing the coast of Malawi. Malawi's army has not yet been able to fight back or defend. while the Zumandian army easily dominates the coast of Malawi. and is close to taking over all of central Malawi, splitting the country in half to weaken the Malawi army.

War reason: Trade sanctions have been imposed on Zumandi since Malawi elected a communist leader. At first, Zumandi didn't care whether the leader was a communist or not, after all, he won democratically. but since he has been implicated with the Zumandian population, and made sanctions, the Zumandian People and government has become enraged and declared war on Malawi, as a victory would be obvious for Zumandi in comparison to the small military forces and Malawi's bad scientific advancement.

UN reaction: The UN is quiet on this issue, after all Zumandi has reason to have declared war, so no leader has declared anything about it, only the one from Mozambique who has declared support for Zumandi.


After 9 days of Zumandian occupation in central Malawi. The two governments have entered into an agreement, which will cede the southern and central territories of Malawi to Zumandi. These two territories will form the new state of Ushundi.